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Epilogue – Part 2


Attempting to fall asleep to no avail, I lie awake for hours in the comfy bed in Rose and Em's guest room. It's a beautiful room, in a brand new house, in a gorgeous neighborhood. They bought it just after we all returned from our trip to Vegas a few months ago, where they eloped following a very short engagement. The engagement that began on Valentine's Day, just after eating the dinner I prepared for Jasper, while working through their issues - on every possible surface in our loft. The same night Jasper and I proposed to one another at the Grand Hyatt.

After almost losing Rosalie, Emmett saw the light that night. They're expecting their first child in December.

Despite the still sated state of my body from the thorough fucking I so recently received, and the buzz from the alcohol that continues to run through my veins, I'm unable to succumb to the much needed slumber calling to me, peaceful and dream-like. I teeter on the edge of its mental and physical refuge. Yet, it evades me; or maybe I evade it.

My heavy eyelids droop once more and I see him… my lover, my fiancé, my soon-to-be husband. His sparkling blue eyes, his dimples, and his sexy grin; he is beautiful and he is mine, in every sense of the word.

Our moments together play before my eyes as if they're a personal picture show made for me alone. Our years as friends, this past year as lovers, the promise of an unending future…

I see him smile at me for the first time over the bar, asking for my order - the smile that, unbeknownst to me at the time, I would live for - for the rest of my days . In that moment, everything changed. My life was changed for the better. My heart faltered and then began beating to a stronger beat. I'd met my soul mate and deep down inside I knew it, my consciousness just took five years to catch on.

I see the devoted friend he immediately became, who was there for me from that moment on. The friend whose tortured gaze I so naively mistook for soulful creativity, until I finally learned with a kiss that is was due to so much more, that it was due to his love and lust for me.

I see the man who waited for me, in his corner. He waited through the years I thought I was straight, watching me date women. He continued to wait while I worked through my finally realized feelings for him. He waited for me to comprehend what he'd understood all along - that we belong together, in every way.

I see the beautiful soul who took me back after I'd left him broken-hearted. He took me back and immediately became my lover, the lover who has spent every subsequent moment treasuring me and teaching me just how wonderful life can be.

Once I finally drift into a peaceful, contented sleep, I continue to see my beautiful man in my dreams. They are full of visions of our future, of our years together - young and old. I dream of little girls. Our little girls; one with Jasper's blond curls, the other, my tousled auburn locks. I'm not sure how that can be possible, yet I wake with the simple knowledge that it is.

The next few hours are a blur. Breakfast with my parents keeps me grounded while Rose deals with last minute details of the wedding and reception that will follow. She's planned everything according to our specifications. Luckily, Jasper and I want things simple… small and simple. I don't know how she would've done big and complicated, while attending to her clients and dealing with horrible bouts of morning sickness.

My nerves truly kick in when we arrive at Golden Gardens Park. Mom and Dad are already there with Kate, Irena, and Tanya. Straight from the airport, my stunning cousins surround me, smothering me with hugs and kisses. I don't mind. My should-be-sisters' presence instantly calms me. I'm so thankful they're able to share the most important day of my life with us.

Removing my leather flip flops, I make my way down to the water's edge, bending to roll up the bottoms of my jeans. The course sand feels rough between my toes.

It's a perfect August day, as if Mother Nature herself is in attendance. The sun shines directly overhead, glinting off the water. Waves gently lap at the sandy shore.

The chattering of my family and friends behind me fades away. I take a moment to observe the sailboats bobbing along on Puget Sound as I have so many times before or after one of our many runs here. In the distance, the Olympic Mountains are breathtaking. They have a humbling effect on me, reminding me I am small compared to the grand scheme of things.

Jasper and I usually sit on this beach to catch our breath and talk before heading home. During one of those conversations back in February, soon after we were engaged, Jasper and I huddled and cuddled against the cold wind while discussing places we could exchange our vows. We had already picked today as our wedding day; one year to the day after we started our lives as lovers. Exactly one year to the day I came for him, when I returned from Chicago.

