CuteLittlePikachu here, my last fanfic wasn't that good so I decided to write a new one. It took a long time to think of a good idea but here it is. Hope you like it.

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"So…it is decided then." an unknown voice spoke.

"Yes." said another unknown voice, "I'll bring them there."

"Thank you sensei," smiled the first unknown voice, "I'll get everything ready."

Four days later…

-Seishun Academy-

After the national competition, the Seigaku tennis club is having a chill-out practice session when suddenly…

"WHAT!" Momoshiro Takeshi shouted, "Echizen's coming back?"

"Calm down Momoshiro," Ryuzaki-Sensei reassures them, "I requested Ryoma to come back tomorrow because of the camp." she continued, "By the way, have you guys finished packing yet?"

Oishi stepped up, "We're almost finished, but…" he hesitated before continuing, "Where are we going?"

"You'll found out…" Ryuzaki-Sensei smirked.

-Meanwhile, on the plane-

"Why do I have to go back to Japan all of the sudden?" Ryoma complained.

"How am I supposed to know?" his father Nanjiro snapped, "Stop complaining already!"

Ryoma ignored his father, and looked out of the window.

Nanjiro took out a piece of paper, "I almost forgot; she left you a note."

Ryoma took the paper from his father's hand, after a few second, he shouted, "WHAT!"

P.A: Attention passengers, the plane is about to descend, please remain in your seat and put on yout seatbelt.

-Back in Japan-

Ryuzaki-Sensei looked out of her office window, smiling, "I guess we're ready."

"Yes," responded a voice in the shadow, "We're ready."

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