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They all looked up and watched as the helicopter spun and dived randomly.

"Come on, Murdock. Don't mess around, just get the chopper," murmured Hannibal to himself. About 50 feet in the air above them, the helicopter continued to fly around out of control.

"What is that crazy fool doing in there?" asked B.A., trying to mask his concern with frustration.

Face thought back to the fight they were having before the helicopter took off with their insane pilot hanging off the skids. Hannibal, B.A. and himself had managed to take down the four bank robber's minions, but the boss was attempting to get away. The big boss. As Face thought back, he remembered thinking that the muscular boss could not quite, but almost, take on B.A.

"Oh boy, Murdock," groaned Face quietly as he watched the helicopter suddenly drop a few feet. Murdock probably knew full well how freakishly huge the man was and had decided to take him on anyway. Well, that's Murdock for you.

All three team members watched the helicopter jerk to the right and wondered what was taking so long. Usually Murdock could take control of a chopper pretty quickly, but this time it was taking longer than usual.

Just as Face was about to ask Hannibal what the plan was, the helicopter pitched violently to the right. It was so violent that the chopper continued turning until it had made a complete roll.

Now all three men on the team, even B.A., knew that Murdock was the best dang pilot that the army had to offer and he had done his fair share of barrel rolls in a variety of different aircraft in the past. The only difference between then and now was that he usually only did them if he was dodging heavy fire, or just for fun. Right now, he wasn't under fire and they highly doubted that he was having fun.

Still watching the chopper, the three men on the ground gasped as the helicopter continued to flip over itself as it headed toward the ground. They stared in horror as the aircraft hit the ground with a sickening crunch and rolled a good thirty feet before coming to a rest.

After a few motionless seconds, Hannibal, Face, and B.A. broke out into a sprint to the still helicopter.

"Murdock!" yelled Face as he ran. Please don't be dead, please don't be dead. He was repeating over and over in his head.

The scene that they reached was not a pretty one. Broken bits of rotor blades and warped pieces of metal were strune across the ground.

The three frantic team members stopped just short of the main body of the chopper and sighed in relief as their pilot popped his head out of the door.

Their relief diminished a bit though after seeing how bruised and bloody the man was.

Running ahead of the others, Hannibal got there just in time to catch the pilot as he practically toppled out of the helicopter.

"Easy there, son," Hannibal said as he gentaly lowered Murdock to the ground.

"Anything broken?" he asked as the two other team members jogged up to them.

Still with a shocked look on his face, Murdock shook his head.

" You guys, I…" The Captain trailed off.

"What is it, Murdock?" questioned Face while he probed the man for injuries.

"I- it wasn't me." Murdock stammered.

"What wasn't you fool?" asked B.A., who was tying up the unconscious boss.

"I didn't do it." said Murdock as if that cleared things up.

"You hit your head pretty good there, didn't you, son?" commented Hannibal as he checked out the gash on Murdock's forehead.

"No, no you guys! I didn't crash the chopper. The boss was flying! I didn't crash!" exclaimed Murdock with a big grin growing on his face.

"Oh, Murdock." sighed Face.

"I still have my spotless record!" the pilot announced.

"What record, crazy man? You've crashed more planes and helicopters than I can count." B.A. said as Hannibal helped the Captain onto his feet.

"Well, you seem alright to me Murdock. Just need to get a bandage on that cut."

"Will do, Boss Man!" said Murdock with a salute. "So what do you guys say I fly us back home?"

"What? After what you did to that chopper? You crazy man! I ain't getting in anything that you're in control of anymore, fool!

Hannibal and Face glanced at each other and smiled. Life was certainly interesting with Murdock around.