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*action*, "taking", 'thinking'

Rose's POV:

I looked at Jason as we walked down the streets of New York. He seemed clam despite what just happened minutes ago.

I asked him: "How do you know of the magical world?"

Jason: *Looking back at me* "It's complicated."

Rose: "How about making these energy weapons?"

Jason: "Can't answer that."

Rose: "Why not, I mean you have to know." Slightly angry that he wouldn't tell me a thing I mean I'm I not worthy of trust?

Jason: "Only one person can answer that and that's why we're going to dad's shop."

Rose: "So your dad knows?"

Jason: "I didn't say we are going to go see him."

Rose: "So why are we going there?"

Jason: "I'll explain later its complicated."

Rose: 'Is that his answer to everything? "It's complicated?'

Jason's POV:

Jason: 'Wish that you would just have let me handle things. I mean first it was Jake and dad than spud and Trix and now Rose, why do you always have to be such a show off?'

A voice in Jason's head said: 'Hey if you let me out a little more to have some fun this wouldn't have been a problem Jay.'

Jason: 'We've been over this I can't because people will try to kill us if they figure out about you know what. Heck I think the hunts clan will be after us next or try to recruit us.'

Voice in his head: 'Well the more the merrier please jay let me at least have one good fight.'

Jason: 'No you're still grounded.'

Voice in his head: 'Oh you make one little mistake and they treat you like a criminal'

Jason: 'You helped joker rob a bank! 'I shouted at him.

Voice in his head: 'Hey he tricked me!' He shouted back at me.

Jason: 'He bribed you with a cookie!'

Voice in my head: 'But it was triple chocolate… So very beautiful, excuse me I need a moment.'

I heard crying in the back of my head.

I sighed to myself of what seemed like the hundred times, "Idiotic, insane, sugar loving…"

Rose: "What did you say?"

Jason: "Nothing just got a spiting head ack."

Rose: *Reaching in to her bag pulls out a bottle of pills* "Want some medicine?"

I heard a girlish scream in my head.

Voice in my head: 'Get it away from me!'

Jason: "No thanks I'll tough it out."

Rose: "If you're sure ok I guess." *She put away the bottle.*

Voice: 'Yay take that span of evil!'

Jason: 'Don't make me take the pills because I will.'

Voice: 'Sorry about insulting your girlfriend jay.'

Jason: *I felt blood and heat rush to my face,* 'Do me a favor and shut up already…'

Rose: "Hey Jason you feeling ok?"

Jason: *Trying to hide his bush* "It's nothing."

Voice: 'Real smooth jay."

Jason: 'Shut up now or I will not give you any dessert.'

Voice: 'Shutting up.'

We finally made it to the shop. It looked kind of old shop called Canal Street Electronics. It was pretty devoid of customers.

Jason: "We're here hop Jake made it ok." *He pulled door open and stepped aside,* "After you milady."

Rose: *Bushing slightly,* "Thanks Jason."

Once they entered Jake showed up next to a small Chinese man in blue robs.

Jake: "Don't worry I told gramps about what happened."

Jason: "Thanks cuz, dad is Fu dog ready with the potion yet."

The elder dragon replied: "Yes we always have the ingredients ready just in case something happened."

Rose: "Ok Jason I've waited too long for answers now please tell me, is it because I'm not worthy of trust."

Jason: "That's not it at all; I just don't want anyone to overhear…Also it helps if my other is wake to fill me in on some details."

Rose: "What do you mean other?"

Jason: "I have a split personality, the one that fought was my other he took control of my body."

A dog walked up to us with a potion in paw.

Jason: "Thanks Fu I can always count on you."

Fu Dog: "No problem kid."

Ross: "That dog just spoke…"

Jason: "That's Fu Dog he's a magical dog. Well bottoms up…" I drank the green elixir and then it looked like my shadow had just separated from me and there standing was another me. Excepted for a few things like his red eyes, had white hair while I had black, he wore a black polo, black jeans, black shoes and a red tie with white under shirt. Meanwhile I was wearing blue jacket, yellow t-shirt, faded blue jeans, and yellow and blue sneakers.

Ross: "Wow did not see that coming."

Other Jason: "Everyone else reading this did."

Jason: "Don't be rude Shade."

Shade: "Hey I'm speaking the truth a insulin child controls our lives for the entertainment of others."

Jason: "Ross step back away from him." Just than an ice cream cart rolled thought the door and ran over Shade. (That's what you get for calling me insane little boy!)

Shade: "The pain…the frozen pain…"

Ross: "What just happened?"

Jason: "He just ticked off the writer don't worry Shade will be ok…I think."

Well that was today's chapter also you will be seeing some random guests in this story.

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*Suddenly the joker came into my room.*

Joker: "Hey kiddos want to play a game of Russian roulette?"

DR: "Maybe later J."

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