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Mending A Wounded Soul

Chapter 1: London.

London knew his father would be furious.

Sure, she wasn't the most intelligent person on Earth, but she knew her father well enough. Even if her father barely acknowledged her existence, sometimes.

London, 26 years old, walked with her high heels on towards the Tipton HQ. It was rather a big building, covered with big bossy bodyguards and CCTV. She gulped as soon as she stood in front of the building. She walked inside with her chin held high while every guard stared down at her. She felt small, really- but she's London Tipton. She wasn't supposed to be scared of anything. After all, this was her father's building.

All of the workers are practically her slave or something.

The guards didn't stop her as she walked pass the door, and she sighed silently in relief. London walked up to the receptionist, and took off her sunglasses.

"I want to see my daddy," she said, simply.

The receptionist looked at her as though she was joking, "Um, daddy?" she asked, almost laughing, "Honey, I think you're in the wrong place,"

London groaned under her breath- this is definitely not the first time people had mistreated her, "Tipton. I want to see Mr. Tipton,"

The receptionist raised her eyebrow and lick her lips, forcing a fake smile, "Oh, then, you must be at the right place," she huffed, "Welcome to the Tipton Headquarters. Do you have any appointment with Mr. Tipton, madam...?" she trailed off, looking at London, waiting for her to continue her sentences.

"My name's London," she says, through her gritted teeth, "London Tipton,"

She opens the door of her father's office with a serious face, she didn't care if his secretary was yelling for her not to do so.

The door slammed open, and the sight was nothing that London wasn't familiar of: his father's hand in a girl's - she looked younger, maybe younger than her - skirt, while the girl's finger were diddling with his father's shirt, trying to tug it off. Familiar or not, London was disgusted. "I'm sorry, sir, I tried to stop her," the secretary informed Mr. Tipton with a worried look. Mr. Tipton looked at his secretary for a while before muttering that she's fired. After the secretary cried her way out, he turned his attention to her.

"Whoever you are, you're not welcome here," Mr. Tipton said to London harshly.

London kept a straight face, her anger towards the young woman that was in her father's lap was bubbling up, but she tried to ignore that fact. "I need to talk to you," she said, but before Mr. Tipton could say anything, she cut him off, "I'm London. Daughter of wife no. 3," she stated the fact to him. There's something about his expression that suggested he was thinking, wrecking his memory for her name, before he send her a shocking look, "Well, hello London!" he greeted her with a smiling face.

London gave him a short smile, "You," she pointed to the woman, "Get out,"

The woman scoffed and looked at Mr. Tipton, as if trying to beg or something. Mr Tipton merely shrugged, buttoning up his shirt once again, clearly ignoring the woman. She huffed, finally, and made herself out of the door.

London looked at her for a while, wondering whether she's one of her step-mother or just another prostitute that was paid to have sex with the old man. Seriously, she was tired counting of the amount of wives her father had. She was never good at maths, really. So, why bother? She turned to her father, who was giving her a cold look, she gave a tight smile and sat down. Her mouth open to say something, but nothing came out.

"I don't have all day, y'know. I need to go to Japan this evening," her father finally spoke up.

London's eyes almost watered just by thinking about the real reason she's here, but she held it in, "Daddy..," her voice was pleading and weak.

Her father raised an eyebrow, a gesture of saying that she needed to be quick if she wanted him to listen.

"I'm pregnant," The word finally escaped her mouth and she shut her eyes, not wanting to see how he would react. Ever since London's hit puberty, her father reminded her to not ever get pregnant before getting married. It wasn't that he's religious or something - it's just that getting pregnant before getting married somehow will effect the business (she doesn't know how- but she never questioned him). He wants her to be a successful businesswoman but never a single mother. By just hearing the word 'single mother' sickened him.

His footsteps was coming closer towards her, making she shuts her eyes even more tight now.

Suddenly, he heard a clap. She opened her eyes slowly, looking at his father who was now standing in front of her, clapping and smiling. London couldn't help but to smile at the sight of this. Was she dreaming? No, she decided as she pinched herself. Did her father just accepted the fact she's pregnant without getting married? This is weird, but who cares! And then, of course, came her father's reply -

"Congratulation, London! When did you get married? I must've missed the wedding invitation or didn't come at all! Haha, who is it again this husband of yours?"

