What happened to led to present story?

Well this is a Harry Potter, American Dragon X-over where the Dursleys left the young boy behind in New York when he was just two years old. Jake's grandfather flies by sensing a strangely powerful magical creature nearby. He takes the boy in as his own since he had no family according to legal records and is renamed Jason Lao Shi. Also I'm changing it so Jake's powers emerge at 10 and they're currently in 6th grade.

*action*, "taking", 'thinking'

Now present day first week of May. Jason POV:

I was just chilling with my cousin (technically he is my nephew) Jake and our friends Trixie, and Spud. We're walking to class when I saw her. I quickly hide behind my friends so she wouldn't see me.

It was the new student she was wonderful, but what would wait to do with a guy like me.

Trix: *Looking back at me* "Boy just go up there and talk to her already."

Jake: "Yeah cuss just walk up to her and say hello."

Jason: "What if she thinks I'm weird like the other?"

Trix: "Oh for Pete's sack." * She pushed me closer to Rose as she dropped some of her papers.*

Jason: "Her let me help you with that."*I bent over and helped pick up some of her stuff. Then handed them to her.*

Rose: *Getting the papers from Me.* "Thanks, my names Rose what's yours?"

"Name's Jason and no problem."

"Well can you tell me where my next class is, I'm a little lost?"*She handed me her schedule*"

"You're in luck you have the same classes as me and my friends so all you have to do is follow us."

Rose: "Cool maybe we can get to know each other better."

Jason: *Grinning,* 'She wants to get to know me, Yes this is awesome!' "Sure thing, how about I introduce you to my friends so we can hang out before school starts."

Rose: "Sure, it will be fun."

We walked over to the group that was waiting for me.

Jason: "Rose these are my nephew Jake, Trixie, and Spud, guys this is Rose."

Jake: "Why did you introduce me as your nephew?" *Glaring daggers at me.*

Jason: "Because it's funny to see you get you're nickers in a twist."*I grinned devilishly at him.*

Rose: "Nephew?"

Jason: "Because I was adopted by his grandfather so technically specking I'm his mom's brother."

Rose: "Adopted?"

Jason: "Dad found me on the streets when I was 2. They had no records of me anywhere so he decided to adopt me end of story. At least this way I got to meet the guys so all's well ends well I guess."

Rose: "Guess we have more in common than we thought."

Jason: "Why's that?"

Rose: "I'm adopted too."

Jason: "Oh sorry about that…"

Rose: "No it's just I was given to a family friend since my parents couldn't take care of me." *Looking down slightly.*

Jason: "Well let's forget about that and you focus on having a great first day."

Rose: "Ok."

During lunch we sat at our usual spot. Rose decided to join us everything was perfect, until he showed up.

The doors to the building were blown off there hinges. As a tall man walked thought the doors, the enter student body ran out the doors. Except me I stayed in front of Rose who was paralyzed with fear. I saw him walking towards us, but I stood my ground.

Jason: "What do you want hunt's clan." I hissed the named.

Hunt's clan: "Well, well, well, what do we have here? Step aside boy so I may deal with this traitor."

Jason: "Make me Hunter."

The Hunter: "Fine you die first!"* He brought out his sword and tried to stab me but I dogged out of the way and kicked his side.*

Jason: "What's the matter? Losing your touch, how disgrace full what your brothers will think of this pathetic display."

Rose finally coming to her senses: 'He knows about the hunt's clan, but how no one should know but magical creatures.'

The Hunter: "How do you know of us boy?"

Jason: "Simple because you're not the only one here that knows of the other world."

The Hunter charged straight at me with his second sword accompanying his first as my eye's glowed red instead of their normal green. A red scythe formed in my hands which I use to block the blades from touching my skin. Then I kicked his making him double over in pain as I used the base of my weapon to knock him out. I released my scythe and was tacked by a hug from rose my eyes turned back to normal as I blushed.

Jason: "Rose what is going on? And who is that guy over there? Why are you hugging me?" *I started looking around confused until it clicked.* "Did my eye's change colors?"

Rose: *Letting me go* "Your eyes did turn red…wait you don't remember what happened?"

Jason: "Let me guess some strange whack job came her and I fought him didn't I?"*She nodded* "Great how am I going to explain this to dad? Wait I remember some parts he is hunt's clan and he said you were a traitor, care to explain?"

Rose: "Well I left after I found out they kidnaped me and they must have found me and place me on their hit list."

Jason: "I see… we have to see dad about this."

Rose: "Right now but we still got school."

Jason: "Let's call it a haft day."