Title – Summer Revelations
Author – Moonbeam
Disclaimer – Please, if I owned this I would be so up myself my sister would hit me and Jeff and Annie would be shagging all over the campus and ... that is all I would change I love this show.
Summary – A series of drabbles spanning a weekend at Pierce's.
Warnings – Established but secret relationship between Annie and Jeff

Summer Revelations
by Moonbeam

Under the Stars

"There you are." Jeff said as he found Annie laying on one of the double loungers looking up at the stars.

"It was so warm in there." Annie replied. "But if you want to come and keep me warm feel free."

"Someone might see us." Jeff said smiling down at her.

"Do you care?" Annie barely smiled up at him but he felt it in his stomach.

"Nope." Annie beamed at him as he moved around the lounger and laid down beside her. He slid at arm around her and she curled into him and rested her head into the hollow of his shoulder. Annie moved her hand up and treaded her fingers through his.

"I love looking at the stars." Annie said without looking away from the sky. "There is Orion." Annie pointed up with her free hand and traced the constellation. "In the Southern Hemisphere it looks like a pot." Jeff followed her hand and when she was finished pointed out the few constellations he knew.

To be continued...