Invader Zim chap 9

"I think it's time we checked Zim's house." Dib said to his sister, it had been hours and they hadn't found Neon. Gaz had tried phoning her house, but her foster parents had said they hadn't seen her all night. Maybe Dib was right.

"Alright then, drive." She ordered. Dib sped off, even faster than the law allowed in the direction of Zim's base, and with any hope, Neon.

"Please let me go. I won't tell anyone I swear." Neon begged from the inside of a glass tube. Zim was busy working on his contraption so his back was turned to her. He laughed at her.

"Foolish HUMAN! It doesn't matter if you speak to anyone about what I am, my disguise is so clever no one would believe you! NO ONE!" Zim shouted not turning to look behind him. Neon took this time to try and pick the lock on the tube with her clip.

"Oh, woe is me. You're right, there's no point in me trying I suppose. You're oh too clever." She said, lying of course and kicking herself for not really noticing earlier. Zim turned to see her picking the lock.

"Try as much as you want but such primitive earth devices won't work on advanced Irken technology." He scoffed, as Neon tried to break out. Neon just glared at him, and noticed that he was wearing some sort of weird high-tech goggles.

"What are those?" she asked automatically. Zim grinned with pride.

"If my work has paid off this will allow me to harness your mind controlling power, without being affected by it myself." He explained pointing to the goggles. Neon rolled her eyes.

"What makes you think I'd comply to anything requested of me?" she asked turning away from Zim and looked at the wall opposite of him. Zim banged on the glass.

"You will obey me! For I am ZIM! I will destroy you if you do not obey!" he shouted, Neon tiled her head to the side. She turned in his direction.

"Are you serious? If you kill me you don't get my power. So how is threatening me get you what you want?" she asked, sitting Indian style on the floor of the tube she was in.

"Ah….Well…..CURSE YOUUUU!" Zim shouted, Neon rolled her eyes again.

'Why did I fall for this idiot again?' she thought to herself, then blushed remembering it was because of his green skin. Then mentally kicked herself again, even if it was in a positive way Neon knew better than to judge a book by its cover

"How 'bout you out that bad boy to the trial?" she shouted, thinking that maybe his idiocy would pay off for her. Neon didn't like using others' stupidity against them, (ok maybe a little) but this was a desperate time, and desperate times call for desperate measures. Zim cocked an eye brow or at least Neon assumed he did he couldn't really see past the weird goggles.

"You dare challenge Irken technology? Foolish earth worm baby I am far more superior to your power!" Zim boasted, Neon smirked.

"Then how'd you come to tell me what you really are?" she asked, ok now she was getting a bit cocky, true as it may be that people tried in the past to take her power, but it usually ended badly for them, which came to land her in this town and why she became a pacifist to begin with. So could anyone blame her for being confident? Zim frowned.

"That was all a part of my ingenious plan!" he said, lying of course. Neon crossed her arms.

"Then why don't you try your luck with me?" she said, Zim nodded, pushing a button on the goggles. They made a weird grinding noise, which made Neon think it was on.

"Let me go!" she ordered the blue flash going across her eyes. She waited a minute, Zim did not budge, he merely grinned of his triumph. Neon fell to her knees.

"No! no, no, no, no. This can't be happening!" she shouted grabbing her hair and pulling it down toward the ground. No one had ever been able to resist her spell, now some alien was going to use it to take over earth! She glared at Zim.

"You monster, I won't let you use my power to take over earth!" she shouted, Zim simply turned his back on her and raised his hand.

"Relax little blue hair-human. I won't force you to do anything so drastic so soon. I merely need your power to destroy the big-headed Dib human." He said as a-matter-o-factly. He then walked back to the elevator he used to transport Neon to her tube earlier and went up to the higher level to do who knew what. Leaving Neon sobbing alone, how could she let herself be duped by some cute guy? This wasn't like her at all! She looked around, nothing; she couldn't find anything she could use to free herself. Then she saw something move from the corner. Maybe there was something in here she could use.

"ZIM!" shouted Gaz from outside Zim's Base, While Dib snuck around to find somewhere to get in without being detected. The plan was for Gaz to distract Zim whilst Dib snuck in and rescued Neon. Though Gaz argued that she would have been better to sneak in, since she was stronger than him, and Neon would probably be much happier to see her only other friend instead of some smug jerk, saying 'I told you so.' but in the end Gaz was in the one distracting Zim.

"Zim come out here, I have something I need to say to you!" Gaz shouted again, she kept a firm grip on her metal bat, 'just in case' she had told Dib, but really she was going to beat the living crap out of the little alien for taking her friend and using her for goddess knows what. Zim popped his head out of his door.

"Whattdya want?" she said, he was in his 'ingenious' disguise but he still had the goggles on his head, he stared at the human. Gaz glared.

"Get out here! Or you'll suffer a hell far worse than whatever your planet could do!" she said darkly putting a death grip on her bat, Zim stepped out, not expecting Gaz to inflict unimaginable pain on him.

Meanwhile Dib had found an opening, a window, which led to the basement. He crawled down a large wire that was hanging from the ceiling, until he reached the bottom. He then looked around and saw a large tube with a small robot in front of it, the robot seemed to be talking to something; Dib looked closer and saw a blue haired girl. Neon.

"so your name is Gir?" she asked the little robot, Gir nodded furiously. Neon sighed. "And you can't let me out of here?"

"No, mater said you needed to stay here so he can use you. YA WANT SOME WAFFLES?" Gir asked, Neon sighed again then saw someone out of the corner of her eye.

"Oh hey Dib." She said, Dib looked at Neon beyond the point of confusion. Wasn't her supposed to save her from impending torture? He looked at the little robot.


"Oh, this is Gir. He's Zim's robot." She explained, Gir then ran off to do who knows what. Neon looked at Dib with happy eyes.

"Are you here to break me out of here?" she said with hope in her voice.

"Yes, Gaz is distracting Zim so he shouldn't come down for a while." He explained and looked around for something to use to unlock the lock on her glass prison.

"Wait couldn't you have just gotten out using your mind power thing?" he asked, Neon's eyes went huge. Shit, he wasn't supposed to let her know he knew. She sat down and hugged her knees.

"So you know now huh?" she said somberly. "Gaz told you I'm guessing?" Dib nodded. She sighed.

"He made some weird contraption now my power has no influence on him." She explained, "And sadly I don't think my power works on machines"

"But you're as strong as Gaz, aren't you? Couldn't you just burst out of this prison?" Dib asked, Neon looked at him with shock.

"W-what are you talking about?" she stuttered. Dib narrowed his eyes at the Blue hair girl.

Kya! This is my longest chapter yet! Four pages on my computer! Wahoo! Anyway I was gone for the weekend and the beginning of this week so I figured I'd make this chapter longer. Ok not really it just happened, I suck at ending things, but this story will be ending soon. But I will be posting another IZ adventure soon, called 'Invader Zim vs. Scarlet harlot.' Another girl with blue hair. But she doesn't have the same power as Neon does. Anyway, Review or die! Haha jk.