"Sage mode"

BloodLine; Tempus

ch 8


Hiashi was kneeling in his private meddition chamber. As private as anywhere in the Hyuga compound ever got.

He had recieved word that his daughter had stepped out of the East Gates. She was seen in the company of her sensei, and the sub-commnader of the Anbu.

He closed his eyes, breathed in deep. If he focused, he could see them now...

and there was trouble if he was any judge,

He sighed. 'That boy is going to turn my hair grey,'

Naruto was carrying Hinata-hime bridal style, the three tailed red fox in her lap. Anko was walking at his side, chattering away, as a blond fox was at his heels. Behind them were Yuhie Kurenia and Jirayia of the Sanin.

"So..." Anko slithered closer. "Before your whammied my hicky, you said something about Iruka."

Naruto smirked, "I know that he enjoys just being with you. If you keep your play time limited to six hours, including foreplay, he walks about the village the next day with a grin on his face, gooffier then mine. Over six hours, and he needs time with the healers, both body...and mind." Naruto grinned up at the psycho, "He really does care for you, and while he says the sex is good, he just perfers your company."

"What is up with Kurenia?" Anko wiggled her eyebrows at the boy. "She get some?"

"Are you asking for snippetts of the future?" Naruto asked, his foxxy grin in play. "Or are you just being a naughty girl?"

"Option two...I think."

"I will tell you what I know, but I need a favor. send a squad of loyal masks after Mazuki-sensei. As soon as he heals from our last meeting, he is going to try to steal the forbiddin seal scroll." he grinned, "I will even throw in the Syrup trap jutsu. it classed as a water jutsu, but any good prankester should have a syrup trap jutsu."

"Deal, but only if you promise to leave the Syrup traps out of your pranking." Anko grinned at the gaki.

"Okay, I see your point, and while in the Village anything goes, ANBU HQ is prank free turff, after my next brithday."

"What do you mean, after?" Anko had stepped away from the little monster.

"A few things I had set up to go off on my next birthday." he shook his head, "You do not want to face the Village or me on that day. this time, I know enough that there is going to be trouble when they come a-knocking."

"So, if we find and remove the ... traps..."

"I will not rearm them, replace them, or restore them. Unless asked to by you or Scarface." his grin changed.

they were just now arriving at the gates. "I am going to need more. a trade, jutsu for information." Anko asked.

"I can offer a few tidbits here and there..." Naruto ducked his head to sniff the dark head of hair in his arms, "My new blood-limit has options. Your Answers will reflect on your Questions, a jutsu a piece."

Anko nodded, "I would make you shake but your hands are full." her grin spiked, "Later!" she jogged off into the ninja deeps of the Village.

A Trio of Hyuga stepped out of the shade, moving to take their clansmen from the 'demon'. the red fox in her lap growled at them, and because the red growled, so did both blonds. the two chunin just sighed and reached for the buzzer to call for help, if things were to explode.

"You will turn the Girl over to us, now. Clan business."

"Ah, good. Hiashi-Sama has signed the marrage contract." Naruto gave them his cheeky grin. "Just hand it to the Gama Sanin, and we can go our seperate ways to get ready for the cermony tonight."

"What contract?" the center male asked, he was frowing as his two companions engaged their eyes, readying for combat.

"So his lordship has not signed the contract." Naruto frowned. "That means you are going to try to seal her." his grinned turned cold. "Not going to happen. Hiashi was warned what would happen. do not force me to leave you as examples of what happenes when you break a contract with Clan Uzumaki."

"There is no Clan by that name." the one on the left spat.

Naruto went still. Naruto went queit.

He even stopped breathing.

The red fox dropped to the ground, trotted over to the desk and hopped up. Looking at the young blond fox, "You want to be up here, less chance of the cowards stepping on you as they run screaming, pissing themselves."

The blond fox joined her, "What was that?"

"The gaki is embracing his sage mode." the red fox flashed her tails as she settled herself on the desk. "While he only has the Toad's sage teachings at this time, the chakra is impressive."

Hearing this, Jariyai collected the still sleeping girl from the boy, as the boy's eyelids darkened to orange, and his nose grew bulbous. "Shit, oh shit, oh shit!" the old fat man cleared the bench like desk the girl craddled in his arms. The jonin instructor quickly joined him. The two chunin were busy pounding the buzzer button.

