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Chapter 24 cont'd...

I groan, my eyes rolling back in their sockets, when Bella rotates her hips against me.

"You're trying to distract me," I say, and it's definitely working, "but I'm not letting you get off without shooting that gun."

"Oh, really," she whispers, and it's all husky and sexy and fuck. I growl in warning when she reaches up and around, dragging my head down to her exposed neck. "What about now?"

I run my tongue over the sensitive skin, enjoying the shiver that runs through her body. "Shoot the gun, Bella."

"Alright." The gun goes off, and I'm so ready to jump her it's ridiculous, but the shot goes wide and I sigh, frustrated.

"You're supposed to hit the target." Bella rolls her hips against me again, and I can't help but press back. Her ass. My cock is nestled quite perfectly there. It feels too good not to move.

"Which target?" Her hand slides between us, and she grips me hard, stroking until I'm panting. "This one?"

"You undo me, little one."

I can feel her amusement, and I wonder briefly what she's up to. "Not yet, I haven't," she says, turning and dropping to her knees, "but I'm about to."

"Fuck," I grunt. Then her hands are on my zipper and her beautiful fucking mouth is on my cock. "Fuck. Heaven. Fuck." Her mouth, my God.

I grip her hair and guide her faster, harder, right there. She hums around me, moist and warm, and damn her mouth will be the death of me. My eyes shudder closed as I thrust into her throat. She takes it all, swallowing around me.

Her tongue flutters and swirls around the swollen tip and I lose it, exploding in quick bursts down her throat.

She stands to face me, licking me from her lips, her smile is smug and provocative. I give her a crooked smile of my own as I pull her closer, sliding my arm around her waist and down to grip her ass. "You're still not getting out of shooting that gun today, Bella."

Her responding pout is absurdly sexy. I love her fucking mouth and everything it does.