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Every rose has a thorn and every plan, especially if it's Hannibal's plan, has a kink.

As usual, it had been going well right up to the end. Isn't that how it always seems to go? Face had been taking out the needle to give B.A. his "night-night juice" when shots rained down from the unhappy bad guys and startled Face making him drop it.

B.A., being the reasonable man that he is, saw the needle and, of course, stepped on it. So much for their escape plan.

They were on the roof of the Heywood Industries building. The owner had been buying and selling poached animal pelts for a quick buck and that didn't sit well with the A-Team. Naturally, Hannibal's escape plan involved being shot at up until the last minute and then they were to escape in the company's helicopter on the roof. If only it were that easy.

"What's the plan, Hannibal?" shouted Face over the cascading sound of bullets.

"We stick with the old plan! Murdock, find a way to get B.A. in that chopper!" Hannibal bellowed as he returned fire with his rapidly dwindling ammo supply.

Murdock shook his head. Nothing short of a miracle would get B.A. in any sort of aircraft. It took more than a miracle if Murdock was flying.

"Well, you heard what the boss man said! Get in the chopper B.A.!" yelled Murdock.

B.A. shook his head. "Na uh man! Not gonna happen!"

"Would you rather die B.A.? Cause those are your options! Chopper or die!"

"Ya well they both mean die in my mind!" a sudden spray of bullets sent them both ducking behind some crates. "You know I've got a thing about flying!"

"Ya, well I've got a thing about bullets, B.A.!"

"Man, you crazy! I ain't gettin' in that rust bucket with you!"

"Rust bucket? That is a beautiful work of art!" Murdock was about to say more when the sound of shots being fired cut him off. A sudden sharp pain in his leg caused him to crumple to the ground.

B.A. saw Murdock fall and quickly ran toward him, fearing the worst. B.A. had not seen where Murdock had been shot and he prayed it wasn't serious. When the bigger man reached the pilot, he was overcome with relief to see that he had taken the shot in the leg and not somewhere more vital.

Murdock clutched his leg in an attempt to slow the steady stream of blood. As B.A. approached, Murdock looked up at him with pain filled eyes.

"Now will you get in the chopper, B.A.?" the man on the ground bit out.

"Ya, man. Let's go," B.A. was just bending down to help the captain up when a shout from the enemy made him freeze.

"Alright, I want all of you to come out here with your hands up and your weapons on the ground!" the voice shouted. "We have you completely surrounded and we know that you're out of ammo!"

B.A. paused and looked over to Hannibal. He saw the older man sigh and look down at his empty gun. The voice shouted again, this time with a hint of impatience in his voice.

"Come out now or we'll start shooting!" Hannibal reluctantly threw down his gun and stepped forward. B.A. saw Face copy Hannibal's actions and the bigger man quickly knelt down next to Murdock and began to speak in a rapid, hushed tone.

"Alright man, you stay down and out of sight. When the coast is clear, try and go get some help. I'm sure Hannibal already has a plan cooking so if you can't go for help, we'll be back soon. Just make sure you stay down until it's safe! Don't be up to any of that crazy business now!" and with a reassuring squeeze to Murdock's shoulder, B.A. stood with his hands in the air and kicked his gun out in front of him.

"Hey, there was a fourth guy. Where is he?" asked Mr. Haywood, the leader of the five men who had their guns pointed at the three members of the A-Team. B.A. spoke up as Hannibal and Face looked around for their fourth member.

"He was shot and killed." said the sergeant coldly. As Mr. Haywood turned to face his lackeys, B.A. turned and shook his head at Face and Hannibal, whose horrified expressions quickly turned to a mixture of relief, hope, and confusion as they understood B.A.'s silent message.

"Go check him." Haywood ordered a lackey. The man walked over to where Murdock had been scene last.

Murdock, who had been listening intently ever since B.A. left his side, quickly wiped the blood from his leg all over himself, took up his best "dead man" position, and said a quick prayer to whoever was listening that he would pull this off.

The three team members held their breath as the man went over to check Murdock, each of them convinced that the jig was up. The man stopped and looked over a crate down to where the pilot was lying. The lackey quickly took a step back and shook his head.

"Aw, that guy is definitely dead, sir. He's covered in blood!" Hannibal wasn't sure whether he should feel relief or concern at the man's exclamation. Hadn't B.A. told them that Murdock was fine?

"Alright, we don't have time to deal with him now. Just leave him there and we'll come back for him later. Now I need you three to get into the chopper or else you'll end up like your friend over there." Heywood suddenly gave them a smirk. "We gotta show you what happens to people who stick their nose in our business. You three better hope you grow some wings in the next few minutes, cause you're gonna need them." The three men were forced into the helicopter and the blades began to warm up.

Murdock had heard what the man had said and it had made his stomach clench with panic. He immediately made the decision to ignore what B.A. had told him. It had really been more of a suggestion than an order. Using a near by crate, Murdock slowly pulled himself up. A wave of dizziness threatened to make him fall back down, but he forced himself to take deep, shuttering breaths and ignore the stabbing pain in his right leg.