Naruto breathed in deep, as the basics of the sage mode flooded his system. He heard the buzzing of the gate alarm, the pounding of feet, of solders running to the gate. Before he even opened his eyes, he 'saw' the twenty squads of three ANBU land on the roofs about the gate area. When his opened, the orange lid gave way to a yellow iris with a cross pupil. He grinned.

"Am I facing three on clan business, or sixty-three on Village business?" his voice ringing.

a swirl of dust and leaves revieled Ibiki. "Clan business?" he looked between the trio, who still only had two with thier eyes active, to Naruto-sage.

"This de..." a break in the man's voice as the non active Hyuga looked at the new comer, "Boy had the Heir in his arms, i asked for her back, he goes all 'demon' on us."

Ibiki snorts, "this is not demon..." then he looks closer at the boy, "But is something new..."

"A gift, from my godfather." Naruto thumbed at the sage hiding behind the desk, "The contract i signed with the Toads..."

The white haired man waved from the relative safty of the desk/cubby/ shelter.

"And you say 'Clan Busimess'?" the scars pulled tight as he frowned.

the blond nodded, though his face held no grin.

the scarred man looked about, and saw the Jonin instuctor in the gate booth as well. "Yuhei."

"Well sir," the young woman stood, "Uzumaki is just defending his bride from her Clan. As I understand it, other then a ceromony to bring the two clans together, and her biting him, they are already married."

"And the Girl's Father?"

"Is right here." Hiashi stepped forward. "It seems the the Elders of the Clan have moved, yet again, without my orders." he frowned at the sight before him. " Prove to me, Uzumaki, that you can protect my Daughter." he melted out of the way.

Ibiki frowned, then shrugged, "Keep the damage down." before a swirl of leaves engulfed him.

"No promises" Naruto growled as the wind picked up. "Tell me boys, Can you see me now?" the entire area was filled with jutsu smoke. Then the trio started screaming. Sounds of fists and feet hitting soft flesh allowed new screams to bloom.

it was over in under a minute. the smoke was drifting away, as the sun burned down.

"They will live, but only so they can tell their side of the story." everyone turned to look at the blond as he squatted on the rain-barrel across from the desk. his eyes were still shaded, but his nose was no longer bulbus.

Hiashi looked down at his clansmen groaning lightly in the dirt, "Soft tissue damage only." he looked up at the boy, his eyes bulging, before yelping and blinking to clear his eyes.

Naruto grinned his baka grin. "Sorry, Pops, but the air is still heavily charged." he hopped down, as he strutted forward he placed his fists on his hips. "Until I get my contract, I am not leaving my bride where your clan can do something stupid. I was thinking, for the time being, of keeping her at her Jonin-instuctor's place. The woman is quite skilled. Anyone trying to take our hime from her will need to use high deal of resourses, proving who is against our ..."

"I though you were a mentally damaged..." the clanhead trailed off.

"All part of the show. Only our hime and the ANBU were shown the clues of my true ability." Naruto grew a cheeky smile. "Sir, My birthday this year. If I were to offer a true prank free zone..."

"You will of course be spending the whole day in the compound?" Ibiki was at the Hyuga's shoulder.

"Day, yes. but I will be taking my bride to be to the festival that evening." the canines flashed in the sun. "Talk to Anko. She was talking to me about ANBU HQ."

Ibiki glared at the boy. "Okay. the Hokage said you are to report to class in the morning for genin assignments. I have been briefed on your... options. I will see the girl to her Jonin-instructors place. She will have the basic protections you enjoy, if only to protect the Village from you trying to reclaim her." A nod to the Hyuga head, he turned to the Sanin. "the Hokage wanted to see you, Sir. Something about the boys teachings." the ANBU Commander turned on his heel and strode away.

a trio of random ANBU dropped down and stepped forward. the female, Tora, took the sleeping girl from the Sanin. "Sanin-san, go. We have the girl. Jonin-sensei, we are going." the five of them left at a trot, four to the Market district, one over the rooftops towards the tower.

Hiashi just shook his head, as he stepped over the groaning bodies of his clansmen. "And this is just the tip of the Iceberg?"

