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The main location for this fic is Midchilda City. I know that Midchilda is the name of the planet where MSLN occurs and the city name is Cranagan, but let it slide this time please, (I like Midchilda name more). In this world, agent Enforcer Fate Testarossa Harlaown works for the Tactical and Strategic Bureau Authority (TSAB) investigating violent crimes. Fate, together with her team has been assigned with the investigation of a serial killer and during this assignment; Fate will have to face some terrible ghosts from her past and will have to make life or death decisions for her and the people she cares.

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The Legacy (English Version by Aleksei Volken)


Chapter 1. The start, is not always the beginning.

Light is the left hand of darkness
and darkness the right hand of light.

Two are one, life and death, lying
together like lovers in kemmer,
like hands joined together,
like the end and the way


Midchilda City Suburbs, 12th Day, 12th Month, 22:00 hrs.

Agent Enforcer Fate Testarossa Harlaown, leader of the TSAB´s 1st Unit against Violent Crimes, forced herself to remain still in the middle of the horror that her latest crime scene was.

Just few minutes ago, her second in command took the only survivor of the massacre surrounding her at a safe place; IF any place could be considered like that from now on for that kid.

So far, they didn´t know how big what the shit in their hands but Fate was sure of something, it was dreadfully…terrible. The police department on that section called TSAB due the magnitude of the incident, of the tragedy in front of them and mostly also, due the fact that it was a survivor of it; a little one…a little girl.

Fate´s team and the police were still confirming the identities of the family, but whoever they were; they lived in a highly uptown and reserved area of the city. Only the powerful and influential people lived around. That case was on the way to become a hot and awful nightmare for anyone on charge…and that person was Fate at that very moment or more precisely, her boss, TSAB Colonel Hayate Yagami.

And whoever was responsible of the horror around her, surely was not counting with a potential witness. That little kid will turn on to be instrumental for that case.

Standing up on the middle of the living room, Fate let her eyes travel around the space, trying to imagine the place as it was…before. The living was a traditional setting for Midchildian family houses, it was the core area where the family gathered all together after work and school for spending time together, hacing diner, play, talk…This house living room was bigger than the mean, very spacious and completely automated with the latest technological gadgets. Automatic blinds, door, temporizers, big windows showed the gardens surrounding the house; and everything to make the family life easier, comfortable…safer. The walls was painted in warm, soft tones and the furniture matched the set creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. The family that lived there felt comfortable in that room, they felt safe there…they trusted they will be safe there.

But they weren´t.

That was the very place that the killer chose for his performance. And he took his time. Fate was sure about that, the crime scene unit was still working silently and efficiently around the scene and no result was still available but she knew it. It was still too early in the analysis to know who died first but at that very moment four dead bodies were distributed around the living room in a way that could be anything but randomly. The whole setting speaks loud about a careful preparation and an implacable execution.

The first body belonged to an adult man. He was deprived of the eighty percent of his skin with surgical accuracy and was hanging up from the ceiling, his body as a crucifix in the north side of the living room, just in front of the big window. Some body fluids were still dripping from the body to the pool on his feet where his blood was coagulating.

Just in front of the man, at the south of the living room; a woman, possibly the wife of the man, was strongly tied with her hands on her back and gagged. She was skewered using a sophisticated metal pole almost five feet tall; the pole was fixed on the floor with strong industrial studs. In all her years in service, Fate never saw something like that before.

Finally, at the east and west sides of the living room, naked and tide in what seemed a painful position, two adolescents that barely had thirteen years old and that Fate considered as the twin sons of the couple were killed with one deep cut on their throats. The slash was so deep that both boys' head hung backwards in a vile angle. Their blood had spattered around them on the floor and walls, pouring forth the terrible wounds.

Fate was forcing herself to remain still and cool in the middle of that madness. During her years working as a special agent investigating and solving violent crimes and mainly, serial killer cases, she developed her own way to try to understand horrible thing that could not be understood by normal and regular people, her way to get into the monster.

The first this she did was stand in the middle of the scene, as she was doing; and imagine the space as it was before the crime happened, and then superimpose the image of whatever horror could happen in that space during and after the crime. But never, ever in her life she faced something like that.

Her fellow subordinates, agents Vice Granscenic and Alto Krauetta did their best to try to…prepare her for what she will see but that effort was vain. Nothing can prepare you for that level of brutality and violence.

