"Bella I don't want you to come with me." His cold eyes trained on my face

"You... don't... want... me?" I spoke out slowly trying to process the words.


"Well that changes things." I stated clearly.

"What happened the other night made me realize that it's time for a change. Because I'm tired of pretending to be something I'm not. I've let this go on for far to long, and I'm sorry about that."

"Don't." I said not wanting him to make this harder on me.

"Your not good for me Bella." Shouldn't that be the other way around? "I want you to promise me that you wont do any thing stupid and reckless."

"Not gonna happen, If you don't want to be part of my life then you got no say in what I do and don't do." As soon as the words left my lips, his hands were on my upper arms, holding so tightly that i was going to have a bruise latter.

"Promise me! Isabella!" I looked into his eyes and saw them dark and demanding.

Feeling a little scared I crossed my fingers, and whispered "Fine I promise I wont do any thing stupid or reckless." He nodded his head and droped his arms. I blinked and he was gone. Oh well that's fucking great, I went on a walk with my boyfriend, he led me to the middle of the woods, breaks up with me, then leaves me stranded. Fucking wonderful. Walking in the direction that I thought would be the direction that I came in. After about thirty minutes I swear I passed the same tree likle fifty times.

I'm screwed. I'm never gonna make it out of here, I'm doomed to live a life of nothing but green woods.

Looking to my right, then to my left. I noticed something in my peripheral vision.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" A ruffling in the leaves behind me made me spin and my heart rate to pick up. All I could think of was, Please don't be a cereal killer, please don't be a cereal killer. Then I thought why would a cereal killer make rustling noises. A beautiful silver wolf sized horse stepped out. Locking my eyes with it's gray eyes, I felt a strong pull to him.

You know I think I'd rather have a cereal killer. I thought before I fainted.

"Bella, Bella." A gruff said.

"I know what will wake her up!" Another voice said. I heard some shuffling, then something cold and wet was poured over my head. My eyes bounced open, and I started to cough up the amount of water that I had breathed into my lungs.

"Are you alright?" A third voice asked in concern.

"I'm Cough Fine Cough." I managed to say through the coughs.

"Here dear." A woman's voice said handing me a glass of water.

After drinking it, my attention was how comfortable I was. How safe and warm I felt.

"Where am I?" my weak voice rang clear through out the room. "Who are you and what do you want?" I said looking into a dark eyed, shirtless man. Yes that's very awkward.

"I'm Sam Uley, your at my house in La Push, and we found you in the woods." Thinking back all I remembered the silver wolf.

"Could you please take my home, I have some things that need to be lit on fire." I said looking around the room, I noticed two boys both about 7 feet tall, with dark hair, and a women about 5 feet tall, three small lines going down the side of her face.

Sam noticing I wasn't paying attention to him any more followed my gaze.I swear I heard him growl, which caused the gorgeous guy across the room standing on the left to growl. I don't think they're human.

Wow what is it with me and attracting things from the super natural world! Does fate hate me or something?

I saw all four of them stiffen.

"Did I say that out loud?" I asked.

"Yes, yes you did."

"Whoops. So what are you, werewolves?" I said remembering that day on the beach when I flirted with Jacob. He had told me that the Quileute's are descendants from wolves.

"Wow you are dead on." Said the guy standing next to the gorgeous one.

"Who are you?" I asked a bit more rudely then intended.

"I'm Jarred, that's Paul." He said pointing to the hotty standing next him. "And that's Emily." He said pointing to the girl.

I looked Paul up and down.

"Your hot." I stated firmly. I probably shouldn't have said that, because I saw his chest puff out. I clearly boosted his ego. "But your arrogant, and self-conceited." and his chest went down a little.

Jarred started to laugh really hard. So I thought I would equal the playing field.

"Jarred, Your nose is to big, and your lips are to wide." His laughing stopped immediately, and he stared at me as if I had lost my mind. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sam smile. Turning my gaze to him, I took a long look at him, and immediately noticed that he wasn't a guy to mess with, but I was gonna do it any way.

"Sam, Your getting a little beer gut, maybe you should cut down." I said with wide innocent eyes. I Immediately heard Emily giggle, so I turned my gaze to her. She froze as If she were a deer caught in head lights.

"Emily, I your different. Unique. Not like any one else. Your strong, but you don't see it. You think you aren't enough... Stop lying to your self it's pathetic."

"How can you make assumptions like that?" Sam asked in a kind off polite tone.

"They way your body language and your facial expressions. Now can some one take me home I really need to burn some stuff." I said standing up, and stretching my arms.

"I'll take you!" Paul said rather quickly. He started walking towards the door and I followed him. I stopped when I saw his car. I could immediately tell that it was a 2009 Audi RS 6. I looked at Paul with pleading eyes.

"Can I drive?" I asked sweetly. Paul looked over at me, and said quite plainly.

"No."I pouted slightly but got in the passengers seat. I buckled my seat belt. I watched Paul climb in and start the car. He started to pull out of Sam's small drive way.

"WHAT are you doing." I said glaring at him. He stepped on the break immediately.

"What do you mean?" He asked frowning a little.

"Put your seat belt on before I do it for you!"

"Really that's what you screamed about." He asked sounding slightly amused. I decided that if he wasn't going to do it I was doing it for him. I unbuckled, reached over grabbed his belt buckle and clicked it into place. Then settling back into my seat and redoing my buckle. I smiled happily to myself at a job well done.

"'Kay we can go now." and with that he sped off towards forks.

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