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Hello ladies. My how I've missed everyone! I'm back in the saddle after my short break that was filled with a lot of writing. This story was written a long time before Bella the Babysitter but for some reason or another never got published. Sixteen chapters including the epilogue. I'm really busy at work lately but the new management allows me to have my laptop *thank you baby Jesus* :) soo I'm hoping to update every other day if my addicts allow it.

I've prewritten my version of a drabble that consists of 45 chapters and thanks to the wonderful duo that is V and Caitlin it's almost ready. I want to be done with this one before I upload it so I don't get confused. Hint hint, there's a countryward in it.. and he's oh so cute cause apparently I'm good with the fluffy shit.

I'm also working on another drabble that's sort of grabbed me and took over my brain in the span of twenty four hours. So yeah.. I have a lot going on in the FanFiction world. I hope you guys like this story.. cause it's short and I've grown a lot since writing it. Caitlin tried to clean it up and V helped me dust it off sooo yeah Enjoy

Chapter One

"Yo, Ed-man! Think fast!" I heard someone call from my far left before I saw a slim glass cylinder make its way towards my face. Without thinking I put my hands in front of my face in attempt to deflect it. Bad mistake.

The sound of shattering glass was followed by the room going completely silent. The current experiment was completely forgotten as Mr. Banner started barking out orders and instructions on proper lab safety.

"Dude, what the hell?!" Emmett, my lab partner and best friend since before kindergarten, whined as he took in the mess around us.

"You were supposed to catch it."

"How the hell was I supposed to know that I was supposed to catch the fragile glass coming straight at my head, you freaking douche bag?!" I yelled, clearly exasperated with his take on things. Emmett flexed his muscles and rolled his head before cocking his fist back to punch me, but the teacher had made an appearance wielding a broom and dust pan.

"Gentlemen calm down. Mr. McCarty, that will be seventy-two fifty and I want the check by Friday or you won't graduate this year. Understood?" Mr. Banner said as he meticulously swept up all the glass shards. "This is the last straw gentlemen. I've had enough of this nonsense. McCarty go work with Newton. Cullen you will be working alone."

"But sir-" both Emmett and I tried to protest, but it was no use.

"Now McCarty or I'll write you up," he growled as he finished his sweeping. "Mr. Cullen your grades are good enough for you to work on your own for now. We have a new student arriving in a week or so. One of the elementary school teachers' daughter. We aren't starting dissections until after winter break so you should be fine."

Emmett threw his giant body around the room like a child as he made his way over to his new partner. Michael Newton was practically vibrating in his seat as Emmett sat down, and I couldn't contain my chuckle. Every time Emmett scooted five inches away from Mike, Mike would scoot six towards Emmett while they finished the lab experiment. If this continued, in no time flat, Newton would be sitting in the big bear's lap.

I on the other hand had to start all over working by myself. I still ended being one of the first people finished, so I cleaned up my work station, turned in the lab worksheet and rechecked my math homework that was due next period. The lunch bell rang and Emmett practically ran from the room like Road Runnerto get away from Mike Newton's freaky ass. I had to run to catch up with him, laughing my ass off the entire way.

"Dude, he has the hots for you," I laughed breathlessly when I reached Emmett, who was just outside the cafeteria doors. "Wait till Rosalie hears about this."

"Dude, shut the fuck up," he growled, punching my arm with enough force to almost knock me over. "At least I have people throwing themselves at me. You, on the other hand, are going to end up being a forty year old virgin, still living with mom and dad."

"Shut up," I snapped, walking into the cafeteria ahead of him. My arm throbbed from his punch, but I didn't show my discomfort. It would only make it worse. I had just made it to the lunch line when I felt a tiny person attach themselves to my back, but I chose to ignore them and act like I didn't notice the extra ninety pounds that was currently fittedto my body like a hiking backpack.

"EDWARD!" Alice screamed as she slapped me in the head a few times from her perch on my back.

Alice is my little sister, and she and I had a very close relationship. She was conceived weeks after I was born and born extremely premature after complications. She had fought for her life in the hospital and didn't come home until almost two months after my first birthday.

As a child she had a weak immune system and we were never allowed to play out in the snow or during pollen season together because it could be disastrous for her health. That led to our move to the always sunny Jacksonville, Florida when I was five. In truth, she gave bubble boy a run for his money up until the age of four and a half when she was given a clean bill of health. She was always small for her age, never having caught up with her growth, but she was Alice. We were inseparable from a young age and lucky enough to start kindergarten together because of our birthdays.

"What Alice?" I asked, chuckling, and walking to the lunch line with her still attached. A few students snickered at the sight, but no one said anything. She jumped down and hugged me from behind, squeezing all of the air out of my lungs. For someone so absolutely miniature, she was like an ant when it came to strength.

"I just wanted to say I love you big brother," she squealed.

"What do you want?" I asked pulling a plastic tray out and filling it with enough food for the two of us to share. Whenever she wants something, she usually sucks up to me.

"Well, Jasper asked me to go out with him Saturday afternoon and I was wondering if you could cover for me with the 'rents?"

I could feel the pout without even having to look at her face. Being the miracle child that she was, Alice got away with murder. When she couldn't pull the 'I almost died before I was even born' card she brought out the heavy artillery: the pout. One pout and Alice got a Porsche for her sixteenth birthday. One pout and she got her own credit card. She knew the power of the pout and the effect it had on everyone.

"But you're grounded," I taunted.

"It's not my fault!" she retorted, stomping her foot like a child. "That cop was a bitch. Excuse me for trying to give her a few beauty tips."

"You told her she needed to wash her hair and buy some facial cleanser, Alice," I laughed. "Mom, Dad and I were surprised she didn't stun you with a Taser after that comment."

