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Jasper confirmed my suspicions with a haunted tone and eyes. He held me closely and growled, the sound truely frightening. It was only Ezio, who slowly backed out of my room and shut the door. Jasper sighed and gently removed his cool arms from around me, absently scraping back his golden locks in his stress.

"Jasper, it's okay. The feeling I have is that it's at least three months away." I said, rubbing his hand softly. He smiled slightly and swept me into yet another embrace, this one tender.

"You are always calming everyone else's fears, cheri."

"Umm, can I ask you more questions?" I wanted to know all about Jasper, my mind full of endless questions.

"More questions coming from my ever-curious ange? Of course you may." He laughed, his eyes becoming light once more.

"What does mon petit ange even mean?"

"I won't tell you that. It is my special endearment for only you, Edward. Don't ask you teacher either, because she'll be embarassed to say it out loud." He replied, shaking his head in amusement.

"Damn it. Umm, where in Texas were you born?"

"Near Arizona. Small town; I cannot recall the name of it." He shrugged, nuzzling my neck.

"You can't remember the name of your hometown?"

"No. Let me explain something. When I became a vampire, my human memories were weak because they had been seen through human eyes. Much of my earlier life, including the names of my parents, leaves me with a headache if I try. I only remember recent events close to my change."

"So, what's it like, the sight of a vampire?"

"You can see yourself inhaling the dust motes in the air, can see each minute detail, yet see it whole. There's an eigth color in the spectrum... I could go on endlessly about what I can see." He said, his golden eyes glazed over.

-Modern Day-

Alice gave me a look that said we would talk in the forest, away from Edward and his nosy mind-reading. She giggled and gleefully continued to plan Bella's graduation party with a vengeance.

"Okay, hunting time, Jazzy. Your eyes are black again."

"Can I hunt with you? I don't want to attack Bella and-"

-No.- I told him in my mind, projecting it as forcefully as possible.

"Wow, you really don't want me intruding on your personal time... I get it." His wistful expression reminded me of an Edward who was dead; one I had loved very much. "You have the weirdest look on your face. I think you should go hunting with Alice without me."

-Good.Huntonyourown.- I grabbed Alice's petite hand and launched out of the window in tandem with her. We wove in a pattern that no one could untangle, not even one of the Volturi trackers. Stopping fluidly, Alice danced to the center of our own little field and then sat down.

"Sit, sweety, because if you don't, you'll end up falling."

"Alright. Is this about Bella's grad party? I won't eat anyone..." I asked, knowing about her strange obsession over the human girl, as I sat in the cool grass.

"No, Jazz. It is about Bella, but not the way you think."

"Just say it already, dear Alice. You can pull no punches with me." I told her, remembering a certain green-eyed teen.

"I'm in love with Bella."

"Dear, you say that all the time." I reminded her, chuckling as I recalled the dozens of times she'd said it to me.

"No, Jasper, this time I mean it. I love her, not you, now." That stopped my laughing and I stopped breathing for all of five seconds before seeing that she was being completely honest with me. I let out a sigh and scraped back my hair, my mind again on Edward Masen. "Say something, Jazz, anything; this is scaring me."

"I understand, Alice. I never really could love you, as my heart belongs to someone you never knew."

"Who were they that they've held your heart for this long?"

"He was special; gifted. He wrote music and he was beautiful, Alice... He was a human."

"What was his name?"

"Edward Masen. He had the most expressive pair of green eyes I've ever seen. That's why sometimes I cannot stand green when you wear it."

"Oh, Jazz... What happened to him?"

"We were together for three months when his father came home... The man brought death to his home; they all died of the Spanish Influenza."

"Did you-"

"Yes. He was so fragile, I could barely try. But try we did, and we succeded. I-I couldn't bear to watch as he died..." My voice broke on the last word and the grief I'd held in came roaring up in a tidal wave. Alice reached out and I pulled back, a snarl escaping me before I thought, my century as leader of a newborn army kicking in.

"Jasper, please. You need to let it out."

"If-If I let it out, I'll forget him. I don't want to do that."

"You'd let me go chase after Bella?" She suddenly asked, changing the coversation completely.

"Go for it. She'll give in when she realizes that Edward isn't meant for her." I told her, the tidal wave safely locked behind a wall of tempered steel in my mind once more. A new emotion alerted me to the presence of another vampire in our vicinity.

"You hear something, Jazz?" I held a finger to her lips and nodded before blitzing straight towards the emotion. A grunt told me who it was and I immediately scrambled to get away from Edward. "Edward? How did you find us?"

"That trail is confusing, so I just read your mind Alice. You love Bella?"

"Yes, I do. I see her and I together."

"Lies." He hissed, a snarl aimed at Alice. "I heard everything, you know. I was Edward Masen when I was a human in 1917; I don't remember you at all." A sharp stab of pain lanced its way into my heart.

"Don't say that name... He wasn't anything like you."

"He wrote music, didn't he?"

"Yes, he did. He was going to a university in Vienna to write compositions after the war was over... He died of Spanish Influenza. I should know, I saw the graves. I have visited them every year since his death."

"What was his mother's name?"

"Elizabeth Masen. A sweet woman who was as full of spitfire as any one woman can be. She loved her son deeply."

