A/N: I usually write Harry Potter smut, but figured I would try my hand with new characters.

And yes, this means the story is going to have SMUT. So turn back now if you don't wish to read it.


WARNINGS: Smut, Vulgar Language, and Anal Sex. Implied Yuri.

In Defiance of a Goddess

Percy Jackson sighed as he lay down in his bed at camp, his mind full of images of his beautiful best friend as he let his eyes close. She was so perfect and absolutely gorgeous, not to mention the fact that she was very intelligent and possessed a fire in her that was rivaled by no other.

He felt his cock growing semi-erect as he thought of her still clothed and realized he hadn't masturbated in over a week. Which was very odd for him—he usually managed to have a good beat-off session at least once a day. He shrugged as he pulled his shirt over his head and grabbed the box of tissues off of his nightstand, pulling a few out so they would be ready to go. He unbuckled his belt and kicked off his pants before removing his boxer briefs and throwing them across the room.

He closed his eyes as he took his semi-erect cock in his hand and lightly stroked it, imaging just Annabeth's face at first. He had only been kissed by her once a few years ago but as his hand picked up the pace his seventeen-year-old mind filled in the blanks as to how it would go. Her tits, C-cups, would be firm and bounce as he pistoned into her with his rigid cock, her beautiful face in an image of ecstasy as she convulsed around his dick in the throes of her orgasm.

The sound of high-heels clacking on the wooden floor of the cabin made his eyes, which he had let close as pleasure threatened to overwhelm him, shoot open and he scrambled to hide the evidence of his little masturbation session. But the woman came into view as his throbbing erection was still in plain sight, precum slowly making its way down his shaft.

She coolly said, "I see you were expecting me." Percy desperately jerked his blankets over his body but the woman made it disappear with a snap of her fingers. "No use now, only hinders our progress anyway."

Now Percy was scared. A woman who was still completely hidden by shadow had magically made his duvet disappear and was basically implying that they would be fucking soon…and it seemed that he didn't have a choice.

"Wh-who are you?" he asked, trying to stand up only to find that he was being magically held where he was.

The woman stepped forward and Percy's cock twitched involuntarily, his face growing red. The woman looked to be about twenty-five, with a tight white minidress stretched tight over slightly smaller than average breasts and curves, long, lightly curled brown hair, light make-up, and startling grey eyes. "Athena," Percy breathed with a gulp.

He wasn't about to get a fucking. This was much worse, whatever it was.

"Perseus Jackson," she said coldly, setting her purse down on his nightstand. "I see that despite my warnings you still decided to fall in love with my daughter."

Percy swallowed hard, sweat beading on his forehead. He wished his dick would soften, but Athena looked so hot in her dress. "Y-yes, I did," he croaked through his dry throat.

Athena scowled at him. "Unfortunately, I can't kill or even harm you no matter how much I wish to do so. How my Annabeth, maybe my favorite child of all, had to fall in love with a son of Poseidon," she said, practically spitting Percy's father's name.

"I'm sorry," he said. Athena looked at him sharply and he said, "But that isn't going to change anything. I love your daughter very much and will treat her well, despite what you think…once I ask her out, of course."

Athena's face softened a bit and she said, "Well, I do suppose she could've done worse…" Percy nodded vigorously. Then, completely sidetracking, she said, "Despite the stories you've heard, I'll have you know that I'm no virgin by a long-shot."

"Erm…okay," said Percy slowly, not seeing how this pertained to the conversation they were having.

"And you're going to be Annabeth's first, not knowing what you're doing," continued Athena, sneering at what she figured would be her future son-in-law. "Now I will tell you why I am here. I don't like it, but I'm going to fuck you, Percy. And you're going to fuck me. And I'm going to make sure you know what you're doing so you don't hurt my daughter."

Despite Percy's cock hardening even more at these words, he growled, "There's no way I'm cheating on Annabeth."

"This isn't cheating, Percy," said Athena as her dress and heels vanished, leaving her only in her black, lacy undergarments and showing off her pale, pristine skin, slim, tight stomach, and long, smooth legs. "You're not even with her yet. And even if you were, this is education and the command of a goddess. You dare defy a goddess?" she asked menacingly, letting the unspoken threat hang in the air between them.

