A/N: This is a 498 word drabble that I did a long time ago on TATS. The prompt had been 'J/B kisses'. I am always very proud of myself when I complete a drabble and keep it under the requisite 500 words! And G-rated too!

Cookie Kisses

"Now roll these into little balls and line them up on the baking sheet like I did this one."

Jacob studied the size of the cookies that Bella had already prepared and the spacing on her baking sheet. He scooped up some dough and began rolling.

"Thanks for helping me Jake, I really appreciate it."

"No worries. See, my mad skills extend beyond radiators and engines." He dropped another rounded ball onto the flat baking surface looking very proud of himself.

"I had no doubts," she told him seriously, stifling her grin.

"Who are these for again?"

"Tomorrow is Angela's birthday and we're gonna celebrate during lunch. I was gonna make a cake but cookies are easier and less messy."

The timer on the oven went off and Bella pulled the first batch out. They were perfect.

She placed them on the counter to cool and turned to see Jacob's progress. He was putting the last one in place.

"Okay, time for the kisses," she told him, reaching for the bag of chocolates.

"Okay. I'm ready," Jacob turned toward her and puckered his lips cheekily.

"Jacob!" she swatted him, her cheeks turning red.

"What? You said it. I thought that's how you did things around here. You make some cookies, you get a kiss. Who am I to argue with you?"

"This kind of kiss," she said, holding up the little piece of chocolate. "Just push one right into the middle," she demonstrated.

"Yeah, I like the other kind better," he muttered reaching for the bag.

Four batches of cookies later (Bella didn't know the recipe made so many; she told Jacob to take some home for him and Billy ), Jacob was getting ready to head home.

"Thanks for your help Jake, that would have taken me forever."

"Sure, sure."

"Oh, here," Bella reached for the extra bag of Hershey's, "do you want some extra kisses?"

A huge grin encompassed Jake's face; he just couldn't resist, she'd walked right into it again. He leaned in and pursed his lips, waiting for the inevitable smack on his arm.

But she didn't hit him. No. Instead he felt her lips press very quickly and very gently against his own. His eyes flew open in disbelief. Her head was down and her cheeks were flaming.

Bella had kissed him! Bella had called him on his bluff!

Bella had rendered him speechless; and that didn't happen very often to Jacob Black.

"Cookies! With chocolate kisses; my favorite!"

They both jumped as Charlie walked into the kitchen and threw his gear on the table. He took one from the cooling rack and popped it into his mouth.

"Did you get one Jake?" Charlie asked him.


Jacob stared at Bella, who still stared at the floor.

"Did you want another one?" Charlie held a cookie out to him.

"Uh-huh," Jake answered, ignoring Charlie's outstretched hand.

With that, Jacob took Bella's hand and she allowed herself to be led outside. Kisses in tow.