In the dead of the night, Lover's Lake is always so eerily peaceful. So quiet that the dead could sleep there. Well, at least until the wolves came to drink their fill, and they sometimes drag along the carcass of some animal with them.

Four wolves, normal wolves, the kind native to Transylvania, were resting along the shore of the lake.

A woman in a blood red cloak came along and kneeled down at the edge of the lake, wearing exotic stiletto high-heels. Heels that had spikes.

Normally, humans wouldn't be able to get as close to wolves that Rayne was at that moment, but Rayne wasn't human. Not entirely anyway.

As a dhampir Rayne had a special ability to be around fierce animals. They usually calmed to her, and though the wolves were in full attention and knew she was just feet from them, they didn't growl or show any signs of attacking.

And Rayne was rather thankful, she liked wolves, she'd hate to see them all cut up because of her blades.

All she was doing was, really, admiring the view. Coming out to Transylvania was a rarity since she joined the Brimstone Society. 'The guys at the top can never give a girl a good vacation,' she thought, meaning Darkman and his strict rules.

Even though she was a part of an organization that fought monsters, they always believed Rayne would be a 'bad dog' some day and always kept a strict watch on her, even while on missions like this one: investigate a man named Damien, and a group called the Geist Gruppe. Rayne took note of how it reminded her of the Gagen Geist Gruppe, a military faction the Nazis created, and she had fought back in 1938 in Argentina and Germany itself.

That group had been manned by both humans and humans infused with supernatural abilities. Very dangerous, but they had been no match for Rayne, as she was still alive and they were all dead, obviously.

Putting a hand to her ear, Rayne appeared to talk to herself, her accent clearly American, something she was proud of. Typical American girl, with blades and bright red hair. "Severin? You can hear me right?"

She could hear a man's voice, English accent and a bit older in terms of voice, "Yes Rayne, I can hear you. How was your hike?"

"Got mud all over my boots and gah…I think my outfit shrank a size," Rayne complained. She always loved to complain around Severin, he somehow thought it was entertaining that she acted the age she looked.

"Well Rayne, next time don't take the scenic route."

"And if I took hadn't taken the scenic route I'd be at Castle Bran right now, in a warm bed, maybe killing someone instead of—"

"Going through a forest in the middle of the night, all muddy and wet, attempting to sneak in through the sewers?"

"Yes, smartass…"

"I won't say I told you so, Rayne."

"Well, aren't you a sweetheart…" She started to walk along the side of the lake, fearlessly walking through the pack of wolves resting at her feet. One wolf looked up at her as she walked by, other than that they all ignored her. Rayne had to take a stop and look at a wolf with three pups, thinking how cute they were before she moved on, not wanting to stay around to see if she could pet one without getting mauled by the mother.