Percy swallowed hard for the third time since Athena's arrival and grudgingly said, "No."

"Good," she said with a strained smile, releasing him from his bonds. Percy almost made a move to cover his erection, but didn't want to disappoint Athena and so resisted as she said, "Bra, now."

Percy choked on air as his face turned red and Athena arched an eyebrow at him. "You've never removed a bra before, you need practice. Now come over here and take off my bra."

Percy nodded and stood up, his rigid pole pointing towards her proudly. Percy stepped around her to take her bra off from behind, but Athena said, "Ne cheating, no looking. You'll be kissing her when you do it, so you better damn well know how to release the catch while you're in front of her, not looking."

Percy, a dry lump in his throat, said, "Yes, ma'am," before stepping in front of her again.

"We're about to have sex," said Athena bluntly, her piercing grey eyes looking into his. "For however long we're going at it you may as well call me Athena."

Percy nodded and stepped up to Athena, blinking as he realized her cheeks were the tiniest bit pink. So it wasn't above a goddess to be embarrassed in a situation like this, too. With the least amount of contact possible, Percy awkwardly wrapped his arms around Athena and tried to find the catch, but his hands wouldn't reach the middle of her back with the space he had created. Athena, feeling his hands brushing her shoulder blades, grabbed Percy's hips and pulled him flush against her, her breasts pressed against his chest and his hardness nestled between them, allowing her to feel his length as it dug against her stomach. She felt her face heat up just a little more as she felt how big he was, about eight and a half inches. Percy was trying his best not to pant in her face as he fumbled with the catch of her bra, the smooth, cool skin of her naked back only adding on to the motor skills issue created by her stomach and breasts. They were staring into each other's eyes, both of their frustrations mounting as Percy tried again and again to unclasp her bra only to come up short.

He finally stopped as his lips pressed into a firm line. He took a deep breath through his nose and admitted, "I can't do it."

Athena could hear the vulnerability, the disappointment in his voice and felt the smallest bit of guilt worm its way into her stomach, prompting her to bring her face up close to his. And just when he thought she was going to kiss him for whatever reason, she brought her lips up to his ear, her arms around his neck, and whispered, "I'll let you cheat. But just this once."

Now Percy also had to fight the pleasure coursing through him with each exhaled breath against his neck, but he could look over pale shoulder and see the catch perfectly. He let out a relieved sigh when the bra came undone, and Athena pulled back to give him a relieved, almost genuine smile. She slowly, almost shyly, pulled her bra off of her body, exposing her firm, rounded tits to his eyes for the first time. They moved in time with Athena's breathing and he stared at them, appreciating them, eyeing her hard nipples encircled by dusky areolae.

She grabbed his hands and brought them to her tight stomach, allowing him to feel her smooth skin. She moved them up slowly, allowing her hands to fall when his fingers brushed the bottom of her breasts. He continued though, softly kneading her firm, pert tits with unskilled hands, drawing a soft, almost inaudible gasp from her nonetheless. No matter how much she thought Percy Jackson wasn't good enough for Annabeth, the fact remained that her daughter had a very good eye when it came to looks.

Athena gently grabbed his wrists, pulling his hands off her tits before saying, "You would just stand there and play with my breasts without kissing me?"

"B-but…I thought…You're Athena, me kiss you?" he asked, his mind maybe slightly clouded with lust.

"I just want you to treat me like I'm Annabeth," said Athena soothingly. "Go ahead and kiss me, I won't smite you," she said teasingly.

Her eyes widened in shock that she had just flirted with Percy and then his lips were on hers, gently coaxing her to kiss him back. She did just that, opening her mouth and allowing his tongue in, gently playing with it. Percy was a pretty good kisser, she mused as he turned them around and backed her onto the bed, laying her down gently. After another light kiss he kissed her nose, making her blush even more prominently, before kissing his way down to her neck, where his mouth found the hollow of it, his tongue brushing over it and sending a jolt of pleasure down to her core, making her moan.

Percy immediately stopped, looking up at her in worry. "Did I hurt you?"