She breathed and tried again. Being able to analyze and understand a scene like that was fundamental for the future success of the investigation, Fate knew it; she had to absorb all the details that will allow her and her team to build up this case. She was exactly trying to do that and…to compose herself of the overwhelming emotions inside her.

Involuntarily, her mind turned back again and again at the small blonde head that Shamal carried on her arms not so much time ago. The girl was alive and presumably unharmed but completely shocked.

Fate made a last rational effort to focus on the job that she and she only had to do there, making a mental notes about what she wanted to ask Shamal later about the little survivor girl. Independently of her feelings, that girl will be a core piece of that hell of a case.

The living room lights were all turned on but when Fate arrived after the urgent message Alto sent her, and now her whole team was there working together with the local police department in the case.

The room still was like the first officer on the scene saw it; completely on the darkness, the only illumination coming from the twin moons of Midchilda and small floating light candles; these were strategically located, almost in the way that one will do it in a romantic diner.

Fate felt a stealthy presence around her, waiting. She didn´t need to ask who was there, it could only be one person. Her second in command was the only one allowed to get near her when she was evaluating a scene for the first time. She turned slightly to meet her icy blue eyes; it was no need of unnecessary words or explanations between them. Signum Yagami was working at the TSAB division for Violent Crimes under her command only two years but they knew each other from years ago, it was her boss older sister and the person Fate trusted the most in her life.

"The technical guys are done, Fate. We can proceed when you order."

"Take everybody out Signum, turn all the lights off and give few more minutes here."

Signum was already on her way to fulfill her orders when Fate voice stopped her.

"Signum…Has Shamal reported something…about the girl?"

Signum arched an inquisitive brow. Fate´s voice was steady and professional but something in its hue caught her attention.

"Yes," she answered cautiously, "she called me few minutes ago. They arrived TSAB research and medical facility, she is still running some test but it seems the girl is…physically unhurt."

Fate didn´t make more questions and two seconds after the complete darkness and silence surrounded her, the small candles next to each body was the only illumination in the room.

Fate walked until she was facing each one them, then she changed her position trying to see what every one of them saw before their death. Slowly, the understanding reached her. With a shiver, she had a very bad hunch about what the autopsies will reveal about those dead and felt a steel fist crushing her heart. They will really face a monster.

When she got out to the street, her team was already there waiting for her. The wind was really cold at that time; it was the beginning of the winter but for Fate breathing that cold air was refreshing after that scene. Two men and three women were there with identical black uniforms exactly like the one she was wearing. The insignias in her chest were the only thing that differentiated her as the officer in command. All the other officers, agents and technicians at the scene knew perfectly who they were and kept a respectful distance around the group.

"Tell them the scene can be cleaned Signum."

A small nod was Signum stoic answer but she didn´t move from her spot.

"What´s up?" Fate asked promptly. Her team was waiting her for a reason.

"While you were doing the last analysis on the scene, Zafira found something you should see."

A quick glance on her team told her that whatever that new finding was, all of them already saw it. Alto, Vice and the youngest member of her team, Lucino Liilie looked deadly serious.

"This way," Zafira said walking towards the house again.

Fate noticed that Signum walked behind the, but the other members of her team remained on the same place.

Zafira got into the house and passing through the living room without a second look, continued all the way to the stairs and walked up to the house´s second floor that Fate didn´t visit before. The only place where the violence was present was in the living room. Nothing in the rest of the house was out of place and everything was untarnished and clean. With the exception of the air. After some hours, the whole house smelled at blood and death.

Zafira entered a room in the second floor and when she got in; Fate knew it was the room of a little girl. The walls were painted in white with details in pastel blue and pink, the furniture was unostentatious like the rest of the furniture in the house but there were several stuffed toys and framed pictures.

Zafira went directly to the closet, open it and stood aside for Fate to have a look inside.

Fate stood there paralyzed. The closet was completely empty and a message was written with blood in the white wall. Some of the letters looked a little heightened and she needed a couple of seconds to understand why.

Her breathing quickened and her heart beat in a runaway. The message written there was for her.


Her name was not written in blood as originaly though but with strips of bloody skin.

"We can not say it is refered to you," Signum said with calm voice as if reading Fate´s mind. "That word might have several other meanings."

Fate knew Signum was right and with the passing seconds she could feel gaining her control back but still a chill roved her just by looking her name written with human skin.

"Have the forensics been in this room?" she asked with controlled voice finally.

