Disclaimer: I don't own Dharma and Greg, or Criminal Minds and I am in no way making any profit off of this story.

Summary: Greg and Dharma never were able to get over the whole Charlie incident. They ended up getting a divorce as Greg just couldn't trust his wife anymore. Soon after Greg moved to Virginia and started a new life there, even changing his name to ensure he wouldn't be sought out by Dharma as she hadn't been keen on getting a divorce in the first place. Greg…or rather Aaron Hotchner, decided to join the Academy after a suggestion from his father who had a buddy that worked for the FBI. A year after joining the BAU Hotch met Hailey and they fell in love, starting the family his mother always dreamed of him having. Hotch never thought he would see Dharma again, so there for is shocked when he returns from a case to see her waiting for him outside of the bullpen.

Set in the beginning of season 6.

My muse was sparked after watching Two and a Half Men on Monday and seeing…Dharma and Greg (yes I was pleasantly surprised.) I LOVE Criminal Minds and I used to love Dharma and Greg so I decided to put the two together.

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Hotch tiredly rubbed his eyes with one hand as he and Rossi rode the elevator up to their floor of the FBI headquarters. They had just gotten back from a case in Kentucky that had lasted just over a week.

Hotch had sent the rest of the team home once they had landed on the tarmac. He had to head back to the office because he needed to finish off some paperwork, but he didn't see any reason why the rest of the team needed come as well since they were all tired.

Rossi had insisted on coming back with him even though Hotch had told him that he should go home and get some rest, but Rossi had just shook his head and told Hotch he had to pick something up at the office before he went home anyways.

Hotch hadn't argued after that.

Once the elevator had stopped and the doors had slid open on their floor, Hotch stepped out and headed in the direction of his office. However a moment later he stopped dead in his tracks, causing Rossi to almost walk into him.

"What…Hotch?" Rossi asked questioningly, he took in the look of surprise on his friend's face and then followed his gaze across the room to where a petite, blonde woman in a colorful skirt and matching shirt stood, staring at the wall of fallen heroes.

Her style reminded him of Garcia and he wondered if she was an acquaintance of the Tech Goddess.

Rossi looked back at Hotch; he was still staring unblinkingly at her. He was about to say something when Hotch snapped out of it and took a step forward.

"Dharma?" he called out as he walked towards her.

The woman turned around, her eyes lighting up when she saw him. She smiled tentatively at him.

"Greg…" she began, looking him up and down "Wow, you look so different."

Rossi frowned 'Who was Greg?' he wondered.

"What are you doing here?" Hotch questioned as soon as he was standing within a few feet of her.

Dharma's face fell.

Rossi was surprised by Hotch's tone; it was the same tone he saved for when he was dealing with the most despicable of unsubs.

"I…" Dharma flattered, looking sad "I need your help."

"My help?" Hotch questioned, his body tense "What could you possibly need my help with?"

A pained look crossed Dharma's face "It's Abby, she's sick and she needs treatment but we can't afford it." Dharma sounded desperate as she took a step closer to Hotch "Greg…she's dying…I didn't know who else to turn to."

Hotch's shoulders slumped slightly "We should talk in my office" he stated.

Rossi watched baffled as Dharma nodded and Hotch gestured for her to follow him before leading her away. What the hell had just happened?