Jasper asked if we could be married here on our beach. I immediately adored the idea. We became quite distracted with kisses before we could plan much more that day. Eventually, we decided on a simple ceremony followed by an intimate reception at Mahale's Tavern. It's been almost seven years since we met there. It feels like just yesterday, yet a lifetime ago…a different life. I thought I had everything I could want, though true happiness eluded me. Then I did have everything, in Jasper. I just didn't know it.

"Edward...?" Rose's voice summons me back to the present. I turn to find her expectantly waiting with a red rose in hand. "Jasper will be here in just a few minutes, hon. Let's put on the finishing touches, shall we?"

I stand still as she positions the rose in the pocket of my white dress shirt. Jasper and I decided on simple white dress shirts with each of our favorite pair of jeans. I'm very excited about our decision of casual wear, especially considering how delicious Jasper's ass looks in the relaxed jeans he chose.

I try to focus, wanting desperately to remember every detail of every moment. I take in my loved ones standing beside me, here to witness Jasper's and my vows. My mother, cousins, and Rose, all wearing different pastel, flower-patterned sun dresses, look fresh and beautiful, like a picture out of a magazine. My father insisted on wearing a suit and tie, of course, claiming the officiate of the ceremony should be semi-formal at the least.

He became internet ordained to perform our wedding ceremony. We wanted it to be someone special, who knows us, and cares about us personally. Dad jumped at the chance to be the one when he heard us whining to my mother one day that we didn't know who could marry us. We couldn't believe we hadn't thought of him in the first place.

Taking his place by my side, I can't help but laugh at the amazing sight of my father in his custom grey suit, with the pant legs rolled up and his bare feet in the sand like me. I'm hit with a wave of appreciation and admiration for my loving parents, who have supported me on every endeavor I've ventured on throughout my life. I mourn the absence of Jasper's parents. It doesn't seem right that they aren't present for this, but it's not as if they weren't invited. They chose to stay away from yet another event in their son's life, just as they have every event since the day he came out to them when he was nineteen. He was a confident, self-assured man by the time I met him seven years later. He'd been through so much, had traveled a rough road to get there.

Thankfully, he will always have the true parental love of my parents. They love him like a son. And soon, he officially will be.

I'm aware of him the second he arrives. I feel him in my bones and with every beat of my heart. A few minutes later, the giddy duo of Seth and Riley walk down from the parking lot. Rose quickly crosses paths with them, Jasper's red rose for his pocket in hand.

The boys approach with sparkling smiles, their hands entwined between them. I have an "a-ha" moment as I take in their apparel. My male friends have coordinated, too. How cute.

Both Seth and Ri have on jeans. Riley's are paired with a peach short-sleeved polo, Seth's with a complimenting mint green. I look over to Emmett, his muscular physique looking quite sexy in jeans and a baby blue polo. He gives me a look that says, "I know I'm hot, and you're checking me out, Cullen!"

I can't help but throw my head back, allowing a loud chuckle to escape me. He's right. I was checking him out. Who wouldn't?

Seth pulls me into his arms for a warm hug, with Riley quickly joining in.

"So happy for you, man," Seth whispers in my ear. "Jas is so excited. Nervous, too. How you holding up?"

"Good… I'm great, actually. How could I be anything else?"

Seth nods in agreement, his eyes already drawn back to Riley's. I wonder if they've had the conversation Seth was hoping to initiate this weekend... the one when he plans on asking Riley to move here to Seattle for him. I catch his eye again, raising my eyebrows. His face lights up in answer to my unspoken question, and he gives me a thumbs up. I'm so happy for my sweet boys, though unsure how I'll handle living in the same city with mischievous Riley again. However, meeting him has only led to happiness for me and Jasper and Seth, for all of us. He warms everyone he meets with his own personal sunshine. My dear friends' happiness is perfect news on this already perfect day.

