Bloodline; Tempus


Time unlocked.


Naruto hung in the chains, chains that were heavy, forged from the 'fires of creation', and drained away any chakra should he try and jutsu. Everyone in the temple/tomb knew that any kekkei genkai that was used, either willing or otherwise , was not effected. The men in the shadows enjoyed throwing senbon at the Jinchuuriki hanging in the center of the chamber.

The chains were not all that bound him, but the seal on the floor, the seal on the ceiling, and the seal array around the room were at work to.

At this time, all that Naruto had going for him was the fact that he could heal the damage being done to him.

He finially got into the mind-scape, so he could at least talk to someone who would not just snicker and throw another senbon. It turned out that they, his captors were waiting until the full moon eclipse that would take place right overhead...

So, they had a few minutes, if not hours, to wait.

After hours of talking the great beast bound into his gut, talking about friends both lost, and alive, of love interests and more, Naruto looked at the fox in its glided cage. "I never thought to get to know you. It is one on my greater regrets. I would release you now, if it made any difference, but they would catch you and do worse then just bring the end to this world. It might save a few people, it would make them wait another, what fifteen years? Before they try this again, that is of course if you escape the seal arrays."

The Great Kyubi looked at the boy/man in front of its cage. "There is an option, but it is a long shot. If this works, you can fight the 'Fate' of the world. We lose, we die. The Only reason I suggest this at all, it will cause my dissolution. I will cease to be here. You will die, and their work will be incomplete for another fifteen years, giving the people of this world a chance, a very small chance, but a chance."

"And if it works?" Hope flared in the blond's eyes.

"You were never here in the first place. We can try again."

"Lets do this! Any chance better then none! Death, just to delay their Plans a few years is Price I am willing to pay!Dattebayo!"

The great fox glared at the blond, "Okaaay," drawing the word out. "First remove the Seal, but do not call on your chakra coils for any reason." One the Seal was removed, the cage faded and crumbled to ash about the feet of the Fox. As the cage fell, the Fox grew, in size, and in solidity. "Now close your eyes, and think back. Find a day that was Iconic. A day that was better then the rest, but before things went to crap." the blond did as he was told. When he found it, he nodded. "Now hold on to that memory, focus hard, what ever happens, keep that day in your head."

[outside the mind-scape]

One of the shadows grinned as he drew back his hand and threw the senbon. It hit, but this time the body did not twitch. Slowly the senbon was pushed from the flesh, like the other times, and the wound healed, but to response from the person.

Just then there was a flare of the Biju's chakra, all of it, mixed with the boy's own small candle wick in the roaring inferno of the greatest of the Nine Biju. Then the body hung limply in it's chains.

The next thrown Senbon was not ejected, nor was the next or the next.

He turned to the Eternal one, "Master," the name honeyed and hallow on his tongue, "I think something is off with the demon-spawn."

The Master watched the seals about them lose their glow, and rescinded back into the darkness that spawned them. "I think you are correct. For now, the boy has done the impossible. He died before the appointed time. The Biju is gone." The Master paused, "With his death, I have no need of a medic." A swipe of his hand, and the head of the traitorous Medical Ninja rolled alone into the pool of light from the sun hole in the center of the chamber ceiling, just as the Eclipse began.