I know what you're thinking….why is she posting the sequel when the first isn't written yet? Well it's only the Prologue and Table of Contents…so you'll just have to wait till I finish the first!

The Spartoi Chronicles- Table of Contents

Prologue: A Bond Betwixt Our Souls

Chapter 1: New Worries- My Destiny Has to Wait!

Chapter 2: Take it slowly- What really did happen back then?

Chapter 3: Into the book (Part One)- Kiddo needs our help!

Chapter 4: Into the book (Part Two)- An Artificial Flower's Lullaby

Chapter 5:Into the book (Part Three)- The Secret to Ultimate Perfection?

Chapter 6: W.A.S.S- Woah, Noah's the new ruler of the world?

Chapter 7: Meet Me Halfway- A false sense of Security?

Chapter 8: Dark Wavelegth Stirring- What will become of our friends?

Chapter 9: Trust and Deception- Why'd you have to do it?

Chapter 10: Try and Remember- A Quick Lesson in Magic!

Chapter 11: Get Ready For This- You and I will Prevail!

Chapter 12: Lazy Saturday Afternoon- Don't Say Goodbye Forever!

Chapter 13: Lazy Saturday Afternoon (Part Two)- Sun, Sand, and Shounen-Ai?

Chapter 14: Forever Yours- Till Rebirth Do We Part...?

Chapter 15: Mifune-Sensei, Mifune Sensei! Teach us something cool!"

Chapter 16: Release Me- The Dark Witch Hunter Revealed?

Chapter 17: The Truth Finds Ways- "I've always envyed you,"

Chapter 18: Medusa Finds a Path- Chaos Reigns?

Chapter 19: The Anger-Filled Demonhunter- Avenge Your Cousin and Possible Lover?

Chapter 20: Make this Count- "If we die, know this..."

Chapter 21: The World Only God Knows- Who Will Defeat the Kishin?

Chapter 22: The World is _!

Epilogue- Legacy?


A voice, a bracelet, a memory...that's all I have right now. But the question is: "Who am I really?" That past I left behind seems to chase me wherever I go, so I guess that bitch called Fate really wants me dead after all.

A ripping sensation from my chest tells me this may very well be the end.

Overhead I hear him calling, my one and only. His voice never seems to have changed at all over the years. It is an agonizing comfort.

More than 400 years, mostly filled with regret.

Our final Nemesis, grinning wider than I've ever seen before. He makes me sick, that former comrade.

I close my eyes and drift away into warmth, away from the Kishin, away from Yuuki my sister, and away from Johnathan, my everything.

Maybe our souls will cross again, later, Death willing.