"N-no," she stuttered, her face now completely red from a mixture of embarrassment and pleasure. "Don't stop, Percy, you're doing great."

Percy was heartened by the comment as he gently nipped the column of her throat, making her moan again. He was proud of himself for having her moaning without even fully undressing her yet. He kissed her collarbone and made his way down to her soft tits as he looked up into her lust-darkened eyes, his gaze flickering down to find her biting her lip in an incredibly sexy manner.

He kissed every inch of her breasts besides her now diamond-hard nipples, making her squirm in frustration before he finally obliged, sending pleasure racing through her body and liquid heat pooling in her pussy, her breathing erratic. He had only spent a few seconds on her left nipple before Athena found her hand pushing the top of his head and her mouth moaning, "Percy…pussy…come…now…"

She grunted as he cupped her heat, pressing the heel of his hand against her clit. She rolled her hips, grinding her pussy against it and spreading her juices on it, making him grin. Athena, face red and tits heaving as she panted roughly, fumbled to get her panties off with shaky hands. Percy grabbed her wrists and softly, maddeningly-slowly kissed her panty-line, making her squirm as her stomach quivered.

Percy smirked up at her as her face grew even more red, her need to come overwhelming. There was just something so disarming and incredibly sexy about him, and she knew that her daughter had made a very good choice. He slid her panties down her legs and tossed them into a corner before roughly shoving two fingers in her.

She cried out as her pussy gripped his digits, trying to draw in more. "Percy…that…would've hurt…Annabeth…" she mumbled, not really knowing what she was saying. Who cared about Annabeth when there were two fingers penetrating her body, reaching up to brush her G-spot?

"Athena, I'm going to fuck you like you're Athena," said Percy as he pumped his fingers into her. She fisted the sheets and rocked into the thrusting, letting out a throaty moan. Percy kissed the inside of her left thigh and said, "That's how I'm going to show you how I know what I'm doing." He kissed the inside of her right thigh and pressed his thumb against her clit, making her pussy clench his fingers hard again as she let out another cry. "When it comes time to have sex with Annabeth, I'll fuck her how she should be fucked."

His fingers slipped out of her and she let out a frustrated pant that quickly changed to a moan when his tongue delved into her folds. She fisted his hair and pulled his face closer to her pussy, making his nose bump and rub her clit. She was rolling her hips, grinding her pussy against his face with wild abandon, taking shallow breaths as she squirmed.

"Percy!" she cried. "Percy, I'm going to—"

The rest of her breath left her in a rush as her hips bucked, her orgasm starting small before hitting her like a tidal wave of pleasure. It slammed into her and she came hard, her glistening fluids spilling into his eager mouth. She clenched her fists in his hair in time to the shockwaves of pleasure coursing through her, heightened by the soft pink tongue gently toying with her ultrasensitive clit.

Percy climbed up beside her and kissed her neck messily, leaving marks behind. "Where…where did you learn?" Athena panted, still trying to catch her breath.

"I'm just a natural, I guess," he said against her skin. He brought a hand down and rubbed her stomach, going so low that he just skimmed over her mons, making her grunt and shoot out a bit more cum onto the sheets.

Percy kissed up to her cheek and she turned her head, capturing his lips with her own. She pulled on his bottom lip and nibbled it lightly, making his hips thrust involuntarily. His rock-hard erection was now resting on her soft stomach, and she giggled against his mouth as she lightly gripped it in her hand.

"Athena," he moaned as she sat him up in the bed and began stroking him.

She just smirked lazily at him before licking his balls, then all the way up his shaft to his head and tip, drawing a gasp from him. He thought she would go down slow on him, but she forced her head down on his cock, impaling her throat. Her throat quivered and gripped him tight as she fought to stay relaxed, and her grey eyes met his as she gave in to the urge to swallow, her throat convulsing around his cock. Percy thought she must've needed some air, then remembered that she was a goddess, thus didn't require it. Her throat still gripping his cock, she hummed, sending vibrations and pleasure shooting down his shaft and balls. He gently wove his fingers through Athena's hair as she swiftly bobbed on his dick, her nose ending up in his pubes every time she went down. He couldn't believe that he was fucking the throat of a fucking goddess, and she seemed to be enjoying it immensely! Slurping sounds filled the room as the seal of her lips wrapped around his shaft weakened a little, and he continued to watch his cock disappear into her mouth as he throat-fucked her. When her grey eyes met his seductively, her mouth full of his cock, his balls tightened.