"Yeah," naruto scartched the back of his head, "you know that story i was telling Hokage-jiji about... I was ready to release 'Fluffy-chan' just because the guy attacking the village hurt her. I had reached eight of nine tails, and had driven the guy from the villge ruins. I was allowing the seal to decay, ready to let HER out to burn away those who threatened my hime, just after my hime confessed her feelings for me, to me. Everyone but me noticed that she was emotional for me, but no one had let me in on it. From that momet, i have been meaning to get back to her, to return her feelings. but then..." the blond collasped inward. a deep breath. "But with my new Blood limit," he straightened, new life breathed into him. "Now i am sent back to just as we finish the academy, i am able to protect her for the harm the Clan inflicts on her, from the idea that just because she won't fight her little sister, that she is willing to allow her sister to nearly cripple her, rather then strike the child..." Naruto glared up the Head of Clan.

"With her marriage to you, she loses the heir postion. she was going to be wed to a branch male, or that was the idea when she was named heir." the hyuga crossed his arms. "Now that postion falls to her sister, unless she too marries outside the clan."

"That would make for a funny tree, loops instead of branches." Naruto grinned. "good thing bonsai are a culture thing."

Hiashi glared at the boy, before turning and walking away.

the two chunin tapped another button, before stepping out from behind the desk. As they inspected the battle field, they muttered back and forth. Naruto turned to look at them. the one who was looking over rain barrel hissed and waved over the other over.

"Remember when the smoke cleared?"

"Yeah, he was squatting on the rain barrel lid."

the first guy grinned, "Look again. There is no lid for that barrel..."

"that means..." the bandaged guy frowned, "Water-walking? from an Academy cadet? from a green genin?"

His partner grinned, "We are talking about Him," a thumb in Naruto's direction, "yeah, he has gaps in his training, but you can bet he knows more then his stupid grin lets on." he tapped the side of his nose, "Less then a week ago he added catnip to the Inuzuka dog shampoo, he put a chocolate Laxitive in the Amkichi ice cream, then out ran everybody not caught in that mess. he made sure that Iruka was hogtied in a closet, before it even hit the fan."

Naruto chuckled, as he pulled the red fox into his arms. the blond fox jumped to his shoulders, curling about the boy's head, blending into his hair. Turning to the chunin guards as six other chunin landed. "well you guys," he grinned his baka smile, "no doubt you will be talking to others about this afternoon's entertainment." the smile grew cold, "Pass on the warning, Uzumaki has a Birthday coming up. On that day, the Village is fair game." as he called on the shunshin.

the eight of the Chunin exchanged looks, then as one, "Boader patrol!"

Sarutobi packed his pipe as he looked out over the Village. He raised an eyebrow as the Toad Sanin landed on the window sill. A snap of his fingers, his thumb popped a flame, which he used to light his pipe. Sipping heavily, he blew the cloud, rudely, into his student's face.

the Toad sage twisted his face at the strong smell of the leaf smoke. "not your usual blend." he squinted at the old man reclining in his big chair. "I see that paperwork is winning at the moment, but you are not stressing..."

the old man grinned around his pipe and drew heavily and blew another cloud into the sage's face.

it was then that the toad sage reconized the smell of the leaf...

"Memory Leaf...twenty year old..." as his eyes began to glaze over, "you ass!"

"tell me about it," all eyes turned to the big breasted blond seated behind the Hokage, a saki flask in hand, "he got me with saki, it takes longer to fall under, but the effects are all but unblockable. I could try to control the ride, but Sensei is doing this for a reason..." she slurred, "besides it would be a waste of good saki."

ton-ton snorted, grunted, and then tipped over, her legs straight out, her tail cork-screwed.

"Never could hold her drink..." the blond slurred.

Naruto exited his shunshin between the Ramen bar and the BBQ place.

"Okay, Light of my heart, Meat or Ramen?" Naruto scratched the Kyubi behind the ear.

"Meat!" she hissed.

"What is this Ramen?" the blond fox asked.

"A vile and bitter brewing. Noodles and mixed toppings served in a salty brine. the gaki and his mother lived on the stuff, and so I can taste it in my dreams. You can live on it, but nobody other then the gaki can prospure on it. Only reson he can is he eats over twelve bowls per seating, " the red fox perked up. "Meat tonight, and you can stuff ramen down your throats tomorrow."

"Meat it is." Naruto cheered, as he turned to the BBQ place.

As he steped into the door, Councilwoman Hanaru started to bring her voice to bear. When she spotted the 'demon brat' her voice grew in power and volum. the foxes hid thier head and ears in Naruto's jacket. When the pitch of her voice reached a certin level, an ANBU, one that was following Naruto(village scurity) hit a nerve cluster on the woman's neck. "And to believe, she pushed that law through the council vote." the guard chuckled. two random chunin were drafted to carry the now sleeping woman to ANBU cells.

