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Just as he stood up and was about to walk out of the room, Ryuzaki-sensei came rushing in, "Okay! It's time for practise again! Get yourselves ready now!"

So he could only let the mystery shroud further as he followed the others to afternoon practise.

Afternoon practice ended in a flash, and Seigaku regulars once again found themselves acting like lifeless zombies. They slowly made their way back to the dinner hall. There, they enjoyed another round of delicious food.

"I'm beat!" Eiji melted in his seat, "How long is this gonna go for?"

Oishi took the seat beside him and replied with a smile, "Until the tournament I think. Hang in there Eiji."

Fuji watched as the acrobatic tennis player whined to his partner like a child. The prodigy leaned his chin into his hand with a usual smiling expression.

"It's been quite fun though. Don't you think Tetsuka?"

Tetsuka, being his typical calm and collected self, made no reply.

On the other side, Momoshiro and Kawamura gulped at the icky-looking juice Inui produce from out of nowhere.

"My Inui-Special-Out-Of-The-World-Veggie-Juice is perfect after a day of harsh training." Inui smirked with an evil glint in his glasses, "Surely you'd like some."

The two Seigaku powerhouse shook their heads violently. Their terrified expressions made their Pokemon tilted their heads in curiosity.

"What a shame, it's very good for you." Inui turned towards the Viper who is silently trying to leave the scene unnoticed, "Would you like some Kaidou?"

He got a definite "No" for an answer.

The food came out soon after, reducing the excited chatters to smaller conversations. The TV was turned on once again, this time showing traveling program. Beautiful views of the Kanto region accompanied with calming music made an enjoyable meal time.

Sakuno looked around the room, hoping to find a certain first year regular amongst the crowd. Her eyes scanned the dining room once, twice, three times, but could not find the person she was looking for.

"Eh? Where's Ryoma-kun?" she wondered aloud.

"Oh yeah, he's not in here." Kachiro answered after a quick look himself, "I wonder where he is."

Horio just shrugged casually, "He probably gone off somewhere by himself again. Don't worry about him."

"But it's dinner time…"

"I'll go get him!" Sakuno quickly ran out of the dining room and started towards a random direction before anyone could stop her.

Ryoma found his sister waiting expectantly in front of a large berry tree.

Upon his arrive, she only gave him her usual smile, "You're here, onii-chan."

He nodded, and took the spot beside her. Either spoke another word after that.

Silence fell between them, even if both of them have so much to say and ask. The tree rustled, as if asking them to speak.

It took a few solid minutes for Ryoko to finally break the awkward atmosphere between them.

"Onii-chan…what…what do you want to know?"

Ryoma looked at her for a moment before replying, "Everything."

She chuckled, "Of course." Closing her eyes as she gather her thoughts, she began her story.

"My birth name, is Roselyn Eiston, daughter of the CEO of Eiston Corporation." She stopped, and gave him a small smile, "You've probably already figured it out."

Before he made her reply, she continued, "My birth was not welcomed. No, they were expecting another boy, someone who can take over the company. A little girl has no use to the future of the company besides marrying. They didn't pay much attention to me as a baby, it was a miracle that I was able to grow up."

"When I was three, they finally had another child. And this time, it was a boy, the next heir to the throne. I got more and more neglected, no one remembered the daughter of the family. I was too young to do anything about it, of course, I doubt I actually understood anything at the time."

"It didn't last very long. My grandpa came to visit one day, and he bumped into me. He didn't really like me, thought I was just another useless girl, and he told the servants to throw me out. They did."

"At the time, I barely knew anything about this world. I couldn't go back there, it wasn't going to change anything if I did. So I moved forward, even though I didn't know where forward is."

"The next thing I knew, is that I was staring into the eyes of a weird man. He looked tanned, and he had his hair tied up in a ponytail. I didn't know who he is, but he picked me up in his arms. I remembered feeling safe in there, the safest I've ever been."

"He took me home, and gave me a new name. He introduce me to his son, my new brother, and gave me a family. He would hold me, and tell me everything will be okay. I was happy, I was happy with him, with you, with my new family."

"When I was seven, everything changed back to the way it was. I was found, and removed from my new home. I went back to the place that abandoned me, because they found new values in me, and I should be honoured that I can do something for the sake of the company. I wasn't."

"Time is longer in this world. More days are packed into a year. I've been here for five years, but I've been through many more days than 1825 days. There was not one day that I do not yearn to go back to where I felt I belong, where I was happy."

"I travelled around the world, gaining experience, independence, fame. They used this to their advantage, selling their products to the publics, earning more money and reputation than ever before. But they were not satisfied, they wanted more."

"I…I guess I just grew tired. I couldn't really take much anymore. When I turned ten, and became a legal adult in this world, I knew it was my chance to escape from them."

"But…even out of their grasp, I cannot fully escape. I have a responsibility now, to my Pokemon, my partners, my second family. This world kept me here, when I wanted to go back, to where my real family is. The only thing I can do, is bring you here, and let you know that I am safe…"

By the time she finished, tears were pouring down her face. She still held her smile, but both of them knew how fake it looked.

Ryoma hesitated for a long time after hearing the story. He was angry, he was sad, and he was disappointed. Disappointed in himself. If only he knew earlier, than she wouldn't have gone through so much.

He awkwardly held up a hand to ruffle her hair, an action he has done so many times in the past. It felt foreign at first, but the action became more familiar as he continued.

Another silence ensued, this time was a calming silence. They both knew there was no use talking about the past – it cannot change. They are satisfied with this, enjoying each other's company after such a long time and look forward to the future.

"I can go back, but I can't stay." Ryoko once again broke the silence, "It's a rule here. Professional Pokemon trainers must stay on call at all times. I'm no longer a full fledge trainer, but apparently this rule still applies." She wiped away her tears, "I really miss you…I really miss otou-san and okaa-san too…"

"…mada mada dane." Ryoma looked away, ears turned a shade of pink.

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