"Athena!" he cried, unable to give her full warning before he blew his load down her throat.

She swallowed the first few streams before pulling off and stroking him hard, coaxing as much cum out of him as she could, her face turning more and more red as rope after hot, sticky, rope shot from his tip and covered her face. By the time he was done a large smile was on both of their faces, along with each other's cum. Athena snapped her fingers, magically cleaned them off, then she blushed again and said, "So…you pass the taste test. And, well…you seem to know how to handle yourself, so you don't have to…" she looked up to find him looking at her somberly, and she quickly added, "unless you want to, of course!" Then she shyly admitted, "I think you're the only man I've ever said that to."

Percy sighed and said, "Well, thank the Gods that's over!"

Athena felt tears sting her eyes as she quickly stood up, unable to believe that she had hoped Percy would want to fuck her. She fumbled with her panties as she put them on one leg, her quickly-pooling tears blurring her vision as she bent over to do so.

Then there was an arm around her waist and Percy was pulling her upright, his chest pressed against her upper back and his fresh erection digging into the lower part of it. He sucked on the hollow of her neck, making her moan out loud again, and huskily said, "I can't believe you would think I wouldn't want to fuck you. You're so fucking hot. So calm down, I was kidding."

He walked them forward to his desk and she muttered, "Seaweed Brain," under her breath right before he bent her over it, pinning her arms to the finished wood. Her pussy juices were already leaking all over the table and her inner thighs as she got ready for him to take her like this, pounding her into the table.

But he had different ideas. "Lube up my cock," he gasped, his erection nestled in her ass-cheeks.

It instantly happened and she felt his cock slip back before the crown was gently pushing against her puckered anus. She relaxed it and cried out as she felt his bulbous head slip into her body, pushing against the walls of her ass, stretching her out and filling her completely as the shaft followed.

"You alright, Athena?" Percy asked as he slowly drew out of her, making her moan softly.

"Percy, I'm a fucking goddess," she said raspily, her throat dry from panting. "Shut up and fuck my ass already."

Percy said nothing but slammed into her ass so hard that the table would've slid across the floor had it not been bolted down, then pulled out and slammed into her again just as hard, making her purr. He kicked the insides of her feet softly and she obligingly spread her legs more, her anus actually gripping him tighter. He held her hips as he pumped his throbbing cock into her body again and again, her grip growing so hard on the table as he pleasure mounted that she felt it snap.

They fell to the floor as the desk broke, their rhythm barely slowing down as Athena got on her hands and knees. She could do nothing more but whimper and moan as Percy filled her again and again, their slapping skin the only other sound in the room as they fucked. Athena felt a hand leave her hip and suddenly a finger pressed against her clit, triggering another massive orgasm and making her squirt her cum all over their inner thighs, Percy's balls and the floor.

Percy, unable to believe that he was one of the lucky few to know that the Goddess Athena was a squirter, asked her, "Where do you want it?" as her muscles convulsed around his cock.

She mumbled her answer and he quickly pulled out of her and flipped her over, stroking his cock hard and fast as he looked at her lidded grey eyes and her flushed face. He grunted as his first shot of cum hit her stomach right above her belly button, then moaned as he shot more ropy spurts of his hot cum all over the rest of her stomach, almost completely coating it.

"Percy," she moaned, smiling lazily at him through lidded eyes.

"Yes, Athena?" he asked softly, lightly sitting on the lower part of her stomach where there was no cum.

"I think I'm in love with you," she whispered sweetly, still smiling.

Percy let out a nervous laugh. "You've hated me for years," he said. "One night of fucking might bring that to a grudging respect or like, but I don't know about being in love," he said, though for some reason he felt a tug on his heart, similar to the feeling he got when he lied to his mother, Chiron, or Annabeth. "I-I mean, are you sure? Are you sure it's not just lust or something?"