Naruto chuckled. "She broke the Hokage's Law about me and my...fluffy little problem." He grinned, "Tell Ibiki to hold her 48 hours. Politics can be a fun game, if we bring the game to the next level."

Inu looked at the boy in shock. "Why should I tell Ibiki anything?"

"Killing her, or anyone who lets slip about 'Fluffy-chan' will quickly earn me more enemies." Naruto dropped his smile. "I believe more can be gained from allowing them to 'buy' their first pass. The councilwoman is a sharp thorn in Hokage-jiji's foot. We can even walk her to the gallows before we cut her loose."

Inu glared at the boy from his one eye. "Who are you?" his hand's dropped be his side.

"Please, Kakashi-sensei." Naruto turned to the Host who was watching the boy, with a thinly vieled look of horror. "A table for two, food for three, and what ever Inu-san here wants."

"Not meaning any insult, of infraction, but when she called you..." the host gulped.

"The truth?" the blond boy looked the man in the eye. "She was partly correct, I keep that dreaded beast at bay. The Fourth used me to keep the beast from destroying the Village. With the dumber civilians trying to kill me, it can be released back into the village. the beast keeps me alive, but i have now reached a point, attacks on me will be returned. Loyal members of the Village, have nothing to fear me or mine." The boys eyes turned cold and hard, "We will give our life, for anyone loyal to the leaf. That is my Nindo. 'Believe it!'" then he flinched

Both foxes chuckled, having drawn their heads from under his jacket.

Inu just shook his head. Looking at the Host, "Seat the boy, feed his ken. Send the bill to the Hokage. The red lady is the one you want to spoil." a thumb jerked at the red fox in the boy's arms. "Her favor, will equal that of three clan heirs, combined. if properly spoiled, she will make sure this place is the last to fall, when the village burns." the ANBU vanished is a swirl of leaves.

"Ken?" the host asked.

The red fox pulled her tails from under Naruto's jacket. "That would be me."

The Host gasped, then his training kicked in, and the blond was seated in a private booth. Better to feed and pamper the Kisune-ken, and to keep them out of sight of the more... intolerant guests.

Four shadows approached a nice middle class appartment complex. They knew that they were being watched by Ibiki and a second squad, but were comfortable as kunochi in the Village.

Kurenai led the way to the second floor and unlocked the door. The three ANBU followed her inside, all three female. Once the door closed and the girl in their arms was placed on the couch, the three ANBU removed their masks. A round of hugs, and Kurenia brough out a few bottles of Saki.

"Hey, Uzuki Yugao," the red eyed jonin-sensei passed around the bottles. "Girls." all four were classmates from the acadmey. They tried to meet every month or so, as their duties allowed.

"Is Anko joining us?" Yugao asked as she curlled up across from the sleeping Hinata.

Sliding under the hyuga's head, so that it rested in her lap, the newly appointed Jonin-sensei shook her head. "No, I think she is doing a scurity check of all ANBU Buildings. Uzumaki let slip that he had set up a few... gifts set to anounce themselves on his birthday." she sipped from her bottle.

"I heard him say something to Hyuga-sama," a slender girl of iwa desent waved her still sealed bottle. "Something about Prank-free zones?"

"Headquaters, and the Hyuga Compound." Kurenia smiled down at the girl in her lap, "Everywhere else in the Village is fair game."

Ibiki returned to the hokage tower, to see Nara staring at a small pile of paperwork. "What? No clouds to watch?" the scared vetren snarled.

"Just got over a dozen requests from mixed teams and singles to be assigned borader patrol during the week of the 10th." the sleepy Nara looked at the only person who scared him more then his wife. "Any idea why?"

"The Uzumaki has declared opening season on the Village that day."

The news brought the lzest man in the Villager to his feet. "So, the only safe places are..."

The scared man grinned. "Up for bid, I think we have fifteen team slots and twenty single. So, I am thinking Fifty ryu for each single slot, and a hundred for a team."

"And what about us?" Hissed the now scared Nara, panic begining to set in. "We will be in the ANBU HQ, going over last minute scurity for the Festival."

"Bless the Log for Paperwork!" the Nara breathed.

Elsewhere; Kages shivered. The dreaded enemy just got stronger!