When Rose rejoins the group, everyone positions themselves off to the side except my father and myself, leaving us front and center. Thankfully, the other people enjoying the beach on this beautiful day give us a wide birth.

My mother lets out a quiet gasp, tears already brimming her beautiful green eyes, the exact color of mine. A natural hush falls over us all as we follow her gaze to where Jasper is just stepping onto the beach. He looks heavenly in his relaxed jeans, his white dress shirt fitting sinfully well, with the top two buttons undone. The red rose peeks out of his shirt pocket.

Immediately, Jasper's gaze locks with mine. He doesn't look away. I'm thankful there are no obstacles in his way, nothing between him and me besides the sand beneath our feet. All sounds and sights fade away as he makes his journey to me.

The feel of the warm breeze keeps me grounded. It sweeps past me, reaching across the beach to my love, caressing his blond waves and lightly blowing them around his face.

His baby blues sparkle with happiness as his lips curl up into a shy smile. I breathlessly watch him get closer and closer, unable to comprehend that this it, this is the moment we've been planning for. I feel as if I've been waiting for this moment my entire life. For him. I've been waiting for him.

Finally in front of me, I can now see the pink blush that tinges his cheeks. I'm not surprised to realize he's embarrassed. Jas isn't a 'center of attention' kind of guy. He's going to have to get past that, considering he's becoming quite the revered, sought after artist.

I reach out and take his hands in mine.

"Hey," I breathe on a smile. Somehow, he hears my simple greeting before the breeze whisks it away.

"Hey," he answers back, more so with his open and loving expression than with his ditto reply.

We stand here in our own little world, gazing into one another's eyes. Electricity runs up my arms and throughout my body from where his hands rest so tenderly in mine, and I forget to breathe.

Eventually, my father subtly clears his throat, causing our mutual haze to lift. Eyes shimmering with unshed tears, he begins the ceremony, lovingly telling of how proud he is of us, and how much he and my mother love us both. Soon, it's time to say our vows.

Why did I volunteer to go first? I've been so nervous, thinking of what to say for weeks. How do I sum up into a few sentences what I feel for this amazing man before me? How do I even begin to explain?

But when it's time to speak, the words easily find me. Not the rehearsed vows I troubled over, but words straight from my heart. I don't have to think… I just say.

"Jasper, my love. Thank you for serving me that drink so many years ago."

He chuckles, squeezing my hands. Our witnesses chortle, too, at my candor. Everyone here knows our story, and they know it's just that simple. We are here today because Jasper served me a drink across a wooden bar, and saw in me whatever it was he saw that would irrevocably make him mine.

I proceed to thank him, again, for waiting. And for loving me, and patiently teaching me everything I always wanted to learn.

As badly as I want to mention how our love transcends our hearts, how his body shows me, every time, everyday - I don't say it out loud. It's not the appropriate time or place. I'll tell him later when we're alone at the cabin, while he's inside me, and again while I'm inside him.

Finally, I pledge to love him back for the rest of my days, here on earth and for eternity after.

"You've got the best of me, Jasper. You are the best of me. I'll always give you my best, and I know we'll be safe and sound as long as we have each other. I love you."

A few tears trickle down his cheeks by the time I finish. It's not like I've said anything he hasn't heard before. I've spent the last year telling him and showing him how I feel. But it's overwhelming in an amazing way to be standing here together, validating our feelings. To be pledging to spend our lives with each other, to each other and to our family and friends.

Although I've miraculously made it through my vows without shedding a tear, they flow freely when Jasper begins his.

"Home, Edward… you are my home. You have been since the first day I set eyes on you. I swear I've loved you since that day. Even when you only saw me as a friend, I would've continued to love you forever. But thank god you finally saw the light."

No one can contain their laughter at that.

Jasper reaches up to caress my cheek. I nuzzle into his gentle, protective hand. He wipes my tears away with his thumb before continuing.