"No yet, Zafira just showed me few minutes before you met us outside."

"Now…" Fate gained confidence again, "we need a detailed and deep checking up on the whole house, an extremely careful one. This means that the killer knew about the girl."

"It seems so…" Signum said baldly. She always prefered to be one hundred percent sure of any judgement.

In normal conditions, Fate would have the same opinion but this time her instinct was telling her this case was a lot more serious than any other case they had before.

"I will go back at the office with the guys," Fate said, "You and Zafira stay here and make sure everything is done properly. We have to apply an strict media control. There is no way we can´t avoid the notice of the murder but no one, absolutely no one, should know about this room."

Signum and Zafira nod their head in agreement.

"We will meet at the office when you are done. Maybe Shamal might have something about the girl by then."

"That's another…point we have to mention Fate…" Signum said calmly while Zafira took with gloved hand one of the framed pictures and handed it to Fate.

It was a family photo and Fate recognized the man, the woman and the young boys smiling. They were already dead at the living room.

"…The girl Shamal took with her is not the girl on these pictures."

The information made fit in Fate´s mind. The girl Shamal took with her was blonde, like her…the girl that was smiling at the picture was pink haired like the grown woman. The father and the boys had red hair. Fate looked at the other pictures. None of them had a blonde girl.

Fate gritted her teeth. That small little girl probably saw the hell itself at that young age…just as she did.

"Let me know when you are done here and in your way to the office," she said more harshly than she intended but couldn´t avoid it and left the room.

It was almost midnight. Signum and Zafira looked at each other knowing that was going to be a very long night.


Midchildian University Suburbs 24:00 hrs.

Three young women laughed cheerfully while walking on the empty streets towards the apartment they shared near by the University.

University of Midchilda huge campus promoted the growing of urban areas surrounding the complex and several researchers and academician lived there. The luxurious apartment buildings there were too expensive for regular students but this particular group of friend, worked really hard convincing their wealthy enough parents and putting together the money from their first jobs and their parent´s money, they rented a big and comfortable apartment during her last year of college.

That was their first apartment and their first try living "all by themselves." Five years after, they were no longer a bunch of money constrained student but respected university professors and researchers, and no longer needed help from their parents to pay it.

Now they had other problems. Like their parents saying they were already grown up women and very capable of living alone. Meaning, each one of them living alone, setting down, be responsible, get married and have a family. But they at their twenty eight years old were perfectly happy living as they were and didn´t see any reason to change.

They lived in an up town, classy neighborhood; in a luxurious building and putting their income together, live easily with no concern or problems. They could do whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted with no explanations to no one. It was really heaven on earth for any young and smart woman.

A husband? A family? Why the heck they needed that?

However, neither of their parents shared that logical and rational point of view.

That was the topic of their conversation while walking slowly despite the cold around them.

"…So, it seems that YOUR dad has been talking just too much with my dad lately, Nanoha-chan!" The young blonde that had been talking in a row for the last ten minutes finally finished her point, picking at her friend shoulder as protest.

"Mou…Arisa-chan…That is not fair, I could say the same!" the alluded fought back pretending to be offended by the implication, "It was your that the one that gave us the preach about responsibility and adult age."

That night, Nanoha´s parents invited her daughter and friends to the family restaurant for diner. Midoriya started as a small cafeteria close to the elementary school were the three studied and befriended more than fifteen years ago. On the present day, is was a respected restaurant of international cuisine.

"Arisa-chan…" called the brunette girl closing the group, "Nanoha´s parents are the more, let´s say, considered ones. They are not pushing off every time they see us to "make something useful with our lives."

"So Suzuka, the question ´Do you girls already have a SERIOUS relationship´ what the hell was?" the blonde asked boldly.

"Well, that´s a bit your fault Arisa-chan…you talk about a different guy every time we meet them," Nanoha said mischievously.

"That´s because one has to be sure about the right guy! You know what is said, one has to kiss many toads to find the prince," Arisa sticked up for her point.

"Well, I certainly prefer to find my prince in own species," Nanoha counterattacked.

They were already very close of their building so Nanoha looked on her purse, the digital control that unlocked the building security system.

"Hey…" Arised yelled angrily, "Well, you are not exactly striving to dead looking for your prince. The brand new director of the Infinite Library had been dying to get a date with you and you have ignored him completely."

