Lost and Found

(This is AU. The Beth thing never happened. Couples are Fabrevans, Puckleberry, Bartie, Sebtana, Tike, and Klaine…etc. Enjoy! Also Sebastian isn't gay and he never hit on Blaine or anything. But he knew Blaine so that's how he met Santana.

Songs I've used so far:
Slipped Away by Avril Lavigne
Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliet
Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum
Marry You by Bruno Mars.
Don't Stop by I don't know :)
Smile by Uncle Kracker
Don't Let Me Get Me by Pink
Lightweight by Demi Lovato
Sorry by the Jonas Brothers
Darlin' by Avril Lavigne
I've Had the Time of My Life from Dirty Dancing
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Irreplaceable by Beyoncè
I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz
Another Empty Bottle by Katy McAllister
Shake it Out by Florence and the Machine
Blown Away by Carrie Underwood

I own nothing except for Ellie and Michael!)

Rachel's POV

"And this is my new room"

"It's…different" Noah said as we walked in.

"I was planning on putting all of my old stuff in here, but I figured it would hurt too much, so my grandma got me new stuff" Noah smiled and walked over to my bedside table.

"Well, I approve of it, as long as you don't get rid of this" I grin as I see what he's holding up. A picture of us after Sectionals. I'm standing there with a grin as his arms wrap around me from behind. He also has a grin on his face and we look so happy. "I have the same one by my bed"

"You better" I stick out my tongue and he laughs. I walk over to him and wrap my arms around his neck. He pulls me closer and I smile up at him. "Noah?"


"I just want to warn you about my grandmother. She's a little….blunt…so don't be that alarmed if she talks about our sex life"

"Our awesome sex life" I blushed crimson

"Noah" I hissed "Keep your voice down"

"Wait? Have you not told Quinn?"

"No" That's right, I lost my virginity to Noah a couple weeks ago. I haven't told anybody yet… "And, please don't say anything"

"I won't, baby, relax, I wouldn't do that to you"

I gave him a pointed look. "Just, don't say anything…"

"Rachel, I promise I won't, even if someone asks"

I sighed "Thank you Noah" I placed a kiss on his lips and I felt him smile.

"Hey, you guys, dinner ti-" Quinn started "Oh, sorry"

I pull away and look at my cousin. "It's fine…thanks, Q" She smirks and then grabs Sam's hand and they walk down the stairs. I grab Noah's hand and then we follow them.

"Lucy, Rachel, will you come help me?" Grandma called from the kitchen

"Yeah, one sec" Quinn called back

"We'll be right back" I smile and then we walk into the kitchen. "Yeah, Grandma?"

"Could one of you grab the salad, and then one of you grab the garlic bread?"

"Sure" Quinn said and she grabbed the salad bowl and I grabbed the loaf of bread. She walked ahead of us with the spaghetti and the marinara sauce. "Did you tell Puck what he should expect?"

I nodded and smiled "Did you tell Sam?" She nodded "This is going to be interesting" I smirk and she laughs. We walk into the dining room and the other three glance at us.

"That's the understatement of the century" I giggled as I set the bread on the table. Quinn sets the salad down and I walk over and sit beside Noah.

"What's the 'understatement of the century?'" Grandma asked, raising her eyebrow. I look down and try to hold back my laugh. I glance at Quinn who was sitting across from me.

"Oh, nothing" Quinn waved it off, and Grandma gave us both a look saying 'I'll find out sooner or later'

"So, boys, are you in Glee Club with Rachel and Lucy?"

Sam and Noah nodded "Yes, we are, m'am" Sam said with a smile

"Oh, please just call me Ann, we aren't very formal in this family" Noah and Sam nodded with smiles.

"So, boys, I want to know your first impression of my granddaughters. Sam, you may start" Why is Grandma being so formal? She just said that we weren't formal! And she's never like this!

"I saw her and I thought she was beautiful. I, of course, still think that, but I couldn't wait to talk to her" Sam grinned at Quinn and she blushed. I tried to hold back my smirk, knowing that Noah's story will be slightly less romantic.

"And what about you, Noah?"

"Well, honestly, I hated Rachel" I stifled a giggle, knowing that I hated him as well. Quinn was laughing and Sam was just smiling and shaking his head. My Grandma glares at Noah and I shake my head and glance at Noah, who is looking down, knowing my Grandmother likes Sam more. A lot more.

"Relax, Grandma, I hated him too. A lot actually. We just never really got along...but then we had a project for Glee and we just sorta developed feelings for each other" I placed my hand on Noah's knee and he smiles softly at me. I smile back and I quickly look over at my grandma, who I can tell is trying to hold back her soft smile. "And here we are!"

