Sam's POV

"Sam, what are you doing?" My lovely girlfriend asked me. I am currently trying to hide underneath the bed. Not really working because only half of me is underneath and the other half isn't.

"Hiding." I reply in a whisper in case Paul is around.

"Why?" Oh. Shit. I can't tell her what I did, she will kill me. I'll be six feet under by next week. I need to lie.

"Oh, um. Me, and the guys are uh, playing hide and go seek? Yeah that's it. Me and the guys are playing hide and go seek!"

"Uh-huh. Who's it?" Stop asking questions.

"Uh, Jared?"

"Really? That's why he's in the kitchen right now eating chocolate chip muffins?"


"Yeah, shit. Bella called me and said you played a prank on Paul." She paused her sentence. "Again. She was calling to talk to you on a job well done. To bad you weren't home to take the call. Instead she left a message." I am screwed.

"Wha-whats the message?"

"Karma's a bitch, revenge is sweet, and if this is true I am the sweetest bitch you will ever meet. She's gonna get pay back, and I'm gonna be on her side. She told me some of her ideas and they are pretty awesome." As soon as she finished her sentence she walked away.

At least she didn't threaten me not to do it again or else she wasn't going to cook. Thank goodness for small miracles.

Emily's Pov

Walking into the kitchen, nodded at Jared and pulled out my cell phone and dialed Bella's cell phone number. After three rings she answered.


"Hey Bella, it's Emily. I gave Sam the message." I said with a smile.

"Excellent. Very excellent." Then she started laughing evilly.

"Yeah your scaring me now, so I'm going to hang up now." I pressed the little red button, and started to make a fresh batch of muffins.

Bella POV

"Are you almost done scrubbing the marker off your face." I said in a bored tone. Putting down my phone and taking a sip off my iced tea.

"I got as much off as I could." Paul drawled back. He steeped back into the kitchen. I did a spit take. Half of his face still had marker on it. Like he decided that only half his face should have been shaved. I was laughing so hard I feel out of my chair.

"Yeah sure go ahead and laugh." He said pouting slightly. After a while I calmed down. I forced my self not to look at him again, because if I did I would surely start laughing again. "Are you done laughing now?"

"Yes, just don't force me to look at you." I said still looking away.

"Your very mean to me. I am your bestest friend you should be nice to me." Even though I wasn't looking at him I just know he is frowning.

"Want to know my statistics on who I insult?" I asked sweetly. "Even if you don't want to know I'm going to tell you any way. 95% of the people I insult are my friends, 2% are my parents and the other 3% are my enemies."


"I don't have to tell you that."

"You don't have a reason."

"Shut up." I said turning to him. Big mistake. I started laughing again, and I only laughed harder when he started pouting.

Paul POV

My mate is laughing at me. It hurts a little, but at least she's happy.

"Okay I can't handle this any more. Sit down." She said as she picked up the wash cloth I had used to wash my face. She walked towards me and started to scrub my skin lightly with the soft cloth. I could feel my eyes close in relaxation. The last thought that went through my head before I feel into the darkness was 'I may have to thank Sam.'


I can see her. She's with that mutt. I can't believe she would betray her precious mate like that. I just have to sit here and wait for the mutt to leave and then make my move. Mwuhahaha!

Sorry For the long wait. I had a lot of school work to catch up on, and lots of tests I had to take.

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