"When I look into your eyes, darlin', it's as if I'm looking into a mirror. I see the man I want to be. I see the man you see in me. I see my future. And I swear to you, right here and now, in front of god and our friends and family… I swear to you that I will spend the rest of my life being the man that you see. I will love you and support you. I'll protect you and take care of you. And when you need me to, I'll give you the space to do what you need to on your own. I'll be your home, baby, like you've been mine."

"Yes," I answer. Just…Yes!

I lean my forehead against his, attempting to reign in the overwhelming emotions that consume me. They surround us, binding us together. We need a moment to collect ourselves, and something tells me our family and friends do, too. I'm fairly sure I hear my mother sniffling beside me. Sure enough, glancing her way, I see her wiping away happy tears with her white crocheted handkerchief. We exchange a knowing smile, but I quickly return my attention back to Jasper.

Is he my husband yet? Not quite, I silently soothe myself. Almost.

Thankfully, Dad knows what comes next. I'd stand here in a daze all day, forgetting my name, staring at my beautiful man if it were left to me.

"You ready for the 'I Do's', boys?"

Jasper and I look at one another, both breaking into lovesick grins. We answer in unison, nodding our heads, anticipation and relief evident in our voices.


My dear father has taken the time to memorize the traditional vows. He reverently speaks them with conviction. His smooth voice perfectly weaves each word together to form such meaningful sentences. I listen and take to heart the meaning of what I'm about to pledge.

"Edward, do you take Jasper to be your lawfully wedded husband, as your friend and your love? Do you affirm the relationship you look to the future to deepen and strengthen? To be his in plenty and in want, in sickness and in health, in failure and in triumph? Together you will dream, will stumble but restore one another, you will share all things, serving one another and your fellow humanity. You will cherish and respect him, comfort and encourage him, be open with him, and stay with him as long as you both shall live, both freed and bound by your mutual love."

I attempt to convey how genuinely I mean each word - with my intense stare gazing deeply into his eyes, with a steady voice, and with my thumbs caressing his hands in mine. I promise, by pulling his body slightly toward my own, as the most important words of my life ring out, for anyone who will listen to hear.

I state with conviction, "I do. I will."

He knows I mean it with every fiber of my being. He knows it's a promise I make, that I will dedicate the rest of my life to keeping.

My father continues, repeating the vows, for Jasper to pledge to .

Jas opens his mouth to answer, lower lip quivering, and his eyes… god, his eyes are so crystal clear. They are windows to his soul. I see into their depths. I know he means every word as much as I do.

"I do. I will."

Next, Dad instructs us to retrieve our rings from Emmett and Seth. I secretly wonder if he senses the urgency Jasper and I both feel. I wonder if he knows we'll be kissing either way here in about two minutes, whether it's time to or not.

We've worn our rings since exchanging them back in February, as engagement rings, and simply because once placed on our fingers, we didn't feel right without them. Just this morning, we removed them and gave them to our respective best men for safekeeping, for the few short hours until we would place them on each other's fingers again, officially. Eternally.

My fingers tremble, but somehow I get the matching silver rings on his finger and then on mine, while reciting the first line of our chosen ring vow.

"Jasper, my love… I give you this ring in remembrance of this hour. A symbol of our love, that is complete, beautiful, and endless."

Jasper situates his gold band in its permanent spot beside my silver, repeating the same on his ring finger. Not a tremor visible in his assured hands, he is the polar opposite of my shaking form. We've seemed to switch places of who has it under control for the moment. He knows when I need him to be strong, stepping up to be my rock when I need his strength and composure.

"Edward, my love… I give you this ring in remembrance of this hour. A symbol of our love, that is complete, beautiful and endless."

Finally, looking into each other's eyes, we recite the last line in unison. Our voices meld perfectly into one, irrevocably entwining our lives as one.

"With these rings, we thee wed."

And there it is. It's official. Jasper and I are married.

We look at each other expectantly, smiling in awe, our mutual love shining in our shared gaze. I swear it's as bright as the sun, blindingly beautiful.