"Well, that's a very cute story, Rach, but I would like to know more about Noah's first impression of you"

"Well, she was...irritating"

"She still is" Quinn muttered and I sent her a glare, then I kicked her from under the table. "Oh, oops, did I say that out loud?" She smirked and I rolled my eyes

"Sorta" She rolls her eyes to mimic me, so I then mimic her, so in a way, I'm mocking her as she mocks me...I know, it's confusing...but that's how me and Quinn are

"Girls," Grandma said sternly and I rolled my eyes and she glared at me "Rachel..."

"Sorry" I muttered and went back to my food. It was silent for a little while and then Grandma smiled

"So! Lucy, have you talked to your sister lately?"

Quinn's POV

"So! Lucy, have you talked to your sister lately?" I stabbed my fork into my salad as my grandma says this. I grimaced as I thought of my sister. She must know what's going on, but of course, she doesn't care enough to call me, now does she? I feel everyone's eyes on me and then I feel Sam's hand on my knee. I look up and he's smiling softly at me. I force a smile and then look at Grandma.

"No, I have no interest in talking to her. Why do you ask?" I took a bite of my spaghetti with another grimace. She sighs and then glances at Rachel, then her eyes land back on me.

"Because, she called me about an hour ago, she wanted to make sure you two were okay. She sounded really concerned" I stare at my Grandma like she's got two heads. Grandma's the only other person in our family that doesn't think Frannie's a little angel. Why does she all of a sudden think that she's concerned about me and Rachel?

"I doubt it" I mumble

"Lucy..." Grandma trailed off and I stared at her in shock.

"What? Do you really believe she cares? You know Frannie, I know you do, and you know she doesn't care!"

"Lucy Quinn Fabray! That's your sister!"

"I'm aware, she tortured me for years" I mutter

"Lucy, you better suck it up because Frannie's coming to stay here for a little while"

My eyes widen and I gap at her. How could she? She knows this is all going to end in disaster! "What? Why?"

"She wants to be there for you and Rachel"

"Like hell she does" Rachel whispered

"I can't believe you two, that's your family"

"She's part of the reason why my dads beat us!" Rachel yelped and then quickly covered her mouth with her hand. Everyone's eyes flickered to her and Grandma's gaze went from Rach to me.

"What does that mean?"

"It means that I said some things to Frannie on the phone and she got me in trouble. Therefore, she created anger in my fathers, so they abused us"

"Rachel, you did that yourself" My eyes widen. This is not my grandma "You didn't have to say anything mean to Frannie."

"Why are you doing this?" Rachel whimpered and Puck placed his hand over hers.

"I'm trying to fix this family!"

"It's too broken, Grandma!" I exclaim "Too many things have happened, you can't fix it, nobody can!"

"Lucy, we can fix it and we will, but you need to be nice to your sister when she's here"

"How long will she be here?" Rachel asked softly

"As long as it takes for you three to make up"

"I thought you hated Frannie" Rachel spoke again after a short silence

"I've never hated Frannie"

"Could've fooled me" I retorted

"Lucy! You need to respect your sister!" I've never seen Grandma this mad. Sure she was mad when she was yelling at Rachel's dads, but she's never raised her voice at me or Rachel.

"I'll respect her as soon as she respects me!" I stood up, I was beyond pissed now

"Sit back down, Lucy!"

"Why should I?"

"Lucy…" Her tone was a warning, as if saying "You sit down or else". But hey, what else have I got to lose? I've lost my whole freaking life!

"Don't" My voice was calm, but everyone realized I was mad. "You know Grandma, I was really happy that you were moving here to take care of me and Rachel. But everything's already gone downhill within the first day. You always told me that you'd be on my side, no matter what I did, but now I see that you were just saying that. You didn't mean it. No one ever means anything they say to me" I felt tears burn my eyes and I left them fall, "Frannie told me that she would be there for me after my parents died. She told me she'd be a better sister." I stared at my grandma, hoping she would understand, but she sat there with a scowl. "Michael told me that he would always be there for me! My uncles swore they would take care of me. My parents told me they would never leave me. And now you" My voice cracked as I said this "I never thought that you would be someone who let me down"

"Lucy Quinn Fabray, how dare you say that about your family?"

"She's right, Grandma. The only thing that keeps this family together is broken promises. My dads promised to never hurt me. Aunt Judy told me that I could count on her when I couldn't count on anybody else. Uncle Russell said he would always help me with my problems. And now he can't"

"They're dead. That's not their fault"

"You don't understand!" I yelped, tears flooding down my face "I'm only 17 and my parents and my brother are dead, my sister hates me, my uncles abused me, and now my grandma's giving me crap for something that I haven't done!"

"Lucy, don't you dare yell at me!"

