Stretching her aching limbs, Maya stood from her cross-legged position on the floor. She carefully walked across the rocky path beneath the waterfall and grabbed a towel to dry herself off. That afternoon's training had been particularly arduous. Wrapped in her towel, Maya trudged back towards the Fey manor, pain coursing through her body.

Uhh, I could really go for a nice juicy burger right about now. But whilst she was training, she had a strict no burger diet, enforced by the older spirit mediums. Keeping in shape is very important if you want to be the Master apparently. But really, burgers weren't that bad. They had healthy ingredients like lettuce and… tomato. Plus, isn't red meat good for a growing girl? It was pointless though, arguing with the Elders; they always got their way.

Next time I visit Nick I'll just have to make sure there are burgers at every meal! Okay, maybe just every dinner. That's reasonable, right?

Any further thoughts on burgers stopped there as Pearl came rushing out to greet Maya, take her bag and run back in to prepare a hot bath for Maya.

A bath sounded great, especially after sitting under a freezing waterfall for an hour.

A few weeks later, Maya hopped off the train into a sea of people. Nick said he'd be meeting her here, but with all the people on the platform, she wondered whether they'd be able to find each other.

After a good five minutes of aimless wandering, she finally caught sight of a familiar blue suit.

"Nick, hey Nick!" she shouted enthusiastically, waving her arms around like a mad woman.

"Maya it's so good to see you again," Nick said as he pulled her in to a tight hug. "It's been so long, how are you?"

"I'm great, though I could do for a burger or two!"

Nick chuckled. "Of course you could. Come on, if you're that hungry let's get out of here."

"Ohh I can't decide what to have! Too many choices."

"Why not order all of them? That's what you usually end up doing. There's no need for pretence," Nick said glumly. Goodbye money. The short time that we were together was great. Why must Maya get in the way of our love?

"Nick! Are you listening? I said I'd have the King Burger with extra sauce." Maya's eyes glazed over as she remembered the deliciousness that was the King Burger.

Her reminiscence was interrupted by the waitress who, forgoing pleasantries took down their order and left in a hurry. Before Nick was able to comment on her rudeness, Maya began talking animatedly about Pearly and Kurain. Her training had been really intense lately so she hadn't had much time to spend with her cousin.

"Pearly's getting real good at reading nowadays. Every night before she goes to bed, we read together. Its basically the only alone time we get with all of my new duties I have to fulfil." Maya's mood had turned from happy to solemn. Nick hated seeing her like this, mainly because he never knew how to deal with it. Luckily he was saved by the churlish waitress who practically threw their food at them. Maya didn't seem to notice – she already had a mouth full of burger.

Nick picked up his grilled chicken sandwich and took a more socially acceptable sized bite. By the time he swallowed, Maya had already downed half her burger.

"Geez Maya, maybe you should take it a little easy there." All he got was a muffled reply – her mouth was still full of food. He took an educated guess that it was something along the lines of don't be silly, Nick. This is how you're supposed to eat burgers!

"Seriously though Maya, you're not a little girl anymore. Your body isn't just going to burn off all of that burger. If you don't watch out, you'll get fat." At this point, she swallowed the remainder of her burger and was ready for a retort.

"Well for one it's been a while since I've been a 'little girl.' Heck you have only known since I've been a mature young lady." Nick interrupted with an amused snort. "Hey you know its true! Plus, there's no way I'm ever going to get fat. Burgers aren't that bad for you and even if they were – which there are not – I have a super duper metabolism, so I wont be getting fat anytime soon." She made a point of nodding her head as if to confirm the truth in her statement.

"Ah Maya, I don't think that's entirely – "

"Nick, I'm still hungry." She whined. "Let's order dessert!"

Ugh I never win. Sorry wallet, its not a good day for you and I.

Maya had been the city for a week now. No new cases had come up, which left the pair with a lot of spare time on their hands. And for Maya, spare time meant burger time.

Is it just me or has she been more gluttonous than usual?

Maya had been consuming a concerning amount of burgers of late. Usually it would be one, maybe two, per day whilst she was in the city. But the past week it had been more like three or four.

Basically everyday she's wanted burgers for lunch AND dinner. That's just ridiculous, even for Maya.

The situation had become so bad that Nick had refused to go with her.

"Three grilled chicken sandwiches is more than enough for me for one week." Plus I don't think my wallet could handle it much longer. Maya had of course been quite upset by his lack of enthusiasm. The surprising thing was however, that she resorted to using her own money to buy her burgers. If this didn't ring alarms bells in Nick's head, nothing would.

He warned her about eating too many burgers, but that had been about as effective as it had been the first time he warned her.

"Won't you get sick of burgers if you eat that many?" he would ask, but she'd just shrug it off, saying that once she headed back to Kurain there would be no more burgers. Better use this time in the city as best as you can right?

The second week of her stay was much more tame than the first. Maya only went out for burgers once per day and on Thursday she didn't even go.

She had been in Kurain for about 3 months straight. I guess she was just catching up on all the burgers she missed out on.

Saturday was the last day of her stay before she returned to Kurain on Sunday. Maya woke up feeling groggy and quite late for her. The clock read 7:45.

Whoops. Slept in a bit long today. I guess I can skip meditation just this once.

First order of business after meditation was always breakfast. Maya quickly began getting changed out of her pyjamas and into her normal robes.

Well, most people wouldn't call them normal would they?

She was stuck in thought when she noticed her robe wasn't tying up.

Hmm, must be caught on something.

She unthreaded the sash then rethreaded it making sure that it wasn't tangled or twisted. She wrapped her robe around her, but it didn't connect properly.

It couldn't have shrunk in the wash could it? I don't think I've even washed this one at Nick's. How weird.

She dismissed this oddity, after all, the robe still fit; it was just a little tighter than usual. She grabbed the sash to tie the whole outfit together. She met the two ends together, but when she tried to tie them together, they were too short.

Uh-oh, this doesn't look good.