"Ah…not again, Arisa-chan. I have already told you that Yunno-kun and I are friends. And friends only. Remember that…"

Arisa knew perfectly what Nanoha was going to say and interrupted her promptly.

"Yeah, yeah, we know…Yunno was our school little mate for a few month back then at elemtary school like hundreds of years ago…What a coincidence!" and after a dramatic pause glaring at Nanoha, "And what the hell does that matter for you to fucking him now!"


Both Nanoha and Suzuka yelled and beat her friend for that shouting out comment in the middle of the street. And like many other times, they stopped right there arguing like little kids and not like the respected university professors they were.

Until a deep masculine voice interrupted their arguing.

"Good night ladies, seem you a bit alone around her…but we can gladly fix that."

The three friends noticed just then than four men got around them during their discussion. They also noticed that those men and they were the only living persons on the street at that time.

The street were very illuminated but empty. It was later that they expected and the area was very safe but something in the guys´ poses was a little menacing for Nanoha´s point of view.

Arisa gave her dry opinion to the guys before Suzuka or Nanoha could say anything.

"You are wrong. We don´t need any help…so get lost kid."

But they were not willing to let it slide so easily.

"Come on, the night is starting. You girls want fun, we want fun…let´s have fun together!" the talker was obviously the leader but the others got closer as he spoke, "So let´s start for the basics, what are your names pretty girls?"

Nanoha and Suzuka were cool and calm, Nanoha was considering calling the neighborhood security and the police but Arisa was getting piss of the whole setting.

"Mind you own business and leave us alone."

After saying that, Arisa made a gesture to her friends and started walking toward their building but the guys quickly stepped in blocking them and standing even closer than before. The guys looked very young and certainly not looked like delinquents but like university students with not much to do, looking for troubles.

"Come on, don´t be boring!" the leader insisted. This time the others also start asking their name and offering to go some other place to talk.

"You girls can´t just reject us without getting to know us. That would be unfair. Let have some time together, talk and you´ll see what a great time you will have."

Nanoha and her friend didn´t answer to any of the question and just waited for the guys to shut up.

"The answer is no…to everything, Now if you leave us alone now, we won´t call the police so, move on," Arisa said defiantly.

They guys laughed loudly and didn´t move.

Nanoha decided it was time to intervene. Arisa´s way was proving not effective at all.

"Look guys, this is really…unpleasant. Your behavior is very disrespectful and offensive. I don´t know if you are university students or not, but we work at the University and is will be the best for you, to leave it…now."

The group leader, was arguing with Arisa but kept an appreciative eye over Nanoha all the time and took advantage of her intervention to talk her.

"Wow, you are really beautiful, why don´t we talk of something more pleasant then…you will see that you have a wrong opinion about me…"

While talking the guy raised his hand to reach Nanoha´s hair but this never reach its target. A black hand grabbed his fingers painfully.

Genuine surprise showed in the guy´s face when they noticed who interrupted them. Just the same way that they landed on the unaware women, they were caught with the guard off by three stunning figures dressing in imposing black uniforms.

The group leader looked alternatively, his mouth open with surprise, between his hand and the face of the blonde woman snatching it. A blonde woman that was even taller than him. Then he noticed her partners, equally dressed in black looking at him dead seriously.

The next thing they heard was that said woman voice giving instructions while putting on him restraining movement handcuffs so fast that he could not even oppose.

"Vice, Alto…arrest the others." The blonde gaze while saying that was implacable. "And call the local police to take care of them."

It took less than a minute have the guys sitting down at the sidewalk under Vice´s stern gaze.

"Are you ok," Fate finally asked at the women.

"Of course we are," Arisa answered, "Thank you very much for your assistance but we had everything under control."

"Arisa-chan!" Suzuka said elbowing Arisa to shut her imprudent friend and took the lead, "Thank you very much agent, the truth is…it was getting ugly. Is truly rare to see this situations around and we didn´t know if we should call the police or what."

"You always shall call the police," Fate said seriously, "And it will be even better if you avoid talking with strangers like that late night in a empty street. One never knows what could happen on those circumstances."

While her friends talked, Nanoha observed Fate carefully. It was obvious that they were not cops, she identified TSAB uniform.

"Err…as I was saying," Arisa took the lead again a bit pissed by Fate´s scolding, "thank you but there is no need that you get after us too Agent."

"They are not cops Arisa," Nanoha said looking at Fate.

Before anyone could say anything, Alto approached calling Fate taking her away.

