The Chances did not have a lot of things that other families might have, but in some ways, they had more. They had love, loyalty, and a general protectiveness of each-other. People on the outside looking in would probably be surprised to know just how much, but as far as Burt was concerned, they could stick it where the sun don't shine. He never cared what others thought like Virginia or Jimmy had. All he cared about was right back in that house, as insane as it sometimes was. He looked at Jimmy, riding the mower, shirtless with Burt's cowboy hat, giving a flirtatious smile to Gwen, the moderately attractive housewife that he had been forced to stop his own flirtation with because after talking about it, it was just weird, for both of them.

But, for the past two weeks, he'd passed this one on to Jimmy, and it seemed to be doing all right- if anything, a little better he thought, with a slight grin of pride. The boy was growing up... Burt still took over most of them, however. He had sheltered Jimmy from this side of the business so long, he didn't want to throw him in full force.

Meanwhile, Jimmy stepped off the mower, wiping the sweat off of his brow with his forearm. Gwen shivered; it was such a manly gesture... She raced over with a glass of iced-tea she'd had waiting since he was halfway through.

"Here ya go, Jimmy," she said softly, "you look thirsty..."

"Thanks, m'am." Jimmy said, wiping the glass on his forehead, cheeks and neck before chugging it down.

Gwen's eyes bugged, and she took the empty glass, setting it down on top of the mower. "Jimmy..." she cooed, "Would you come take a look at something in the garage for me, please?"

Jimmy shrugged. "Yeah, okay... I'm not much with mechanics, though, I'll have to warn you..."

"Oh, no, it's nothing like that..." Gwen assured. "I just need something... reached."

"Ah, okay, yeah, that I can do." Jimmy said cluelessly, following her.

When they got to the garage, suddenly the door started going down by itself and Jimmy jumped away, startled.

"Hol-ly smoke! Is it broken?"

"No, silly; I have a remote." she said, holding it up in her hand before tucking it back onto her hip.

"Ahh, okay..." he said, breathing only slightly easier. The door had unexpectedly closed very close to him, which was unnerving. "So, what do you need me to-" he started as he turned back to her, but saw that she had removed her top. "Gah! Mrs. Morrison... you... you're married..."

"So's my husband, doesn't stop him." she shrugged. "And you, my handsome fella, want me, I can see it." she said, tapping him lightly on the nose with one finger.

"I'm... you've got the wrong idea about me..." Jimmy stammered. "I... I'm kind of seeing someone, her name's Sabrina... okay, she's got a boyfriend right now, but... he's a douche and she's gonna see that pretty soon and see that I'm the most awesome guy for her-"

But, the rest of his rambling speech was cut off as a towel was thrown over his head...