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As the Sailor Senshi rejoice over being reunited while Chiba Mamoru watches from his Motorcycle with Luna and Artemis, as a Youma mixed with a Microwave appears.

"Youma?" questioned Rei, "Mars Power!"

The others look as nothing happens.

"What's going on?" asked Rei, as Luna runs up in human form.

"Your powers were connected to the Silver Crystal." said Luna, "I'll handle this. Luna Prism Power!"

As Luna transformed, a white rose strikes the Youma.

"Mars Fires Incinerate!" said a guy in white robe with his face cover but the eyes. "Mercury Aqua Storm!"

The Youma is his with both attacks and falls to the ground.

"Who are you?" asked the Youma.

"I'm the protector of those whose hearts make up the future, I'm Moonlight Knight!" said Moonlight Knight, "In the name of the Future, I'll punish you!"

"I can help." said Sailor Luna.

"Get the Senshi out of here." ordered Moonlight Knight, "Supreme Thunder."

"How?" asked Sailor Luna, as the Youma falls to the ground, with smoke coming off of it.

"Venus Love Me Chain!" said Moonlight Knight, as he encircled the Youma in the Chain, lifting the Youma into the air and slamming it into the ground.

The Youma gets up and runs at Moonlight Knight, as he pulls out a moon Scepter.

"Luna Sucre Candy!" said Sailor Luna.

"Moon Twilight Flash!" said Moonlight Knight.

As the attacks hit, the Youma turns into a standard microwave, a white seed pops out, and it crackes open releasing a dark smoke cloud.

"What was that?" asked Ami.

"A Dark Seed Youma, it's mission is to steal Heart Crystals." Moonlight informed them, as he changed into a guy the had some resemblance to Chiba Mamoru.

"Who are you?" asked Mamoru, as he came up behind Moonlight Knight.

"Chiba Hiroaki, Prince of Earth!" said Hiroaki, "I don't have much more time Sailor Senshi."

Hiroaki reviles the four bracelets on his left wrist.

"I was sent back here to deliver a gift from my mother." said Hiroaki, handing the Senshi the bracelet with their planet's symbol on it, "And the Moon Scepter for Sailor Moon."

"How can you be the Prince of Earth?" asked Mamoru.

"My father is the King!" said Hiroaki, as the gold key around his neck started to glow. "Looks like my time here is up."

Hiroaki grabbed the key and held it into the air.

"Key of Cronos, take me back to my present time." said Hiroaki, as he was covered in a gold light and vanished.

"Chiba Hiroaki?" questioned Usagi, "Do you think?"

"I don't know." said Mamoru.

"What do you make of these?" asked Minako, showing the Bracelet to Artemis.

"Queen Serenity had made those has a back up for if the Silver Crystal was destroyed." said Artemis, "The are the star powers!"

"The star power surpasses your old powers." said Luna, "And the Moon Septar was Queen Serenity's most powerful weapon."

"Mercury Star Power!" called out Ami, transforming into Sailor Mercury.

"Mars Star Power!" called out Rei, transforming into Sailor Mars.

"Jupiter Star Power!" called out Makoto, transforming into Sailor Jupiter.

"Venus Star Power!" called out Minako, transforming into Sailor Venus.

"Moon Prism Power!" called out Usagi, as nothing happens, "Why can't I transform?"

"Chiba Hiroaki didn't give you a new source of power." said Artemis.

"Are we to fight without Sailor Moon?" questioned Sailor Jupiter.

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