Harry potter is a forgotten child ! left to learn how to fend for him for the young age for 4 years old over the next few years Harry is subjected to more nelgect by those who where meant to look after him. now as his eight birthday approaches what else will happen to poor harry to add to the confound misery of his short life or will his life become better. i dont own harry potter j.k does

Sat in a run down old shabby bedroom located at the back of Potter Manor was a small dark haired,green eyed child in tatted old rags that covered his bruised and cut skinny body. today dear reader he turned five not that it matted you see poor Harry had spent the last four years living in his own personal hell ever since holloween 1981 when Harry James Potter the heir to the potter estate and bloodline, born July 31st 1977. The eldest son of James and Lily Potter and Brother to Matthew sirius Potter (who is his youngest brother by three years but born on july 31st as well ) Had been attack by none other then Lord Voldermort,

who had been defected when Harry used a shield to deflected the killing curse. which left poor harry with a small lightling bolt scar on his forehead also left the 4 year old magically exhusted to the point where Harry blacked out.

only to find in the morning to find his parents paying matthew more attention then to him. for the next four years the only thing harry every hoped for was his parents love and attention every birthday so far had proved to be worst then ever when he turned five years old he only got a small childs book and a bag of sweets, at six he only got one present from his uncle Remus a wolfshaped teddy bear which little harry kept in a small shoe boxs under his bed and on his seventh he recieved nothing while his brother had a big party every year which left him with a bedroom full of presents and tons of followers. today would be no difference to harry then any other day rotuine.

Harry finally dragged himself out of his bed grab a old pair of jeans that wasnt ripped or torn along with a shirt that fitted a boy twice the size of him some underwear and a pair of very old and discoloured socks and headed to the small outdated ensuit bathroom for his morning loo and shower. once cleaned and dressed Harry was ready to head out to the kitchen to grab some food, his parents and brother never entered the kitchen mainly because the Potter house elfs did all the work today was extremely busy for them due to Matt's 5th birthday party. Harry carefully made his way across the busy big kitchen with where filled with the twenty six elfs to the far end where he found some bread, cheese and milk waiting for him on a small table that the head elf dinky set up.

"Master Harry your breakfast is ready sorry its not much again but the party is much bigger this year and your parents wants aload of food and drinks" Squeaked the elderly elf who fondly loved Harry.

"thank you dinky will there be any chance of some lunch today?" harry Begged.

when the elf shook his head, Harry sighed knowing full well he wouldn't be eating for the rest of the day. well happy birthday Harry.He sadlywhimped to himself and begain to wolf down the small loaf of stale bread. He deciding to leave the cheese intill later, The small underfed child wrapped the small piece of bread and little lump of cheese into his hanky and downed his milk in one go.

after ten more minutes spent sitting at the table, Harry decided to peak into the grand ballroom. the poor Eight year old had never seen a birthday party like this in his life, Caused the young wizard to following the small group of Potter elfs heading up the stairways that lead directly to the ballroom. The door flew open to a hugh racket of talking and music and small children loudly echoing in the room.

Harry whipped his head around the door and saw many important people from the minstry of magic and many pure and half blood families along with friends and family. In the middle Harry could just make out his Parents and grandparents and Five year old brother surrounded by many excited people.

"HAPPY BRITHDAY MATTHEW"and"Many happy returns to you young man" could be heard. the small lad decided he could not take no more, Harry slowly walking back down to the kitchen tears falling from his puffy red eyes. just once he wanted his parents attention his grandparents too like before the evil wizard attacked. Lord and Lady potter and Mr and Mrs Evans never paid him much attention any more afterwards they loved matt and happly told people that he was their ownly Grandson.

Harry walked into dinky as the head elf shouted orders to the rest. "Sorry Master Harry why is master harry unhappy for he is eight today" harry cried even more startling the loving elf.

Dinky had petty much raised Harry for the past four years, he and the rest of the Elf's loved him and had been there for Master Harry since his Master's could not be brothered. The elfs had all decided the young master needed love from Human Parents and from their contacts from other Elfs that servied other noble and wise old Families. they informed dinky and the rest of the Potter elfs that they had found the perfect couple in France who already had two Daugthers. The lady could nolonger have any more children due to the turmatic birth of their youngest.

Over the past Year the Elfs started to slip forgotten potions into the Potter's drink and food every Breakfast, lunch and Dinner. the Potion destoryed the last remaining memory of their eldest son. Dinky's final presant to his young master/adopted son was a away out from the Potters. the Elfs gathered around the small child each with a loving smile on his and her's face

"Master Harry today. we the Potter Elf's have a present for you A new loving family. One we approve for you. take this necklace of the proud Elf's nation. When ever your introuble we will come with the rest to defend you." squeaked Polo

"your destiny is too great for you to remain here in Potter manor and England forever forgotten. Master Harry your new Family await you in France." the youngest elf in pink laughted.

Dinky tears in his huge eyes, Move to his young Master with his homemade cup. "Harry Take this its a portkey. yes i know you know what it is, time is short and sooner and later someone will notices your gone. Please do not comeback intil you can defend yourself. Do NoT GO TO hogwarts. Try another school in europe maybe another from across the world. I know the headmaster wants to send you away anyway DO not trust Him." the elderly elf pushed the cup towards Harry. " goodbye Master Harry one day we will meet again intil that day stay safe."

Harry watched each elf's tears fall to the kitchen floor as the blue flame swept around his body and the cup. he felt the pull he shut his bloodshot eyes and shouted goodbye to his Family. soon He slammed onto a wooden floor and heard shouting in french. two strong arms wrapped around his middle and pulled him into a bone breaking hug.

"Harry bienvenue chez mon fils (Harry Welcome to your new Home my son)."

Harry eyes stared up at the smiling faces of a women and her husband who beamed at him. while in the background a Girl about his age with sliver blond hair and a little toddler smiled from the door. " Joyeux anniversaire petit frère bienvenue à la maison (Happy Birthday Little brother welcome home)."

with a Smile on his face and joy and love in his heart, Harry was home at last. When he returned to England in the furture. He Harry James Potter would repay the kindness off both the Goblin and Elf's nations for his escape.

Author Notes: i guess you would figure out who is Harry's new family if not here's a clue the Girls make an appearance in HP4 GOF. i decided on an older Harry so he be 17/18 when he returns. wITH james and Lily its the sad case of just never paying any attention to their son. Plus old Dumbles mistake as well. i forgot to mention the goblins helped the potter elfs with the portkey they themselve know Harry is the real bwl but dont like the wizards and minstry that much. in my original version Lupin Adopted Harry he will come into in a few chapters as Harry's godfather.