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The City of Townsville

"The city of Townsville...a city despite it being named Townsville, which implies it is a town, which it is not, as it is a city, not a town, and I have no idea what a ville is, so I cannot comment of what a ville is, as it is beyond my intellect to comment on. You may be wondering who I am, as I have yet to comment on that, or perhaps it is that you do not know who I am, which is unlikely as I am famous, and famous people are known to anyone who doesn't live in a cave, as caves do not have cable or internet connections, which are the most basic ways that people get their news, as they are too lazy to read newspapers, as most humans hate reading, for humans are lazy and reading requires work"

"I am Mojo Jojo!" the monkey lord of crime bellowed into the sky from his volcano topped lab, which is odd as no one seems to notice it (Really, police do nothing these days)

He was next to his telescope, as he was examining things

"Hmmm...it appears one of those strange aliens, as in stranger than the aliens that seem to follow that boy they call Ben 10, despite him being 16 and not 10, is about to appear, and thus be seen by those without a giant telescope, like the one I have. Mutraddi I think, and I am right, for I am Mojo Jojo, smarter than Dexter, the nerd with the goggles, because he replaced his glasses" he frowned

"I have not been able to do as I please, and that is to conquer Townsville, the city with a towns name, and thus become its leader, the boss, the big ape, because the Powerpuff Girls, my normal enemies, as in the super heroes I normally fight, want to kill me, and thus make me no longer alive, because I accidentally caused Buttercup to disappear, by hitting her into the ocean where no one could see her. An accident, it was, because I did not mean it! I want to defeat the Powerpuff Girls, which I cannot do if one is missing, for people will always say I won because there were only two Powerpuff Girls, and not all three. It would be unacceptable!"

"Instead, because I still have to do what I do, and not give it up for merely being scared of the Powerpuff girls, particularly the Bubbles girl, as the girl is vicious, much more vicious than Buttercup, the girl who I made vanish, by a mistake and not by choice, I have had runs in with the aforementioned Ben Tennyson who is Sixteen, Rex of Providence, despite Providence not being based in Rhode Island, where Providence is the capital, Lance the alien, despite him looking human, with no alien features that would identify him as such, Eduardo the Imaginary Friend, who is no friend of mine, and is real and not imaginary, I have the scars to prove it, as he is like Bubbles when he is angered, which is unpleasant, The Kids Next Door, despite them not living next door to me, but instead more next door to the Powerpuff Girls and that Peachy Cul De Sac, despite no peaches growing there, just a creek to go by the name of Peach Creek, and Juniper Lee, the Te Xuan Ze, whatever that means, as I know it not. They are also my nemesis's, and I will one day destroy them..." He looked into the telescope, and spotted something else, that wasn't the approaching Mutraddi


"What is this?"

"Come to me my minions, for that is the duty of minions, when minions are summoned, and prepare yourself, as preparations are necessary"

"For conquest awaits, of that green planet I spotted with the telescope that is mine, and not anyone elses!" monkey minions appeared behind him

For a villain needs to upgrade his system every once in a while, no?