Athena sat up and cleaned his cum off of her stomach, thinking it wasn't right to be drenched in his semen while holding this serious conversation with him. The moon was high in the sky, filtering through the window and allowing her to see every one of his facial expressions as she spoke. She said, "I-I act all high and mighty all the time. I act like I'm superior to others because I'm more intelligent, I act like I'm not interested in what goes on with them. But the truth is…I'm afraid of rejection. Afraid if I bring problems to my brothers and sisters, they'll laugh at me and tell me to go solve them on my own because I always try to be more level-headed and mature than them. I don't hate Poseidon, I'm just afraid he won't accept my apology. And…and I never really hated you," she admitted, her eyes full of tears. Then she laughed sadly and said, "I mean, I really disliked you at first, then I saw that you were brave, and handsome, and, despite what my daughter thinks, intelligent, and that you cared so much for her. To be honest, I guess I was…jealous of Annabeth, that she had someone as great as you in her life, and that she would get to marry you and bear your children. And tonight, you've been rough but you've been careful, made me feel loved and wanted. You bring out the best in me, Percy, as evidenced here. I've never had this conversation with anybody. I smirk and I sneer, I let logic rule my emotion. But every woman needs emotion to rely on, and every woman needs to smile and feel loved, no matter how much they say otherwise." There were tear tracks on her face and Percy sat by, wanting to comfort her but not quite knowing how, his stomach churning with…with...something, though he didn't know what, as he listened to her. She let out a half-laugh, half-sob and said, "Except for Artemis. But she's a weirdo. That's not the point, though." She took a deep breath and said, "I've never been in love with anyone before, but I've fantasized about it happening for over a thousand years, and I'm one hundred percent sure this is it. You're the one I've been waiting for." Her shoulders started shaking, her mascara running down her face, and she said, "I just…I just want to be loved."

With that she broke down and started sobbing. Percy imagined she was not only crying about the situation but about everything, including her stress over the last couple thousand years. He stood up and gently grabbed her soft arm, pulling her up with him, then enveloped her in the tightest, most loving hug he could. She hugged him back, hands grabbing the skin on his back desperately as she sobbed into his neck, and he grabbed her legs and wrapped them around his waist. He carried her to his bed, where he set her down gently and climbed in with her, holding her as she cried, the sobs dying down after a while and turning into gasps and hiccups as she clung to him. Eventually the crying turned into sniffles and she said, "I'm sorry, that was so embarrassing. That's the first time I've ever cried."

Percy rubbed her back and kissed her temple before lightly kissing her soft, plump lips, making a small smile appear on her face. He rolled so he was propped above her and gently dried her tears with his lips, making the smile grow wider. When she was dry and smiling again, Percy said, "It's weird teaching a goddess something, but crying doesn't make you any weaker and it's not embarrassing. It's a way for us to let out our bottled pain, and stress, and worry. It shows that you have feelings, emotions…that you love. Never apologize for crying, and kick anyone's ass who says otherwise."

Athena's face was pink and she was biting her lower lip, looking up at Percy with wide eyes. She whispered, "Percy…" and couldn't seem to get the words past the lump in her throat, so she swallowed hard and tried again. "Percy, make love to me."

Percy brought his hand down to lightly skim the side of her stomach, making her sigh. Percy planted a lingering kiss on her lips and asked, "Are you sure?"

Athena just nodded, spreading her legs to grant Percy access. Percy smiled at her as his crown touched her outer labia, and they both gasped as he slid into her, burying himself to the hilt. Her pussy was tight, unbelievably tight, and hot, and moist, and he leaned down and kissed her softly again, loving the feel of her soft lips and teasing tongue.

There was a knock on the door and Athena was instantly gone, the feeling of her pussy around him also completely gone, Percy unsure if it had all just been a dream. But as he threw on a pair of boxers and padded to the door he spotted her naked form in the corner of the room, and she gave him a little smile before fading from sight, though he knew she was still there.

He opened the door to Annabeth, who was smiling nervously at him.

"C-can I come in?" she asked, her voice unnaturally high.

Percy swallowed and nodded, closing the door behind her. She sat on the edge of his bed and he sat next to her. "Did you need something?" he asked, unsure why she had visited at the dead of night.

