Title – Summer Revelations
Author – Moonbeam
Disclaimer – Please, if I owned this I would be so up myself my sister would hit me and Jeff and Annie would be shagging all over the campus and ... that is all I would change I love this show.
Summary – A series of drabbles spanning a weekend at Pierce's.
Warnings – Established but secret relationship between Annie and Jeff

Notes - I love reviews, make me smile. I hope this is enjoyable, the drabbles may actually be getting smaller. ENJOY!

Summer Revelations
by Moonbeam

Carried Up The Stairs

Jeff woke up slowly feeling a cold breeze along his side. He looked down at Annie sleeping beside him and smiled before pulling his arm from behind her head. When he was free and was bending down to pick her up she started to stir. He slid some hair behind her ear and told her to go back to sleep.


Jeff leant down and picked Annie up carrying her inside and up the stairs towards her bedroom. He placed her down on the bed and pulled her shoes off waking her up again.

"Where am I?" Annie didn't even bother opening her eyes recognising Jeff's touch.

"In bed."

"Did you carry me and I missed it?" Annie mumbled.

"Yep, but I promise to do it later shirtless so you can really enjoy it."

Annie answered with a smile.

"I love you." Jeff looked down at Annie who was now asleep, the words hadn't been mumbled or even really spoken they just seemed to float out while she was breathing and Jeff felt the same as he did every time she told him. Amazingly happy, grateful and completely unworthy of someone so nice, good and Annie-esque.

Jeff crawled into bed behind her and curled his body around hers, loving the feeling of her body pressed against his.