Hello DR here, I'm sure you are all thinking this is just another random story. Well this is where I tell you are wrong. You see the last couple of chapters were just a prehistory to give you a taste of things before I truly began. You see I was planning of bringing someone in to the story that would live in Jason and Shade. I tossed a few ideas around and, decided on shadow the hedgehog. Now without any further delay it is time to get on with the main story.

Unknown POV:

On the roof tops above New York, A lone small figure in a black cloak with red trim stared out towards the city below. Thinking one thing, 'Why?'

Another person landed behind the first he wore a purple and black outfit with a strange skull for a helmet, the first not even looking at the new comer.

The cloaked figure: "Who are you?"

The strange man: "My name is the huntsman your slayer."

The Cloaked figure: "Just try."

Huntsman: "Gladly." *He ran at the cloaked figure only for the other to vanish from sight.* "Where do you go worm?"

The Cloaked figure: "Right behind you." *The huntsman turned to receive a punch to the face making him fall over. The cloaked figure picked up the huntsman's weapon pointing the tip of it at the fallen hunter's wind pipe.* "Any last words?"

Huntsman: "How could I loss?"

The Cloaked figure: "I'll tell you, your biggest mistake you can't slay an immortal."

There was a blood curtailing scream before silence.

One month after Jason's disappearance…Rose's POV:

*I turned on the TV to the news.* "Police are still baffled as another body was found in New York's southeast section with the same message since 29 days ago, "You cannot kill me." The meaning behind these messages is still confusing the police and the president state this is the act of a new group terrorist, but this is still unknown too since no one has found any led on this insane villain…" *The phone next to the news man rang.* "That's strange it's not even connected." *He put it on speaker.* "Hello who is this?"

The strange voice: "That is of no concern to you mortal."

The Reporter: "Wait you're the villain!"

The Stanger's voice: "I am no villain, I merely I'm defending myself."

The Reporter: "From who?"

The Killer: "The Hunts clan."

The Reporter: "Who are they?"

The killer: "A group of merciless murders."

The Reporter: "How come we have never heard of them?"

The Killer: "They don't want to be known, but they are everywhere."

The Reporter: "What do you mean?"

The Killer: "Just what I said everywhere, every country, every city, every island, they are the most powerful army in the world."

Reporter: "How can we trust you?" *The phone hung up.*

The killer: "You can ask me, cameraman turn to your right slowly."

*The screen turned towards source of the voice a smallish man in a black cloak with red trim, next to which bond and gaged the Huntsman.*

Reporter: "How do you get in here?"* Standing up from his sate quickly as the cloaked figure dragged the once great hunter across the floor.*

The cloaked man: "That's my trick; now how about we ask this hunter for some info." *The cloaked man's gag was removed.*

The Huntsman: "Help keep this monster away!"

The Cloaked man: "Stop you're screaming or you'll be seeing you're fallen hunts real soon."

The Huntsman: "If you're looking for info you're out of luck."

The Cloaked man: "Really now tell me what I want or else."

The Huntsman: "No…not that please…I'll talk."

The Cloaked man: "So tell my why are you hunting me?"

The Huntsman: "We were ordered to by…GASP!" *He looked like he was being choaked.*

The Cloaked man: "Tell me NOW."

The huntsman: "…the dark dragon…" *He fell to the ground dead, the news people screamed.*

The Cloaked Man: "You here that rose, if you can find him you'll find me so hurry up and find him and you may see me." *He vanished again from sight.*

*Back in the living room Rose, gramps, and Jake all just saw what happened. Jake and gramps looked pale while rose looked confused.*

Rose: "Who is he?"

Gramps: "The only dragon to turn bad…"

Jake: "But how? He should be trapped in his cave from last time."

Rose: "What happened?"

Jake: "It was during a test last year. He took my opponent in I followed to save him. He almost got me, but Jason showed up and used his magic to trap the dark dragon in his cave while he got out it caved in. If it wasn't for Jay I would have died."

Rose: "So how did he make it out?"

Gramps: "Must be that Jason's magic wore off over time, but that spell should last at least another year."

Rose: "Well we have to go; if Jason's there we have to go."

Gramps: "She's right we leave right now."

So what do you think? Like it? Hate it?