Later That Day: 10:30 PM

Randy and I just finished feeding, and we are now lying in bed cuddling. I was about to say something to Randy, when my phone starts ringing.

"Hey John, what's up?" I ask.

"Jo…John, can you come get me?" John asks.

"Are you ok? Where are you?" I ask.

"I'm behind Oz. It's a nightclub in the French Quarter. Please hurry." John says.

"We'll be there in a few minutes." I say. I was about to say "bye" but the line went dead. I shove my phone into my pocket and grab my wallet and keys from the nightstand.

"What's wrong baby? Where are you going?" Randy asks me.

"I am going to go pick up John. He's behind some nightclub in the French Quarter. Grab your shit and let's go." I say as Randy quickly grabs his things and the both of us leave our room and run down the stairs and once in the garage, we get into our rental car, and I put it into drive and speed out of the garage.

"What's going on baby?" Randy asks me.

"We're going to Oz. John sounded like he was hurt, and we have to get there before anything else happens to him." I say as Randy nods. A few minutes later, we pull up to the club and after parking, Randy and I hop out and run towards the alley behind the club. We see John slumped against a trash can and we run over to him.

"What happened man? Are you ok?" Randy asks him.

"I had quite a few beers, and I was dancing with this really cute guy, and he kept rubbing his ass against my crotch and I was getting hard, and he could feel it, so he grabbed my hand and we came out here, and I thought we were going to have sex; but instead he bit my neck, and I passed out. When I woke up, I was in pain; but the pain went away a few minutes ago, and now I feel tired and nauseous." John says. Oh shit, why…why would anyone do this to John?

"Randy baby, can you call Mark please. Tell him to grab the V-Squad and have them meat us in our room in 15 minutes." I tell Randy, who grabs his phone and calls Mark.

"I've been turned into a vampire?" John asks me.

"I'm afraid so." I say as John nods. I help him up and the three of us head back to the rental car and back to the hotel.

15 Minutes Later: 11:07 PM

Once everyone was seated, and quiet, I started talking.

"John was attacked outside of a nightclub and he has been turned into a vampire. I have assembled us, so we can explain the rules to John, and tell him what to expect." I say as everyone in the room nods.

"If you harm anybody, we will be forced to kill you. Also, you have to have some form of blood every night, if you don't drink blood at night, you will die, do you understand me?" I ask John, who nods his head yes.

"Good, now Christian, please explain to John what has happened to his body." I say.

"Your body has been consumed by the venom that your attacker injected into you. You now have venom running through your veins, and when you cum, you will cum venom. Luckily, you will no longer feel pain, and you can't die, unless someone shoots you right behind your ear." Christian explains to John, who only nods his head in understanding.

"Why…why am I nauseous and tired?" John asks.

"You're hungry." Ted says.

"For blood?" John asks.

"Yes." Cody pipes in.

"How do I make my fangs appear?" John asks.

"Just think to yourself that you want your fangs to appear, and then you shake your head, and they will appear." Adam says. A few seconds later, John shakes his head, and his fangs appear. Mark sits down next to him and turns his head slightly. John gets the hint, and leans forward a little bit. He runs his tongue over the vein in Mark's neck, and then sinks his fangs into his neck. He lets out a low groan as the blood hits his taste buds. A few minutes later, he pulls away and the small wounds on Mark's neck quickly heal. Hunter hands him a wet washcloth and John wipes the blood from his mouth and after making his fangs disappear, he stands up and throws the washcloth into the trash.

"Why am I hard?" John asks.

"That's normal. You should probably go and take care of that." Randy says jokingly as John nods and quickly leaves the room. The members of the V-Squad share a laugh, before they leave the room.

"I am going to grab a shower before bed. You can join me if you want." I say as I wink at Randy who moans and slaps me on the ass. We quickly undress and make our way to the bathroom. I turn the water on and we climb into the shower and we start making out. Randy pulls away and turns around and places his hands on the wall. I stroke myself a few times and with a quick thrust of my hips, I am fully inside of Randy. I angle my hips a bit until I am hitting his special spot.

"Harder." He pants out. I pull out until just the head of my cock remains in his ass, then I slam back in and he lets out a scream of pleasure.

"Fuck yes baby. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Feels so good." Randy moans. Randy has always been a bit of a potty mouth when we are making love.

"So close." I mumble as I pick up pace.

"Me too." Randy says. I reach around him and take his neglected member into my hand and I start stroking him in time with my thrusts. His cock is throbbing in my hand. I start to thrust a little bit harder and a few seconds later, Randy releases into my hand. The feeling sends me over the edge and I spill my seed into his awaiting ass. We take a moment to catch our breaths (vampires do breathe) before I pull out and after cleaning ourselves off, we get out of the shower, slip on some boxers, and head to bed.