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"Hey Kilik, I wanna talk to you about something"

"Oh Sora, didn't see you there. What do you wanna talk to me about?" My eyes don't move to face Sora, but instead remained glued onto the computer screen on my lap. At least 80% of my concentration wasn't on Sora and he knows it. +10 points.

"I've been around the city quite a few times and I discovered something quite amazing. There is this AT rider called the Thorn Queen. I want her to join. She'd be a great addition to the team and it'd even out the guy to chick ratio, which we reaallyy need. Ine is putting that ratio down with her saggy-"

"Hmmm? Thorn Queen?" I whip my head to the doorway where he stood upon registering his words.

Sora smirks "Well she's pretty well suited for the role. She's really a cute girl… and apparently quite famous". "…" Hmph, he's just out hunting for useless things. I turn my head back to its original position and continue to program my computer as I sat in silence, unsure of what to say. When will Sora learn to not do such unnecessary things? -15 points.

A few minutes went by before I started to notice that he hadn't stopped talking.

Sora moved from the doorway closer to Kilik. Grinning widely he continued. "She's not a gravity child though… she's just a regular girl, but man is she skilled"

-5 points. An audible sigh left my mouth and I closed my laptop. "When we left the tower, the stream of ordinary riders that began surfacing was akin to a stampede of gazelles wearing ATs and before we knew it, the things that currently known as the 'Thorn Regalia' and 'Infinity Atmosphere' became common knowledge. A normal rider who doesn't possess 'solid sensitivity' or at least a 'bio-mass gyroscope' will not be able to master the regalia." Stealing a glance at him, I saw that he was still smiling stupidly, dazed. How moronic… -10 points.

"Are you seriously saying we should add her to the team just because she appears to have obtained similar qualities?" Sora still had that expression on his face. I doubt he's listening to me. That hit a bit of a nerve. "That's complete and utter nonsense! She'd get in the way! You're kidding me, right?"

Sora snapped out of his daydream and turned to face Kilik, still smiling.

"You're just up-tight that you couldn't find a girl for yourself ain't that right Kilik?" I felt my cheeks turn a slight shade of red as his words sunk in. "No that's completely off-topic! I'm concerned with the well-being of this team and the protection of the Wind Regalia; I have no need to be fraternizing with other people, and so should you!" I was breathless and slightly annoyed that he was able to push my buttons so easily. And just when I thought he couldn't smile that smile any bigger, I see the corners of his lips creep closer to the bottom of his eyes. Bastard. Just when I was about to open my mouth again, Sora butts in.
"You know what? Since I'm in a good mood tonight I'll let you meet her and judge her yourself," wrapping his arm around my shoulders. "Who knows? You might even change your mind eh Kilik?"

"Tcchhh I doubt that. Now will you please remove your arm? You haven't changed those wraps in 5 days and it's starting to smell," grimacing and moving as far away as possible.

An evil look reached his eyes. "Oh has it? Well then I shall use this to my advantage." He grins widely and firmly drapes his arm over my shoulders again "Until you agree to meet up with her I'm gonna follow you around with these wraps and send your senses to hell and back. How's that sound? I don't know about you, but that sounds like fun to me!" I involuntarily winced and a dark expression flew over my face. Dear god.. knowing him he probably will do all of those things. What should I do? I don't want to waste my time meeting some ordinary human and I don't want to have to smell those rancid wraps for the rest of my life… looks like the bastard got me. I chuckle inwardly. +30 points.

"Alright Sora since I have no choice I'll go with you to meet her"

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