"Well, I've been up all night talking to Thalia and thinking, and we both have come to the conclusion that you and I are well-suited for each other…so, do you want to…to be my boyfriend?" she asked, playing with her fingers.

Percy's breath caught in his throat and his chest tightened as a feeling of hopelessness already began encroaching upon him, unsure of how to get out of this situation without breaking at least one heart. He looked at how he had perceived Annabeth not five hours ago and realized that she had just been a crush, a passing fancy. The time he had spent with Athena, though consisting of much less of it and not quite so much talking, had been more deep and satisfying…somehow he and Athena had already bonded more than he had with Annabeth. No matter how close Annabeth had come to claiming his heart, in the end it was Athena who had stolen it. He was completely and utterly in love with her.

"Annabeth," said Percy sadly. "I'm sorry, y-you make a great best friend and you're beautiful and funny and smart, but I…I'm already in love with someone else."

Percy cringed, ready for a punch or yelling or tears, but they never came. Instead, Annabeth hugged him tightly and kissed him on the cheek. "Oh, thank the gods! So you don't mind if I'm in a relationship with someone else?"

Percy laughed and said, "Of course not. As long as they make you happy! But what was up with that 'thank the gods' stuff? Am I really that repulsive?"

Annabeth blushed. "No. I actually had a crush on you for a bit. And then today, out of the blue, I was looking at Thalia and realized…I realized…"

"You like women?" Percy asked, completely caught off guard. Annabeth nodded with a nervous smile on her face, like she was scared of how he would react. "Whoever makes you happy," said Percy again, giving her a hug. "You're going to ask out Thalia? She's a lesbian, too?"

"Well, she looked like she was about to cry when we decided that I had to ask you out, so I think she likes me, too," she said with a lovely blush staining her cheeks as she bit her lip, looking very like her mother. Then she smiled at him and asked, "So who will I see you playing smoochy-smoochy with next week?"

Percy swallowed hard, knowing he'd have to clear this one with Athena before he told her. But Athena appeared beside him only a moment later, dressed in her white dress and completely composed. She looked absolutely radiant, knowing that Percy was talking about her when he had said he was in love with another.

"Mother, what are you doing here?" asked Annabeth, then her eyes grew wide as she continued looking at the two. "Wait…Mom? Percy?...What?"

Percy gave her a nervous smile. "Well…Athena and I were talking earlier, and…"

"I don't want to hear it!" screeched Annabeth. "I'm happy for you two and glad you found love in each other, but I really don't need to hear the details. The gods know what I interrupted if you're here in the middle of the night…Oh gods, Percy, is that why you're almost naked?"

Percy's brilliant blush gave him and Athena away. Annabeth shook her head and laughed a slightly crazed laugh. "Well, I'm scarred now anyway. I'm proud of you, Percy. You couldn't have won the heart of a better goddess. And mom, falling in love with the only man I would choose if I was forced to be straight. The only thing I ask is that no matter what happens between you two, I will never have to call Percy anything but Percy or Seaweed Brain."

"Of course not, Annabeth," said Athena, glad that her daughter was taking the news so well. "And I'm proud of you for taking pride in who you are. Never let anyone ridicule or harass you, and show them how independent and strong you are, okay?"

Annabeth nodded, the ever-present fire burning in her eyes. "I love you both, thanks for being so accepting." She kissed Percy on the cheek and hugged her mother hard before dashing one cabin over to Thalia's.

"Well, I'm glad that went well," said Percy.

Athena pulled Percy up by his arm, looking at him with a feral and possessive glint in her grey eyes. She kissed him hard, bruising their lips, before moving down to kiss his neck, marking him as her own with the hickeys she left behind. The next instant they were both naked and Athena had backed Percy up against the wall, her firm tits pressed against his chest and his rising erection digging into her inner thigh as she whispered, "I love you, Percy."

Percy kissed her softly, surprising her, and mumbled against her mouth, "I love you too, Athena." He kissed her harder, more frantically, and panted, "Are you wet yet?"

"Dripping," she whispered huskily, grabbing his semi-erect cock and rubbing her slit along his shaft as proof.

