Dusk rider: "Great to be back."

Joker: "Hey how's it going?" Frowning slightly… it was strange.

DR: "Why are you still here?'

Joker: "Harley kicked me out of the hideout again, so I need some help how do you make a crazy woman with a hammer not kill you?"

DR: "Well how about we start with what you did."

Joker: "Forgot her birthday."

DR: "I can see why she is mad."

Joker: "I thought it was next week I was planning a great present but no one would help me get it."

DR: "What is it?"

Joker: "The world pearl… problem is no one will help me seal it."

DR: "I think I can get you some help, just give me one second."* I pulled out a plate of cookies and placed them on the table. Then suddenly shade appeared out of nowhere.*

Shade: "Hey Joker, are those cookies I smell."

DR: "Here is the deal shade you get the cookies if you help joker steal something."

Shade: "Anything for cookies…and of cause uncle J."

*Jason also showing up thought the door.*

Jason: "No way are you stealing something shade!"

DR: "Oh he will or else I let rose see this," *Pulling out a picture from nowhere causing Jason to bush before looking at me.*

Jason: "You wouldn't…"

DR: "Try me you know as well as I do how evil I can be, remember what happened to that rude lawyer…good times."

Jason: *Turning a ghostly pale, "I didn't see or hear a thing…" *Running out of the room quickly.*

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*action*, "taking", 'thinking'

No-one's POV:

Shade was still out cold.

Ross: "How do we walk him up?"

Jason: "Simple," He got close to his others ear. "Walk up we have cookies."

Ross: "Jason there is no way that w…"

*Shade suddenly jumped up looking around franticly.*

Shade: "Where are you, my sweets daddy is coming!" *Running out the door at light speed. (Wow I thought sonic was fast, but this is insane."

Jason: "Let's just say that he loves cookies."

Shade: *He walks back in with a bucket of cookies.* "This is the best day ever!"

Jack: "Where did you get those?"

Shade: "Went by writer's house he told me that if I came back I could keep the cookies on one condition…"

Ross: "What was it?"

Shade: "Just helping uncle J a bit to get him out of the dog house." (See the top to those of you who skipped it.)

Jason's dad: "What did you do?"

Shade: "Nothing dad, also the author said something about if you talk he'll tell the readers about paradise islands…whatever that means."

*The old man turned paler too.*

Ross: "Dose he have black mail on everyone in the story?"

*They all just nodded quickly.*

Ross: "So you still haven't explained everything how you…him…whatever created that red stuff."

Shade: "Well I and jay are wizards and we know some advance magic. While I'm good at creating weapons, he is good at defense and healing. Now can I eat my cookies in peace?" *Chowing down on his favorite food.*

Jason: *In a sarcastic voice* "Fantastic sense of tack like usual shade."

Shade: "Thanks jay it's about time someone appreciates my intelligence." *Returning to his cookies not aware that Jason was sarcastic.*

Ross: "Wait you're a wizard…"

Jason: "Yes, please don't freak out!" *On my hands and knees begging.*

Ross: "Why would I after all I'm a witch."

Jason: "Say what?"

Ross: "That's why I left in the hunts clan first place."

Jake: "Wait she's hunts clan?"

Jason: "Now it makes sense kind of."

Jason's dad: "Do you have a place to stay?"

Ross: "No sir."

Gramps: "Why don't you stay here we have an extra room upstairs any way."

Ross: "Thank you but I don't want to in oppose."

Gramps: "Non- sense what about it Jason."

Jason: "I see no reason why not."

Shade: "That's not it you just want your girlfriend to be in the room next to you in case you two want to make out."

Jason: "That's it shade you are so dead!"* A green portal appeared in front of him as it sucked in Shade.*

Shade: "But, I still haven't finished my cookies yet!" *Screaming like a little girl as he was sucked in.*

Ross: "What did you do to him?"

Jason: "Just put him back in my mind, now let's go set up your room and could you give me the head medicine I might need it."

That's it for now. How did you like it?

Shadow the Hedgehog: "why I'm I here?"

DR: "Simple I need a body guard for when shade come's back."

Shadow: "I'm no body guard." *Walking away.*

DR: "What do you want?"

Shadow: "Put me in this story and you got a deal."

DR: "Fine I'll think of something."