My father's joyful voice rings out, "I now pronounce you husband and husband. You may seal your vows with a kiss."

Our lips finally meet… softly… tenderly. I try to keep it chaste, really I do. But who am I kidding? We're finally married! This is my husband! I'll knock his socks off with the fervency of my kiss if I damned well please!

Pulling him into my arms, I support his body, grandly dipping him, claiming his lips once more. I delve my tongue possessively against his. He relaxes in my arms, moaning into my mouth. He knows he is safe here, that I will never let him fall.

The cheers of our loved ones pull us back to reality.

Soon… I tell myself. Soon we will be alone. Tonight.

Tonight, we can get lost in one another. We will not come up for air, not let reality in for two whole weeks.

Our friends and family surround us, congratulating us with warm hugs and happy smiles. I feel as if I'm walking on air as we make our way hand in hand up to the parking lot. My coveted Volvo awaits, now adorned with streamers and cans and some sort of paint of which I pray to God washes off the windows. "Just Married" and hearts are written on what seems like every available space. I knew Seth and Riley had something planned, but how they pulled off decorating my car when they first arrived at the beach, leaves me in awe.

"Straight to the receptions, boys! No hanky-panky on the way!" Em yells.

"I personally vote for hanky-panky!" Riley chimes in. "Come to think of it, I'll ride with Edward and Jasper!"

"Riley!" We all yell in unison, exasperated, trying not to laugh at his antics.

The reception passes in a flash. We enjoy the company of our family and friends, never leaving one another's side. Rose insists we cut the cake and feed it too each other, though neither Jasper nor myself put up much of a fight. We get slightly distracted cleaning up smeared frosting and cake from lips and cheeks and chins. Somehow, some found its way to Jasper's love spot. He can't contain his moans as I nibble the offending confection away. Delicious.

Despite the afternoon timing of the reception, it becomes an all-out party. By 4pm, everyone is either tipsy or completely drunk. Everyone except Jasper, that is.

I don't have to ask why he barely drinks one glass of champagne, just enough to get through the toasts. I know my man, and I know he can't wait until it's time to excuse ourselves and start the hour and a half drive to Cle Elum Lake.

We've never been there ourselves, but were privy to numerous pictures and a slideshow or two of a homey log cabin on a picturesque lake. My parents vacationed there – in the Northern Cascade Mountains-a few months ago. Jasper and I fell in love with the secluded location nestled within the forest of the cascades. We enthusiastically accepted when my parents offered to rent us the cabin for their wedding present to us.

Snug in my husband's arms, we've taken to slow dancing again. We're both growing impatient to finally be alone, needing to consummate our marriage. When Jasper whispers the intimate details of all he intends to do to me tonight, my knees grow weak. A certain part of my anatomy grows, hard and heavy against Jasper's matching arousal. He holds on to me tighter, supporting me and chuckling in my ear. It's obvious the effect he has on me, that he always will have on me. Jasper loves that he can literally bring me to my knees with a flash of his sexy smile and accompanying dimples, or with a few choice sexy words.

"Soon, love," I tell him, looking toward the front door. Soon, my wedding present for Jasper will arrive. Nothing like waiting until the last minute.

Just a few days ago, the idea came to me. Rosalie met me at the beach that day with her favorite photographer client. I'll admit, I was at first taken aback when I realized the photographer was none other than Peter Carlson. The Peter who courted my Jasper. However, his open and friendly greeting quickly put me at ease.

As he shook my hand, he smiled, saying, "It's nice to meet you, Edward. I'm so happy Jasper finally got his man."

He quickly photographed what I had in mind, offering to hand deliver it to the reception, seeing as it would barely be ready in time.

I spot the handsome brunette entering the bar. After speaking briefly with Rosalie, he makes his way over to us, carrying a large, flat brown paper wrapped package. Jasper is surprised to see him, to say the least; even more so when he realizes Peter and I are already acquainted.

When Peter finally focuses on Jasper, he really focuses on him. The attraction he still feels for my man is obvious in his admiring stare.

