Ok this isn't my first Iz creation just the first to air on here, XP I've been on an invader Binge for the past several days, (weeks) and decided to take one of my personas and put her in here, enjoy.

It was a normal day at for Dib, Zim, and Gaz, well as normal as anything involving those three could be. They were now in Hi-Skool, Dib and Zim being sophomores and Gaz a freshman. Miss Bitters had taken a job at the Hi-Skool, which neither Zim nor Dib was looking forward to. Everyone from middle Skool had made it there with few to no drop outs which was unusual, but given that most of the student that had 'dropped out' were really just used for experiments in Zim's plans. The only thing that was different was that one person who stood out in the crowd.

"Who's that?" Dib asked nudging his sister Gaz who was occupying her time with her handheld GameSlave, looked up at the strange looking person looking around the school grounds. Gaz groaned.

"How the hell should I know?" She said walking off in the direction of the girl. Dib stared after her.

The girl with blue hair looked around in amazement at the school. It was much bigger than her last school. She was so excited that she got to move to this new town, even if it was her social worker's idea. She looked around until a girl with a GameSlave in her hands walked up behind her.

"Hey, you're new here huh?" Gaz asked from behind the girl with blue hair startling her. She turned back at her.

"Oh is it that obvious?" She asked scratching the back of her head and laughing nervously. Gaz smiled a bit.

"Yeah, most people here don't look around the school like an idiot like you are." She said with a bit of a laugh. The girl with blue hair laughed a bit too. "i 'm Gaz, so what's your name?" Gaz asked. The girl stared at he for a minute.

"Huh?" she asked, a bit confused, Gaz put her GameSlave away and sighed.

"Your name what is it?" she demanded, the girl laughed.

"Sorry at my old school no one wanted to know my name they just called me 'the girl with blue hair.' you asking that just threw me off a bit." She explained standing up straight. Gaz laughed again Hi-skool had changed her attitude a bit.

"I see, so what is your name?" she asked for the third time, the girl put her hands behind her back, and smiled.

"I'm Neon." She said introducing herself. "I'm so glad to meet you Gaz." She said putting out her hand for a handshake. Gaz took it.

"So, you've been going to this school for a while huh?" Neon asked, putting her hands in her pockets, she wore a black jacket and with a pair of black jeans, her shirt was a red cut off which exposed her belly, and she wore a skull clip in her hair.

"Yeah, since I was nine." She said as they walked down the halls, as the day went on Gaz and Neon talked about the things they liked, video games mostly. They walked into the cafeteria laughing and comparing high scores, when something or rather someone caught Neon's eye.