London didn't even blink.

Noticing this, Mr. Tipton crossed his arms across his chest, "What's wrong now? You don't have any money to raise the child? Oh well, how about I give you a million, huh? Would that be enough. Just say the number, give to uh - Marcus - he's the accountant, and he'll settle it!"

"I... I'm not...," she stutters, looking at Mr. Tipton with a teary eyes, "I'm not married yet,"

"Wha..?" Mr. Tipton laughed at this, but seeing as London didn't laugh along, he frowned, "Are you serious, London?"

London could only nod, wiping the tears with her thumb.

From the corner of her eyes, she could see that Mr. Tipton was clenching his fight, "London..," his voice murderous. Too scared to face him, she looked down, not saying anything but he knew she was listening to him. Letting out a heavy sigh, Mr Tipton said with a rough voice, "Then, you just have to get married. After all, this pregnancy of yours are not showing much. I'm guessing you knew about it recently. Go get that dirtbag that you have sex with and marry him," he instructed her, sounded calm but firm.

London cried at this. "He... He ran away,"

"W-what are you saying, then?" Her father scowl, "He's gone? Vanished? Is that it, London? Is that what you're trying to tell me?"

He's a fraud. He also took away two million from my bank account - not that it's a lot, really - but he ran away and all of the things he said to me was a complete lie and he didn't love me, he didn't love me, oh he didn't love me daddy what should i do? I'm in love with him but he's a fraud and he left.

But London didn't say any of those - just a simple, "Y.. yeah,"

After a long silence fell upon them, she heard her father played with his pen, now sitting on his desk. She could practically feel his eyes on her- it sent chill throughout her body. Her father shook his head, "Get an abortion," he offered.


"An abortion. That's what I said. You know, get rid of that thing inside of you,"

London touched her stomach and think of what he just said, "No," she rejected his offer, "No!" she said with more passion this time, standing up- protecting the unborn child.

"London!" he slammed his hands on the desk, standing up with her.

"Daddy..," she pleaded, with a sad eyes. Even though Francis has her broken into a million pieces, this child was still ... the only thing - the only evidence - of their ... whatever they once had. It would be a proof of her love, at least. And- and - to think about it, this was only a baby. It hasn't done anything wrong! "Daddy, please don't. I love this...," she rubbed her still slim belly, "And... you can't just kill a soul. You would become a murderer. Please, I'll do anything you ask as long as I can keep the baby,"

"Fine," he finally scoffed, "But you have to get marry as soon as possible,"

London's head shot up, "I'll try to find the father of my child," she said.

"No. You don't have to do that," he said quickly, leaning back against his chair, "Say, honey. Do you still remember your blondie friend that called me a few years ago offering to sell a girl's farm to me?" he asked London.

London was confused by his objection on finding Francis, but didn't argue. Instead, her mind tried to remember whatever it was Mr Tipton wanted to know.

Seeing as she struggled, he added, "You know, very smart and awkward boy. Blonde. With a twin."

London snaps- Zack and Cody. The last time they saw them was at graduation, alongside with her former roomate, Bailey. She heard Cody and Bailey was off to the same college and Zack got accepted to a comunity college in Boston. Bailey may have been calling her a few times on the first year they separated but then, she heard nothing. No phone calls, or e-mails and she has stopped 'Yay Me! Starring London Tipton' shows since she got offered to Westwood College in fashion merchandising. And that's all. She never saw them again.

"The smart one," she whispered, but then spoke up, "Cody?"

"Yeah. That boy. What's his last name?"

"Cody Martin, I think."

"Okay then," Mr. Tipton smirked a little and grabbed the phone, calling someone. He said something about finding this Cody Martin and try to get a hold of him to the person on the end of the line. Truthfully? London had no idea what was he planning. So, she just stood there and stare. After her father finished the phone call, she gulped, feeling somewhat uncomfortable, "What are you doing with Cody, daddy?"

"He's going to be your husband, London."

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