Shit, this is short.


Stars were as bright as the city lights in the background.

Eusine sat on the grass, hands supporting his head as he gazed upward, his heartbeat low and steady. Everything was silent, well, with the exception of the light snoring from his young girlfriend, Crystal and her Meganium, who was curled up around her, his neck resting on her hips as Crystal rested her head on Eusine's chest. His icy blue eyes glanced down at her, a small smile twitching at his lips. His gloved hand reached down, and he gently combed her thick blue hair with his slender fingers.

It was crazy to think about a nineteen-year-old dating a twenty-nine year old man. Absurd! But she didn't seem to mind, even though her mother digressed to the idea of her dating someone much older than her. But she finally gave in; if her daughter was happy, then she was happy.

Eusine's nimble fingers continued to comb through her hair, but froze when she made the slightest movement, fearing that he had awaken her. But when her snoring returned, he continued with combing back her silky tresses. Mega would twitch in his sleep, his stubby tail would lift and then drop and the large green Pokémon would have drool seep from his mouth and fall onto the grass. Eusine would thank God with his mind that he was not drooling on his perfectly cleaned and good suit.

He had stopped hunting down Suicune; it was not meant to be. The creature did not want him, so he decided to give up. Besides, ten years was an awful long time to hunt down such a marvelous creature. But he had seen Suicune that special night just six months ago, and he had followed it, his desire to see the creature again ached within him, but he soon lost sight of the beast, and saw her. Both looked befuddled as they had stood there, looking at each other. He couldn't escape the fact that she had grown into a beautiful young woman, and she could not rid those thoughts that he had grown even more handsome (if that were even possible). Soon they were talking, catching up with the years that had passed, and soon dating.

Eusine had thanked Suicune, praying to the beast every night. He was so lucky to have such a wonderful girl at his side. Eusine did love her, more than the air he breathed. He would sacrifice everything just to see her smile, just to hear her laugh—just to have her touch. That was all that mattered now. No longer Suicune. She was his obsession now. Eusine held her close, kissing the top of her head, whispering his thanks to Suicune and the cool night wind that drifted along.

He hoped that the creature could hear him.