Jasper blushes, shifting from one foot to the other beside me. The moment should feel equally awkward to me, but for some reason, it does not. Jasper is a very attractive man, but I know he's mine. It doesn't matter who looks at him or how they look. Nothing will change that fact.

I chuckle, breaking the growing tension radiating from Jasper. He's obviously uncomfortable, as is Peter when he realizes, too late, that he's been caught quite openly lusting after my husband.

Dragging his gaze from Jasper, he looks to me for understanding and forgiveness. He finds both in my returning smile.

He chuckles, too, and kind of shrugs, adding, "No offense, man? What can I say? I just can't help myself."

I reassure Peter while pulling Jasper securely to my side. "It's quite all right, Peter. Believe me, I get it."

"Good... Good. More importantly… you get Jasper, you lucky bastard. I'd tell you not to fuck it up, that I'll be waiting in the wings if you do, but seeing the two of you together," he gestures between Jasper and me, as well as he can with the large package in his hands, "something tells me there will be none of that."

Once we convince Peter to stick around and enjoy the rest of the reception, I call everyone's attention to watch Jasper open his present. He carefully pulls away the brown paper, exposing a framed photograph of me running on our beach, toward the camera. Peter has nailed the clarity and lighting perfectly. The image is exactly what I envisioned. To anyone else's eyes, it simply looks like a very well taken photo of me, running on a beach, with the sand and the bay around me, my wind-blown hair even more of a mess than usual.

Jasper's knowing gaze and wistful smile tell me he understands everything this picture signifies. The portrait Jasper painted years ago of me running ahead of him, away from him, still hangs on the brick wall in our loft. It will continue to hang there, until it hangs in our house when we finally get around to purchasing one. It is part of our past, reminding me how lucky I am that he waited for me. I will never forget.

Jasper kisses me deeply, reverently. When he finally breaks the kiss, I manage to say, "I promise to always be running toward you, my love. I'll never run away, again. I'm here for you forever. I'm here with you. Forever."

"I know, baby. Thank you."

Suddenly he's gone, no longer standing before me. I watch as he disappears into the back room of the bar.

What the fuck?

I'm about to go after him when I see him coming back to me, with a large frame of his own in his hands. He holds it up for me to see and I'm speechless. His talent always leaves me so, but this is the most beautiful painting I've ever seen.

In rich browns, blues, and reds, it depicts the back of Jasper, standing and leaning against an old-fashioned, beautifully adorned floor length mirror. He gazes at his reflection, only the reflection lovingly gazing back at him… is me. Mirroring his stance, our hands are spread out and meeting on the glass.

Jasper has acutely portrayed the love and the need we feel for one another, in the way we stand curved toward each other, our other halves.

I'm reminded of his vows from a few short hours ago.

"Jasper… it's… I… I don't know what to say. Beautiful isn't enough. Neither is perfect. Just… thank you!"

For once, my man is speechless. He pulls me to him, holding me tightly for long moments. We breathe each other in, in the middle of the makeshift dance floor, until Rosalie takes our pictures we've been precariously balancing while holding on to one another.

Jasper and I say our goodbyes to everyone. When we finally feel we can get away, we pull Rosalie into a hug, trying to express how thankful we are for all she has done to make our day perfect. Words aren't enough, so we present her with tickets for a cruise for her and Emmett.

"Guys, I can't accept this! And even if I felt comfortable letting you send me on a cruise for doing something that I enjoyed doing, and wanted to do for you… well, I can't take off work. "

Emmett pulls her into his arms. "You're schedule has been cleared, baby girl. So has mine. We leave tomorrow!"

I don't know what Rose wants to do more right now-hug us or kill us both. She finally relents, accepting that she needs to go home and pack ASAP.

Jasper leans down and gives her protruding belly a hug. "Good bye, little baby. See you in a couple weeks. Be good, now… and don't make your mama too sick on the ship."

How cute is he?

