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The sound of tennis balls bouncing of the racket echoed through the court. Two small figures ran back and forth, returning the green ball once again towards the other's half of the court. Echizen Nanjirou watched his two sons with a secret smile on his face.

"Come on chibisuke, you can do better than that!" the older one, Echizen Ryoga, easily returned the shot from his little brother Ryoma and taunted. He watched with a big grin as the four year old opposite him burned with more determination, and his shots became stronger. But of course, there's only so much a four years old can do with their undeveloped bodies.

Ryoma panted heavily from the intense rally. The slightly oversized cap dangled on his little head, sometimes even block his field of vision. Despite all the difficulties, he managed to keep up with his adopted older brother to the best of his capabilities.

The rally continued for a few more rounds, before Ryoga sent a powerful forehand towards a spot which Ryoma could not reach in time with his small body. The older brother swung the racket over his shoulder and smirked.

"Mada mada daze, chibisuke."

"Uruse!" Ryoma shouted back, "One more time! I'll beat you this time!"

As the fire of determination burned between the two siblings, a small hand tucked on Ryoma's shirt. He turned around to see his younger sister Ryoko, holding out a small towel in attempt to wipe some sweat off his forehead.

"Yo…yoku dekimasita, Roma-nii-tan." Her words slurred as she is still not used to making sounds, "Wanna res'?"

Ryoma bend down a little so his sister can reach him without having to tiptoe, "One more round, and then we can rest." He rubbed her silky hair affectionately, "Arigatou."

Ryoko nodded happily, "Douitasimasite, Roma-nii-tan." She then produced another clean towel and made her way towards Ryoga, stopping a few steps away from him as she timidly held out her hand, "D-douso, Roga-nii-tan."

"Not fair Ko-chan! You did it for chibisuke and not me!" Ryoga faked a pout, he bend down slowly towards the shy girl, knowing any sudden movements can scare her away, "I'm too tired to do it myself~"

Still shy of her new big brother, Ryoko looked over to Ryoma and Nanjirou. When she receive their looks of encouragement, she carefully moved closer, flinched when the towel came in contact with Ryoga's forehead. Ryoga didn't move, he stayed still and waited for her next action.

Seeing that she didn't receive any looks of annoyance, Ryoko grew slightly bolder, and ran the towel across her new big brother's forehand, then down his face and neck, allowing the white cloth to soak up most of the sweat. Once done, she stepped back quickly, looking down onto the muddy ground in order to avoid eye contact with him.

Ryoga just smiled and slowly brought a hand up to rub her hair, something he wanted to do for a long time. He trended carefully, not wanting to pass the opportunity by scaring her away.

"Arigatou gouzaimashita, Ko-chan."

Ryoko broke into a bright smile, "Douitasimasite, Roga-nii-tan." She waited a few more moments for him to finish before running back to Nanjirou, settling into a comfortable position besides her father as she watched her big brothers resume their match.

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