He spun them around and pinned her to the wall, then said, "I'm having trouble getting it back up. You have to get me hard before we do this."

"Only your third time having to get hard for me and you're already having trouble getting it up?" she teased. "Am I not attractive enough for you?"

"You're more beautiful than Aphrodite," he said, intertwining his fingers with hers against the wall above her head. "It's just that you're a kinky fox who has the stamina of a goddess, and I that of a lowly demi-god."

"That'll be rectified soon," said Athena, releasing one of Percy's hands so she could reach between them and stroke his cock. "Are you okay with that?"

Percy was now rapidly hardening, his lover's soft hands coaxing life into him as she pumped his shaft and panted into his neck. "Am I okay with having the most beautiful and intelligent wife in the universe for eternity? And get to make love to her every day for said eternity?" He looked at her worriedly. "Athena?"

Athena had stopped cold, her eyes shining and a large smile on her face. She quietly asked, "Y-your wife?"

Percy nodded, a grin on his face. "I'm in love with you. You're in love with me. You're not taken yet and you're making me a god so I can spend eternity with you, doesn't it make sense that we would get married?"

"I guess, it's just…" Athena trailed off, biting her lip again.

"You didn't think a man would be able to say that after the first fuck? Or actually commit to the relationship?" Percy asked knowledgably. Athena nodded and Percy said, "Well, I'm not like most men or else you probably wouldn't have fallen in love with me."

Athena nodded, face flushed now, and gave Percy one more stroke before letting go, gripping her shoulders as his cock pushed against her outer labia. Her moistness felt absolutely delicious against the tip of his cock, but he had to stop and ask, "Do you really want our first time making love to be against a wall? Shouldn't it be a romantic setting in a king-sized bed?"

Athena hopped up and grunted as she let gravity impale her on Percy's throbbing cock, saying, "How cliché. Just shut up and fuck me already."

Percy cupped her firm ass as he slammed into her, sandwiching her between him and the wall. Her pussy gripped him like a glove and tried to draw him in more even though he was buried in her to the hilt, their bodies pressed all the way together. She kissed him hard and rolled her hips against him as he repeatedly slammed into her, breaking the kiss to admire her firm, round tits bouncing with each thrust. He could feel her pussy fluids running down his cock to his balls and inner thighs. Her heat seared his flesh with pleasure, her moist folds unbelievably tight. He looked down to see his cock sliding into her body again and again, coming out glistening each and every time. He felt like his legs were going to collapse any second so he stumbled over to the bed and fell on it, still buried inside her, before getting on his knees and gripping her hips, using his arms to help move her along with his manic thrusting. She was gasping and whimpering and moaning, the sounds driving him wild, and he sucked in a breath between his teeth as she began rolling her hips in time with him slamming into her, sending jolts of pleasure racing through his shaft and balls.

"Percy!" she screamed as she fisted the sheets, coating Percy's already glistening dick with even more cum.

Athena's pussy walls convulsed around his cock, making his balls tighten, and he met her eyes as he emptied his load into her, shooting hot streams of cum straight into her womb. Her pussy milked him for every last drop, coaxing and working it out of him, and when he pulled out of her a small bit oozed out of her pussy and ran down to her asshole before dripping onto the sheets and pooling there.

As Athena watched him inspect the hot fluid she could feel oozing from her pussy, she was afraid it was pee for a second. Then she realized it was cum when it was impossible that she had peed, for she was a goddess and could definitely hold something like that indefinitely. She cleaned the excess off and pulled him down next to her, kissing his lips and stroking his muscled arm. He softly kissed her in return and lightly rubbed her back as their legs tangled under the blankets, which had reappeared and pulled themselves up to their shoulders.

"Good night, Percy. I love you so much," said Athena, still in awe that she had finally found the one.

"Good night, Athena, my Goddess. I love you, too," whispered back Percy, smiling and lightly kissing the tip of her nose, which she snuggled into his neck as she attempted to get comfortable.

Which wasn't hard, as their bodies molded together perfectly.

They quickly fell asleep with smiles on their faces, arms around each other and legs tangled.

And although they had an eternity to have sex whenever they wanted, there was no doubt in either of their minds that the whole day tomorrow would consist of nothing else.

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