"Um, Jasper… Edward, about that. Well, we found out the baby is actually two babies… two boys. And we'd like to name them Jasper and Edward, after you. If it weren't for you guys, these babies wouldn't exist."

"Yeah, what she said," Emmett adds, his voice a bit gravelly, the big lug holding back tears.

Neither Jasper nor I know what to say. We're flabbergasted and flattered, barely holding back our own tears while telling them we'd be thrilled for our honorary nephews to be named after us. Though they won't actually be our blood nephews, they might as well be.

My parents walk us to the car, giving us the keys to the cabin before bidding us farewell. Just before we pull away, they coolly inform us they've purchased the cabin on Cle Elum Lake in our names. They want it to be ours to use as a safe haven, a place to recoup as a couple whenever we need a time-out from the rest of the world.

I'm overcome with how lucky I am, not just to have Jasper in my life, but my parents and our friends. Jasper and I are so fortunate to have special people who go above and beyond for us, making us feel loved and accepted.

With a twinkle in his eye, dad coyly adds, "I just have one request, my boys. Well, maybe an ulterior motive, if you will? Can your mother and I sneak up to the cabin from time to time? When you aren't using it, of course."

"Carlisle!" My mother blushes, hiding behind him.

What on earth did my parents get up to at the cabin? In the bed Jasper and I are about to share? Oh, hell no! Forget I asked.

Amazingly, we make it to the cabin with no stops to make-out or fuck in the backseat. When we get out of the car, I convince Jasper to first walk down to the lakeshore with me. We watch the sun set behind the mountains before making our way inside.

Barely in the door, he pulls me down the hall to find the master bedroom. We recognize it from the pictures my parents showed us, with its chestnut and crème colors, log walls and a fire place that shows through to the large en suite bathroom.

Jasper starts a fire and draws us a bath. An hour later, we're cuddling in fluffy terry cloth robes on the king sized bed, whispering our hopes for the future.

We understand each other. We both want to savor every second of our wedding night.

Once the cuddling becomes kissing, the slow and gentle doesn't last. Our bodies take over, speaking to each other as they always do, with a mind of their own. The robes are quickly removed and tossed to the floor. Our leaking cocks glide together, until our mouths engulf each other. I'm about to cum, when Jasper pulls his mouth form my throbbing erection. I gasp for air as sensations of the almost climax wash over me. How does he do that?

"Need to make love to my husband… come here, baby."

Holding me in his protective embrace, he prepares me with gentle fingers slathered with lube, and again, I almost climax. He knows my body so well; better than he knows his own. He plays me like a fine violin. I barely know which way is up by the time he situates himself above me, reverently between my legs, pushing inside my welcoming heat. We are one once more. This is when I'm truly home. Wherever we are, I'll always be home here in his arms.

I moan his name as the spasms wrack my body, as I ride the waves of ecstasy his beautiful body provides. I paint us both with cum while he pulses deep inside me. Clinging to me, he continues to thrust, extending our mutual pleasure impossibly long.

The inevitable moment comes too soon, when he's withdrawing from within, breaking our deepest connection. I don't fret, though, for I know we have the rest of our lives.

Once he's cleaned us both up and is nestled under the comforter with me, I tell him what has been on my mind.

"Thank you, my love. For everything. You make me the happiest man alive."

"No, darlin'… thank you! You've changed your life so much to be my husband. You amaze me. In the process, you have liberated my love for you. You've given it wings. It was there all along in the corner of my heart, but I no longer have to hide it. Thank you."

We don't sleep the rest of the night, not wanting to waste one moment. I make love to him for the first time as my husband. He makes love to me again, once on the balcony overlooking the lake, then in the luxurious shower. Finally, as dawn's light illuminates our bedroom, with the sweet scent of our couplings still heavy in the air, we succumb to sleep in one another's arms. Content that we will always be there when we awake. For the rest of our lives, we'll be home.

The end.

Farewell sweet boys!

Although, Ch. 8 is a future-take of the boys about thirteen years in the future... :-)