"Please Edward. I haven't gone out with Jasper in likeā€¦ a week and a half," Alice whined, flitting around so that she could unleash her full on pout.

"Oh, why didn't you say so?" I asked sarcastically. "An entire week and a half? The horror!"

"Shut up Edward! You don't know what it's like to be in love," she snapped, slapping my already hurt arm. I pursed my lips to hold back a whimper. "How about this? You tell mom and dad you need me to go with you to do some clothes shopping, because Lord knows your wardrobe could use the help, and I will find you a date for the day. Plus I'll pick you up a few things to keep up with appearances."

"Alice there's no way in hell I'm allowing you to find me a date," I said shaking my head. "Not after last time."

"How was I supposed to know that Jessica Stanley has a major crush on Mike Newton?" Alice asked sincerely. "Besides, you've only been on a handful of dates. How are you supposed to find the one if you're not putting yourself out there?"

"Alice," I sighed, setting the tray on the counter before grabbing her shoulders and shaking her lightly. "I'm a senior in high school. I

don't need to find the one right now."


"No buts. We are in high school. Remember that" I replied, letting go of her. "I'll cover for you on Saturday if you let this go. I'll just go to Starbucks and use their Wi-Fi so that I can finish my English paper."

"Edward... you have to get a life," Alice said as she paid for our food and grabbed each of us a drink, lemonade for her and a canned iced tea with lemon for me. "You know your GPA isn't going to drop if you hang out for a weekend... without your text books."

"Yeah Ali, I know," I stated in finality, leading the way back to our table. Jasper, Emmett and Rose were already sitting down. Emmett packed his lunch and he always shared with Rose, whereas Jasper raided the vending machine in the senior hallway every day before coming to the cafeteria. He was paranoid that the lunch ladies spit in his food after he pissed them off during our freshmen year.

For as long as I could remember my friends have always paired up. Even before they officially started datingI could tell that they drifted to one another: Emmett with Rosalie, and Jasper with Alice. They never made me feel uncomfortable on movie nights or when the group went off to do things, but I did feel lonely when they left to do a double date or couple-like things.

I have tried and failed at any attempts of a love life. Alice told me I was being too picky, but I knew what I wanted. Someone that could hold a conversation with me that didn't involve the words 'like', 'um', and 'yeah', like Jane Volterra .Someone that liked me for me and wouldn't try to change me, like Lauren Mallory. And someone who wasn't in love with the school's weirdo, like Jessica Stanley was with Mike Newton.

Some would say I gave up too quickly, but after three horrendous dates I gave up and decided to just stick with what I knew. School was something I enjoyed. I liked learning new things every day. The kids were pretty cool and the cliques weren't like those on TV, where the jocks make the geeks' lives a living hell, or the band geeks were sex crazed teenagers that got caught in janitor's closet going at it.

Everyone lived relatively comfortably in their own skin. We knew everyone and gossip wasn't needed. You either liked someone or you didn't. That's justhow it was. I liked waking up in the morning on weekdays knowing that I would be taught a wide variety of new things that day, and enjoyed getting homework to take home.

I was the geek of our wholesome little group of five. Emmett was the athletic weightlifter, Jasper was president of student council and star track member, Rosalie was head cheerleader, Alice was the founder and president of the fashion/design club, and I was the bookworm. The five of us had a powerful friendship and we only grew closer as the years went on. But now my friends were inching away to do their coupling things more often, and I was starting to realize that one day I would be alone.

I tried not to let them know that deep down it hurt to know that Emmett and Rose were planning on getting an apartment together when we went off to college. Alice and Jasper were going to take a year off to travel the world before coming back for school, and I would be alone. I didn't let them see the part of me that dreaded life after graduation. They didn't know that I dreaded applying to the colleges I've dreamed of going to when I realized I would be attending them alone.

I listened to Emmett moan and groan about the fact that Rosalie was trying to learn to cook so she could be more independent once we all went off to college. He would whine about the stomach aches he got from the concoctions she fed him, but he would never tell her how truly disgusting some of her meals were because she was proud of her creations, and at the same time he was proud of her because he loved her. Part of me longed to have someone that would make me disgusting burnt cookies. I wanted to have to learn how to drop mouthfuls of food into a napkin sitting in my lap, like I had helped Emmett master a few months ago, so as to not hurt my girl's feelings.

Jasper would moan and groan about Alice's ability to shop literally until he dropped. While that wasn't anything new to me, seeing as I stood in as her packing mule on more than one occasion, I couldn't help the small bit of jealousy that sprung up when he cried about new blisters or the loss of circulation in his fingers from the amount of bags my sister forced him to carry. He confided in me one time that he would never gripe to her face because he loved to see her eyes light up and her smile take over her face when she found something she absolutely had to have. That smile was worth any torture to him. I wanted someone to force me to endure something I absolutely hated. I wanted to endure that task just to see a moment of her happiness. I wanted to be the source of her happiness.

"So did you guys hear about the new student?" Rose asked, bringing me out of my thoughts. The entire table let out a collective 'no', except for me.

"Yeah, Mr. Banner told me she was going to be my new bio partner," I said, shooting Emmett an annoyed look. I was still annoyed with him for what happened, and I pray to God that the trouble we got into today didn't force me to endure the rest of the year with a sucky lab partner.

"Yeah, Coach Gloria had me help her pull out those physical education booklets for her. Apparently she can't participate in gym this year, so she will have to write essays. I feel sort of bad for her," Rose said sympathetically. Alice grabbed my hand as I was reaching for a fry to get my attention.


"Things are about to change," Alice said with a huge smile of her face and a gleam in her eye. "I can feel it."

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