Eh, I'll wrap this off for Ben 10 madness. The story, as one I never finished, ended up one of the worlds destroyed and was part of my, rather badly done Crisis story. The world ended around the point of chapter two, so this fight is the last act of this story.

Ben growled "Okay, this is now pushing it!" he used a huge strength burst to force Bubbles back, as he hit his Omnitrix symbol, as he turned green and black, with a morning star tail and blaster knuckles. The Omnitrix symbol now had four metal star like points off it

"ULTIMATE HUMONGOSAUR!" so, Ultimate vs Power Puff

Ben roared as he smashed his fist into Bubbles, who was knocked into a wall that was quite destroyed by the impact.

Bubbles retaliated by flying into the Ultimate, rapidly punching him with equal force.


Ben blasted Bubbles with a hand's worth of unstable finger bone missiles, forcing her off as she fired laser vision...which was countered by Ben using both hands for blasting...knocking Bubbles a few blocks away.

"Ha, take that you crazy little..." Ben was silenced by a building being dropped.

"Bubbles..." Blossom gulped. Did she just kill Ben 10?

Bubbles landed on the ground and glared at the destroyed a bundle of green goop enclosed her.

"GOOP!" Ben had changed into Goop just in time to avoid being crushed by the building. "You know, I was acutally hopping for Big Chill..." Bubbles ripped the Polymorph apart, her cloths slightly steamed, as Ben recalled that acid didn't harm the girls.

"Ow...hope your ready for Echo Echo" Goop Reformed and

Dramatic Scene Change

(Black, white and green circuits covered Ben as he was transformed into...)

End Dramatic Scene Change

"UPGRADE...really." Stupid watch.

Bubbles flew at Ben, aiming to rip him apart again, as Ben formed a whole in the middle of himself.

"Well, this might just work" as green, electrified energy coursed through the enraged girl causing her collapse as Upgrade gave her the one eyes, face less equivalent of a smirk.

"Ready to give up?"

Bubbles yelled in rage and flew at Ben went for Way Big...

And got the tiny Gray type alien Gray Matter...

"Really..." Ben complained, but managed to hop onto Bubble's nose.

Her eyes began to glow red...before he jabbed her between the eyes.

She collapsed as the little frog bowed.

"Whose to say Rath is the only one to know how to use alien wrestling techniques"

That was when the world itself exploded.