Chapter 10

"W-what are you talking about Dib, I'm not that strong and even if I was I'm a pacifist!" she yelled, Dib narrowed his eyes. He had done some research on Neon after Gaz had told him about her, it was while in his car using his tiny laptop, of course. But it was still enough to know she used to have a violent streak at her previous school.

"Neon, I know about your power, so why wouldn't I know about your violent streaks at your previous school." Neon Glared.

"Because I never told Gaz about it." she said, Oops. Dib hadn't thought that she wouldn't tell Gaz about that seeing as how they were pretty tight as friends. Neon still glared.

"And they weren't just random acts of violence as the news articles said!" she screamed, stomping her foot down. Dib said nothing to that comment and continued what he had to say.

"All I'm saying is that you could have kicked Zim's ass by now if you wanted." He said, he kept looking over his shoulder just in case Gaz had lost track of Zim and he came barreling down to his lab. Luckily he didn't.

"Last time I broke down something it didn't end so well." Neon said, sitting back down and turning her back towards Dib. Dib remembered one of the articles he read on his search for her earlier. It had read; Girl with blue hair nearly kills innocents. Child may never walk again. Dib looked at the ground.

"I know that too. But don't you think that this could be used as an acceptation?" he suggested, Neon shook her head furiously.

"No , no, no, NO!" she shouted, covering her ears. "I can't!"

"Why not?" Dib asked, Neon turned to him.

"I only do that stuff when I'm under a lot of stress, and it takes a lot to stress me out." She explained. Dib groaned.

"Wouldn't you say this," he said waving his hands around to show her surroundings, "Would count as stressful?" she asked crossly. Neon looked around.

"I-I suppose yeah." She said meekly, hugging her knees. Dib raised an eyebrow in disbelieve. Neon Stood, the fire returning to her eyes. "Who the hell am I kidding? This is the exact time to use my strength!" she shouted making a fist. She looked at Dib.

"You may want to stand back." She said, Dib did so as Neon punched the glass and shattering it upon impact. Once free she rubbed her knuckles.

"Ow, I'm not used to doing that." She said smiling.

"AAAHHHH!" screamed Zim as he ran from Gaz who was chasing him around his house with a bat.

"You took the one friend I had you asshole! Prepare for a fate far worse than death!" she yelled after him, as she cornered him in his kitchen. Zim was trapped, he couldn't escape from Gaz's fury. Gaz was standing over him bat raise, Zim braced himself for the beating he was undoubtedly going to get, when a loud crash made them both stop, and look in the direction of Zim's kitchen trashcan.

"What the hell?" Gaz asked herself, the crash must have come from inside Zim's lab. Zim looked up at Gaz and saw that she was distracted. He quickly dodged her and made a break for the entrance to his lab.

"Primitive earth beast! You cannot stop the all mighty Zim!" he shouted, Gaz glared at him and ran, as he descended to his lab.

Dib stared as Neon stepped over the broken glass. She turned and looked at him.

"What?" she asked, he did tell her to do it. Dib shook him head.

"Nothing, I just wasn't expecting that." He said, then looked around, this was a perfect time take some picture evidence! He took out his camera.

"What are you doing?" Neon asked, was now the best time to take pictures? Dib looked around and snapped as many photos as he could.

"What is going on here!?" Zim shouted, he had come down the elevator and saw his lab a mess and his prisoner out of her cell. Neon and Dib looked in his direction, to see Gaz glaring down at him. Zim stared at the two who had fear on their faces, with confusion. He turned to look behind him and saw Gaz bat at the ready, and now right in front of him. Zim screamed as Gaz swung at him only to have it caught by Neon.

"Neon? What are you doing?" Gaz asked, Neon smiled shyly.

"Violence never solves anything." She explained, taking the bat out of Gaz's hands, "Even If Zim tried to use me like he did. He doesn't deserve to endure such pain, that I am sure you wish to inflict on him." She turned to Zim who was cowering on the floor. His disguise had come off and he was his old green skinned, red eyed, antenna self. She extended her hand towards him offering to help him to his feet, Zim cautiously took it. Neon smiled then looked him dead in the eye.

"Don't ever try to use me again." She ordered, now that his goggles were off (had been off since he was running from Gaz) she her power now had affect on him. Zim nodded and Neon led the Membrane siblings out of the building.

Dib and Gaz's faces were in complete shock the whole walk from Zim's house. Finally Gaz walked over to Neon.

"Neon, what are you doing?! He kidnapped you, lied to you, locked you up, even tried to use your power to take over earth! Why are you being so nice to him?" she asked, completely flabbergasted that she didn't want to beat the living crap out of the little green E.T. Neon simple shrugged.

"I dunno, guess I'm just nice that way." She said sweetly, Gaz groaned.

"I'm gonna have to fix that." She said half jokingly. Dib looked down at his camera and grinned he finally had proof of Zim's lab!

Upon reaching Neon's house (Dib thought it a good idea to walk her home just in case Zim got any ideas) Neon turned to the siblings, and smiled.

"This was one hell of an adventure you guys." She said extending her arms. "Let's have another one someday." Dib and Gaz both groaned., as Neon laughed. The two were about to leave when Neon called out to Gaz.

"Oh and it's all good Gaz. That dib knows." She said Gaz turned her head to her friend and smiled in relief.

"Thank God." She said "See you tomorrow Neon." And the two left.

The next day at Skool, Gaz saw something that she couldn't believe.

"What are you doing Neon?!" she asked, Neon smiled.

"Eating lunch naturally." She said, Gaz's jaw dropped, whilst yes it was true that she was eating lunch but that wasn't what she was asking, what she really meant to ask was;

"What the hell are you doing sitting with Zim again?!" she blurted, Neon looked over at Zim who was sitting quietly next to her. She then looked back up at Gaz.

"Relax, nothing bad will happen, he is under my complete control, I saw him earlier this morning and well, Zim you tell her." She said. Zim blushed, but said nothing. "Oh fine then puss-puss. I'll tell her, later though ok?" Gaz didn't say a thing, just grabbed Neon by the arm and dragged her outside.

"It's later now, now spill it. Why are you sitting with that freak that kidnapped you?" she demanded Neon giggled.

"Well Gaz, heehee. Zim asked me out." She said. Upon hearing those words, Gaz collapsed.

"Gaz?" Neon asked, looking at her friend whose face was making a ( _ ) face. "Gaz, are you ok?


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