"What are you going to do? My life's already gone so far downhill that there's no point in trying to get back up!" My grandma stood up and went to give me a hug, but I backed away "No, don't touch me." Her eyes were wide with shock "I've been thrown around all my life and it only got worse when my parents died. I was shoved into a house that wasn't a home to me and then I was thrown into this house." I took in a deep breath "I can tell you already don't want me and Rachel here, so why don't you just say so? We'll find someone else to live with! You didn't even have to move here! So I don't get why you did"

"Lucy, now you listen to me"

"No, you listen to me." I growled and everyone gaped at me, shocked. Honestly. I was pretty shocked. I tried not to talk back to my elders, or at least my elder family members, but everything that my grandma was saying made me explode with anger. If you were me, you'd probably have the same reaction. "I thought you were on mine and Rach's side. I thought you were the only one in this family on our side. But apparently, we're all alone." I look at Rachel and she's looking everywhere except for me "Or maybe I'm all alone" I shot Rachel a glare. "Now, I might as well go pack and find somewhere else to live because this is obviously not gonna work" I look at everyone sitting at the table and I turn around, biting my lip, trying to stop myself from apologizing, then I walk out of the room and up to my bedroom.

I looked around my room. It was empty. Of course it is. I can't get too attached to another house again. I got attached to my own, and then I was pried away from that. I then got comfortable in Rachel's house and I had to leave. And I felt as though that was going to happen again. Looks like I'm right.

I heard my phone vibrate from where I had put it earlier on the bedside table. I walked over and picked it up. Call from: Santana Lopez

I breathe in deeply and then click 'Answer'. I hold the phone up to my ear and speak "Hey, San," I sniffled

"Hey, Q-" Santana then cut herself off "Are you crying?"

"Only a little bit" With those words, I broke down into small sobs and then collapsed onto my bed.

"What happened?" Santana asked softly. Sure, she could be a bitch, but could be really comforting.

"What didn't happen is the real question" I cried

"Was it Sam? Cause I swear I'll beat his ass-"

"No" I laughed a little "It wasn't Sam" I sniffed "I thought living with my grandma would be better than living with my uncles, but we had a huge argument at dinner tonight-"

"Wait, I thought Rachel said Puck and Sam were going to have dinner with you guys"

"That made it even worse! They were here! Sam watched at I broke down once again! God, San, why can't I have a normal life?" I exclaimed.

"Because, Q, normal's boring"

"I'd rather have boring than whatever mess I'm in now" I said softly into phone.

"Hold on a sec" I sighed and then nodded even though Santana couldn't see me. There was a silence and then a rustle as Santana picked up the phone again. "I just asked my mom if you could spend the night tonight and she said yes"

"Santana, you don't have to do that" I breathed

"Quinn, you can't stay there tonight. You can stay over here and then work it out tomorrow. You have way too much stress for someone your age"

I smiled "Thanks Santana, that was very Dr. Phil of you" She giggled and then there was a soft knock on my door. "I gotta go, I'll see you soon, though"

"Bye bitch" I chuckle and then pull the phone away from my ear and hit 'End'.

"Come in" I said to whoever was out in the hallway. I prayed it was Sam.

And it seemed as though God answered my prayers, because in a few short seconds, Sam had slipped into my room and shut the door. "Hey, you ok?" I shook my head and looked down at my feet. He walked over and sat next to me and then wrapped his arms around me. I felt comforted as I leaned into his embrace. "Shh, it's okay"

He held me for what felt like hours. But I knew Santana was probably waiting for me, so I reluctantly pulled away and started packing some overnight stuff. "I just talked to Santana and she asked her parents if I could stay over there tonight, so I'm going to."

"I think that's a good idea. You need a little break from all of the family…drama"

I forced a smile and he frowned "Quinn, I know it's not my place, but after you left, your grandmother seemed pretty upset" That made me freeze. I stopped what I was doing and looked over at him.


"Yes, she even told us that she regrets what she said" I find the corner of my lips turning up and then I shake my head.

"Well, if she regrets what she did, she should apologize. I admit what I said was pretty… out there, but sometimes I just need to be heard and then it gets out of hand and then I end up hurting people and then-" I was cut off my Sam kissing me delicately. I'm about to kiss back when he pulls away. I pout and he chuckles

"You were rambling"

"Of course I was" I muttered to myself and I'm guessing Sam heard it cause he laughed "Listen, I really don't want to talk to them right now, so do you think you could just tell them that I'm staying at Santana's for a night and I'll talk to them tomorrow?"

"Quinn, I don't know-"

"Please, Sam. I promise I'll work it out with them tomorrow, but I just need to cool down so I don't say something even worse" I pleaded and he sighed

"Fine, but please just try to work it out with them. They're your family"

I hated when he was right…