So sorry ya'll, but I didn't know how else to tell ya'll this so ya'll would see it other than putting this here, and this is important.

Anyway, news is this: A FRIEND OF MINE IS CURRENTLY WRITING A SEQUEL TO THIS! :) It's been started for a few weeks, and she needs more reviews ya'll, because it's good! It's only here on FFN and her name here is Missy the Least. The name of the story is Another Choice and it takes place about a year later. She has complete permission from me, and I'm in love with her plot. She's dealing with the whole Shaw issue. It does feature an OC - one of the guards Shaw hired to torture Erik and Charles - but that just makes it all the more interesting. Go find it! I'd have a link, but, well, that doesn't work here...

OTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: I do still plan to write my own sequel, which will take place directly after, though I don't know if I will post it here starting as what FFN will show as a third chapter being uploaded, or if I'll post it as a separate story. If you're interested at all just keep a lookout on my page; I'll probably mention something in an update of one of my other stories when I'm about to get around to it. School is crazy. I can't wait for summer already.

So yeah, thanks so much ya'll! For the lovely reviews on this story and looking at this and everything else!

Love, Kat