So I was looking at a few episodes for Fabina moments . . . When suddenly, I thought of these questions: What happened with Nina and Fabian when they were looking for the dictionary?

And voilĂ , these one-shots were born! They may not be in order, sorry . . . But there aren't that many episodes on YouTube, so I'm doing the best I can . . .

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By the way, this is during Episode 27! Enjoy . . .

"In the dictionary . . ." Nina mused. Suddenly, it struck her. "Of course!" She stood up, dashed to the bookshelf, and took out the paperback dictionary, showing Fabian.

"The only place where yesterday always follows tomorrow! A dictionary!" Fabian exclaimed. He picked up Nina and spun her around. Nina squealed while Fabian chanted, "You genius, genius, genius, genius girl!"

Everyone had huge smiles on their faces from finally discovering what the clue meant. But Nina broke the happy emotions in the room,

"Okay. That happened . . . But I'm still out, guys." And she sat on her bed once more.

"So the clue means your dictionary?" Amber asked, confusion still written all over her face.

"Not my dictionary. A leather-bound, clasped dictionary," Nina explained.

"Do you want to help me look for it, Nina?" Fabian asked.

Nina hesitated for a moment, glancing at Fabian and so badly wanting to go. Spending the day searching for clues would be great, she thought. Especially with Fabian. But remember what happened the last time you got involved.

Nina peeked at the article in her lap, seeing a picture of a beautiful white mare with a black mane, and a smiling rider with a brush in hand. In the background were evergreen trees with a snowy ground. She looked back up at Sibuna, at her friends. None of them can get hurt. I can't do it, Nina thought.

"I-have to finish reading this article on-" She had to peer down at the article's title. "-uh, 'Winter Pony Grooming'.'" Nina gave a half-smile as her voice drifted off into the silence. She looked down, trying to absorb the words on the page, but they seemed like the sentences meshed together into one blob.

Just keep '"reading", until they leave, Nina said to herself. She waited and waited. But instead of hearing footsteps retreating and the door shutting, Fabian spoke,

"Nina." A soft noise was heard, metal against metal. She looked up, seeing Fabian take the Eye of Horus locket out of his pocket. "Sarah gave this to you, not me." Nina's eyes locked on the locket in his hand. Then her eyes darted to Fabian, who gave her a small, encouraging smile.

In the background, Amber and Patricia were looking at her pleadingly. Imploring her to join the club again.

Nina's mind was having a fight with itself. Half of it wanted it to reject Sibuna still, to protect her friends. To make sure they, and no one else they knew, would ever get hurt again. No one should be landed in the hospital like Alfie. Then again, her friends were here for her. They wanted her to rejoin the group and help her finish this mystery.

I am so going to regret this, Nina thought to herself, rolling her eyes.

She sighed and stood up, taking the locket from Fabian's hand. It felt warm on her palm, familiar to the touch; it was nice to have in her hand again.

Nina and Fabian walked downstairs, then stopped at the stairs. Nina realized something, "Fabian, where do we even look first?"

"Um, maybe under the stairs? That is where we found the other book."

Nina nodded, and they opened the small door to the cupboard under the stairs, making sure no one was around.

Fabian crawled in, and began to search. Nina kept her eye out for the door opening, and listened for anyone else's footsteps that were nearby.

After a short time, Fabian reappeared, dust littered in his hair. "Nothing is here. I don't think we'll find anything."

Nina laughed, ruffling his dark brown hair to remove the dust. Then she sighed. "Where else could it be?"

They both thought for a few moments, but then Fabian gasped. "Wait, don't you think the library might have some leather books?"

"Great idea!" Nina said.

They signed out, and walked to the school's library. There was a silence for a while, until Fabian broke the quiet.

"I'm glad you're back in Sibuna, Nina." She peered at him, blushing a faint red, then looked down.

"Thanks, Fabian."

It became soundless once again, both teenagers blushing.

Once they reached the library, Fabian opened the door for her like the gentleman he was, and the began to search. First, they looked for leather-bound books.

After perusing through the section twice, they could not find any leather-bound or clasped dictionaries. They even asked the librarian, who said there were no English dictionaries of those sorts.

"Wait, what if the dictionary is in Arabic?" Fabian asked.

"Yes!" Nina exclaimed. "Ma'am, is there an Arabic dictionary?"

"Why, yes. We only have one. Would you like to check it out?"

"Please," Nina said.

Once Nina had the dictionary in her bag, they bid the librarian farewell, and went back to the drama room to where their next class was.

As they ambled over to the classroom, Nina spoke, "Thanks for getting me back into Sibuna, Fabian."

She saw him blush. "I didn't do it, Nina. Everyone else helped, too."

"No, you did the most work, Fabian. Thank you." Nina smiled, blushing.

"You're welcome. I'd do anything for you, Nina," Fabian touched her arm, making them both stop and lock eyes.

"Wow. Thanks," Nina whispered. She wanted to kiss him so bad! But, they were just friends. Just friends, Nina! her mind exclaimed.

She tore her eyes away from Fabian's blue ones, her face really hot. Fabian removed his hand from her arm, and they continued to walk to the drama class.

When they turned the corner and found Amber.

Nina looked Amber over. The blonde was in a huge yellow . . . duck? or was it a canary? . . . bird costume. There was a handful of yellow feathers behind her left ear. The color was hideous on her; it was not Amber's best look.

"Why are you dressed as a duck?" Fabian's voice was tinged with amusement. Nina was trying to suppress a laugh at Amber's appearance.

"I'm a canary," Amber said matter-of-factly.

Fabian and Nina exchanged looks. Fabian raised an eyebrow, asking, "A canary dressed as a duck?"

Amber rolled her eyes, shaking her head, turning to Nina. "Did you find anything?"

"Well, we were looking for an old, English dictionary. But then mastermind here-" Nina glanced at Fabian who was smiling smugly. "-thought we should look for an Arabic dictionary and-"

Nina lifted her bag up, revealing the huge leather-bound dictionary inside. "Ta-da!"

Amber squealed, only to be interrupted by Mr. Winkler. "Uh, what's with all of the squealing?" Nina covered her bag with its flap, hiding the dictionary, while Amber turned around to face Mr. Winkler.

"Can we set out for a run of Act One? Please?" he asked.

"Uh, I don't think we can," Fabian replied. "I mean-"

Mr. Winkler sighed, throwing his hands in the air. "I know, we don't have Alfie-"

"Or Jerome," Fabian added.

"Or Patricia," Nina put in.

"Or Mara," Mick said from behind Mr. Winkler.

"Fantastic . . ." Sarcasm was clear in the drama teacher's voice as he let his hands drop to his sides.

"We can always do my scene again," Amber offered.

Mr. Winkler closed his eyes, as if struck by a sudden migraine. "I- suppose we'll have to."

Mick searched for Mara around the room until finally finding the black-haired girl. "Mara's here, we can do our scene as well if you like." Mr. Winkler pointed his script at Mick, in a manner of saying, Yes. Perfect.

Mara addressed Amber's costume with a snide tone laced in her voice, "What's with the stupid chicken outfit?"

Amber spun around to complain about her costume to her teacher. "Okay, Mr. Winkler! I really do need to talk to you about this costume." Amber followed his backstage to explain about everyone's negative comments toward the canary costume.

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