"His father?"

"Edward Masen Sr. I hated that man for what he did on a daily basis."

"Okay, say I was Edward Masen. What happened the day we met?"

"I saved your life and called you an ungrateful little kid. You scribbled your address on a piece of paper and took off on me. I still have it somewhere on me... Ah, there it is. I suppose this would be your handwriting?" As I handed it to him, a stray wind picked up and I got hit in the face with his scent. It held trace amounts of the human I had loved and known; but that simply could not be.

"This is my handwriting! What else do you have?" Topaz eyes nearly a shade darker than mine looked up with excitement and curiousity, a look I remembered very well. "Well?"

"I have quite a few things, but I have to remember where I put- Ah. Alice, be a sweetheart and come back with us. I need that key I gave you a very long time ago."

"You mean this one?" She held it out on a grey satin ribbon, which had been around her neck ever since I'd told her that it meant a lot to me.

"Very sweet, Alice. Did you know then?"

"No, but I didn't ask then because of the pain I saw."

Jasper carefully pulled down what looked like an old hat box and blew the dust off of it, grinning as he did so. Alice handed him the key and he unlocked it with extreme care. The very first thing I saw was a dageurrotype of Jasper and my human self, laughing. I picked it up and looked in astonishment to see that the photo wasn't even inscripted or drawn. This was an actual picture, and it wasn't blurred, which I found suprising.

"Carlisle, did you know?" I asked, knowing he could hear me.

"I smelled another vampire on you, but I did it anyway. Your mother asked... I think she knew what I was because of- Is that you and Jasper?"

"Yes, Carlisle. I was listening in on Jasper and Alice's conversation because Alice said that she loved Bella, romantically and physically."

"You don't love Jasper?"

"Ours was a mutual friends with benefits relationship." She said softly, touching her hair before smiling. "Love was never part of our equation."

"You were very careful never to be not as affectionate as the rest of us. I see now; how clever." Carlisle said, a small smile gracing his flawless lips.

"I suppose." Jasper answered, shrugging.

"How much do you know about Edward Masen?" Carlisle asked, his tone soft. -CertainlymorethanIdo.-His resentful thought was a suprise to me.

"Everything." I watched as his face twisted with emotion and he did something I'd never seen him do. His breathing hitched as a shudder wracked his body. "I-I don't want to speak of this anymore." He fled, faster than I'd ever seen him go. Carlisle's face fell as his thoughts spilled over.

-ThisIdidnotexpectfromhim.HelovedEdwardMasen.- I had been in love with Jasper? When? I jumped out the same window and follwed Jasper's scent directly to the border between the wolves' territory and our own. He stood on the cliff, just inside our scentline.


"Ah, Edward. Here to see me go insane? I'm going to the Volturi; I can't stand it anymore."

"They'll change your mind, Jasper, make you one of them. Don't do it."

"And why not, may I ask?" His tone was caustic and angst-riddled. "Always saving someone, hmm?"

"Damn it, Jasper! You're not making this any easier!"

"Making what any easier, Edward? The boy I knew and loved is gone. I tried not to face it, but he is forever out of my grasp." He turned while saying those heart-breaking words. "Gone, and there is nothing that can bring him back." The agony in his eyes made me want to cry, and I had no idea why I was feeling that way. I pulled Jasper close and something swept over me that I was powerless to stop. I kissed Jasper, hesitantly at first, then gave in to the passion that erupted from Jasper.

I kissed Edward, aware that what I was feeling couldn't possibly be true. This was my Edward, only different, stronger now. I had fled when he'd requested me to in 1918. He'd told me not to come back, ever. The Masen family plot held all three of their graves, but what if Edward's had only been for show? I came back for his funeral, even though he'd forbidden it. I was the only one who stood there that day, was the only person to listen to the Masen family's eulogy as it came out of the priest's mouth. I kissed Edward harder, seeking to push the memory of his human self below the surface, where it had stayed for so long. But, just like our first kiss, I pulled back first and found we were so close to the edge of the scentlines that we were nearly in the wolves territory. I grasped his hand and we ran to his clearing, the one he shared only with Bella.

"Are you sure, Edward?" Again, the flash of memory evoked a sense of deja'vu, that we'd done this before.

"Jasper, I- I remember now." His voice was quiet, but it carried across the clearing. "I remember you asking me the same question right before we- I've been searching for you for most of my immortal life, but I haven't been able to see because I was blocked by the memory loss of the Spanish Influenza..."

"That, and you never really could read my mind, Edward. I thought my senses were messing with me when I smelled you changing... I thought I'd gone mad with your death." I answered, a faint amusement at the thought entering my voice. "Don't you usually bed down with Bella?"

"Ha, like I'd turn down time spent with you for her? Alice can have the little clutz. I know she heard me." His eyes were filled again with that blantant desire, the same crooked grin gracing his lips. Yes, this was my Edward, only stronger now and this time I didn't have to hold back. He knew it and I knew it as well. "Shall we then?" I grinned and tackled him, pinning him under me.

"Just like our first kiss, only I was the one who did the tackling." He teased, amusement in his expression.

"Mmm, but I was the one who started it." I kissed him again, my full weight against his warm body.

"Yes, yes you did. You still taste the same after all these years."


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