After a few seconds passed and Murdock was fairly sure that he wasn't going to pass out, he reached down and grabbed his gun, which thankfully still had a few rounds left in it. He looked up to see his companions getting into the chopper and quickly made a plan. As the helicopter's blades began to spin, Murdock mustered up all of his strength and made a mad dash for the aircraft.

He gasped as his leg screamed in protest to the harsh movement, but he fought through it and finally managed to grab the chopper's skids just as it began to rise into the air.

As they rose, Murdock grimaced as he swung his good leg up over the side and got into position to lunge inside. Taking a deep breath, Murdock pulled the gun from where he had slipped it into waistband and threw himself into the helicopter.

All the men inside where surprised, to say the least. The few moments of distraction were all the A-Team needed and they immediately began to attack Haywood and his men. B.A. managed to knock out three of them while Face took out the one closest to him. Hannibal went for Heywood, who was sitting in the copilot seat. The Colonel dragged him into the back and gave the man a hard punch to the eye.

The man fell back, but as Hannibal came towards him, he lashed out with his legs and caught Hannibal in the stomach. Hannibal doubled over as the breath was knocked out of him, but managed to straighten back up in time to duck under a punch directed at his face. The Colonel rammed his shoulder into Heywood's chest and sent them both sprawling onto the hard metal floor. Heywood wrapped an arm around his bruised ribs and made to push himself back onto his feet, but upon looking up, was met with the sight of Hannibal's fist coming at him, then darkness.

While Hannibal was disposing of Heywood, Murdock limped his way to the pilot's seat and put his gun against the man's head.

"You best get up now and hand over the controls because I don't want to get your blood all over the inside of this pretty little birdy, but believe me, I will if I have to." Murdock threatened in a low voice. The pilot looked over at him with large eyes.

"B-but you're dead!" the man stammered.

"Well that escalator that you're supposed to take to heaven was broken, so they sent me back. The one goin' downstairs looked to be working just fine though, so unless you'd like to take it right now, you had better move." The pilot stared at Murdock for a second before scrambling out of the seat. "Good choice." said Murdock before he hit the man on the back of the head with the butt of the gun, knocking him out cold.

Murdock quickly sat down and took control of the helicopter. A few seconds later, Hannibal came over and sat in the copilot seat. He looked Murdock up and down. The man was covered in blood, but he couldn't tell where it was coming from.

"What happened, Captain?"

"Took a bullet to the leg down there," Murdock looked over to see the worried expression on Hannibal's face and tried to flash a reassuring smile, which ended up coming out more like a grimace. "It's really not as bad as it looks."

B.A.'s head suddenly appeared between them, his expression a mixture of fear and anger.

"Fool, I told you to stay on the ground! I said not to do any of your crazy acts, but what do you do? You fling yourself into a chopper that was already taking off with a hole in your leg. You could have killed yourself, you crazy fool!" yelled the big man as he attempted to cover up his concern with anger. "You had better land this thing right now and no funny stuff! Just land it." B.A. gave Murdock one last glare before making his way back to his previous seat. As Murdock began the landing procedures, he turned to Hannibal.

"I know that it was a stupid thing to do. I wasn't thinking. B.A.'s right. Maybe I should have just stayed on the ground. Sorry, Hannibal." Hannibal turned to face his pilot.

"You're right, it was a stupid thing to do. You could have gotten yourself killed," Murdock sighed and slowly nodded his head. " But it was also very brave and selfless. Honestly Captain, I hadn't come up with a plan so you really saved our skins this time."

As the helicopter touched the ground, Murdock looked hopefully over to Hannibal.

"Really Hannibal? You mean I'm not in trouble?"

Hannibal lit a cigar and took a deep drag. He then looked over at Murdock with a slight smile. "Not this time, Captain. Just promise me that you'll at least try not to climb your way into any more choppers that are already in the air." Murdock gave the man a salute and spoke with a British accent.

"In the future, I shall endeavor to be more cautious, sir." Hannibal smiled and fought the urge to roll his eyes.

"Sure you will, Murdock." Hannibal stood and took one of Murdock's arms and draped it over his shoulders. "Let's go and get that leg fixed up. I don't think that it's too serious, but it still needs to be cleaned up and bandaged." Murdock simply nodded and allowed Hannibal to drag him out of the aircraft. His adrenaline was wearing off and exhaustion was settling in its place.

As they emerged from the chopper, Murdock looked over to see Face talking with a man from the local police, obviously coming up with some intricate lie as to why how they had managed to apprehend the villains. Thankfully, the man seemed to not recognize Face as a member of the A-Team and was believing everything the young man was saying.

Murdock was suddenly aware of someone else putting his arm around their shoulders and looked over to see B.A. supporting him.

"Crazy fool," the bigger man mumbled. "Just as crazy for the Jazz as Hannibal."

Murdock smiled slightly, knowing what B.A. had said was true. 'I hope Hannibal forgives me for not keeping that promise.' Murdock thought before he gave into the exhaustion and fell into a deep sleep.

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