"I understand your reason to intervene Fate but we can´t arrest these guys. Vice is scaring them to dead and I called our friends at the police station but there is not much else we can do."

"Should we wait until we have a scene like the one we had earlier then?" Fate gaze was hard when looked back at her subordinate. Then she calmed down. It was not Alto´s fault that she was over-sensitive that night. "Look Alto, I know what you mean. I just want to avoid…unnecessary losing. Let´s hurry up; we have to be at the office as soon as possible."

"So…can we leave now agent…it very late, you know?"

Fate sent a glare at the unabashed blonde and her friends yelling at her for being so insolent. That woman should be truly problematic.

"How far away is your place?" Fate asked instead.

"It just there Agent, we were almost there when those guys showed up," Suzuka said pointing at her place.

It was really close but Fate walked them anyway leaving Alto and Vice with the guys. Once there Fate recommended them again to always call the police and be aware just in case they see the same guys fooling around again.

Under the bright light of the building entrance, Nanoha finally had a clear view of the Agent´s features. Her face was slender and delicate but firm, engraved and elegant but what caught her attention deeply were her eyes, of a deep crimson hue.

Fate noticed the detailed exam of the redhead and uncomfortable, said her farewell and left. Suzuka and Arisa got into the building quickly but Nanoha stayed there looking at the blonde walking away.

"Are getting in or will you ask her for her number?" Arisa asked at her friend..

"Arisa-chan!" Nanoha protested annoyed while following her friends to the elevator.

"Well, you stared at her almost drooling."

Nanoha made an indignant snort, "THAT is not true!"

"She is very beautiful," Suzuka added, "and very tall."

"But she has a sad gaze," Nanoha said a bit absently, her anger with Arisa quickly forgotten.

"That had not helped Yunno…"

And quickly restored.

Nanoha and Arisa started arguing again as they did on the street while Suzuka watched them amused. They finally reach their apartment at the seventh floor of the building. As soon as they got in, the automatic sensors turned the lights on and deliverd their messages. The two women argued a bit more Until Nanoha got silent and thoughtful.

"Now what?" Arisa asked.

Nanoha walked to the wide window they had and took a look at the main street. The dark figures still could be seen with the red and blue light of the patrol car that just arrived.

"I was thinking that we…didn´t ask her name," she answered looking at the blonde from the distance.

After leaving the young woman safe on their house, Fate walked back were Alto and Vice were already with Ginga Nakajima and Tiida Lanster, police officers and good friends of them. She couldn´t not completely get rid of the strange feeling she got when the redhead with blue eyes looked at her few minutes ago. The woman stared at her as if she could look through her. Very few people could see the person she truly was and the fact that a complete strange could make her feel that way, bewildered her.

Once they were ready to leave, Fate face the guy that was leading the group and with a steel gaze she warned him, "I really hope that you have the common sense for never, ever in your life, bother those women again. If any of them even stumble on the street and complain about you, I will go for you and you will truly regret it."

Tiida, Ginga, Vice and Alto ran out speechless. Fate just threatened a citizen as if she were saying him the time of the day.

"Did you understand?"

The poor guy just nodded frantically.

Fate, Vice and Alto thanked her police friend at took their way to the TSAB office again, where they were heading when they saw the guys approaching the girls and decided to stay and watch.

Once they were into the car, Lucino started the engine and drove towards their office. "I´m glad you insisted to stay Fate. Those guys could turn on nasty of those girls."

Lucino, who was still very young, worried about the girls since the first time the saw them.

"The best way to prevent an incident is not let it happen," the incident was a quick distraction but Fate´s minds was already back thinking at the murder case. A family was murdered cruelly. A little girl had survived the horror. It was truly that the killer´s will? Why? They had a lot more questions tan answers like everytime they had a hard case. And this was one of the hardest. And this time, Fate also had atwo additional disturbing questions. It was really her name that written on the wall? And if it was, why?

"Some terrible incidents cannot be avoided though," Fate said looking at the streets as the passed by with the car, "They fall into us like a storm, like the darkness in the ocean…There is nothing we can do to avoid them."

Vice, who was driving that night, tightened the grip on the wheel. He knew why Fate had that somber mood. "We will catch that bastard, Fate."

Traditionally, that would have been Fate´s line surely using a different noun. She truly appreciated Vice effort to encourage her, however this time; they will have to do a lot more than just cheering up mutually.

"We have to do it Vice, or many people will die."


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