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The Roar of the crowd alerted the Beauxbarton champion that the youngest member of Tri-wizard tournament had finally finished the cruel task. The Moment had finally come; the remaining champion stood slowly stretching and flexing every muscle in his body. The last hour waiting had numbed his lower legs and arms without Harry noticing, the black haired teenager gathered his wand after emptying his pockets of rubbish that would only weight him down once he changes. His mind settled on plan b if anything went wrong Plan c would have to be used.

"And finally ladies and Gentleman the Beauxbarton's champion will face none other than the most feared Dragon ever. The Hungarian Horntail!" Ludo Bagman's voiced echoed through-out the castle's ground. From a distance one could hear Lily Potter screaming bloody murder at the Judges by the muffled sounds shortly followed Harry concluded that his mother had been restrained against her will and was currently in the middle of being removed from the stadium.

A smirk appeared on his lips as he wondered towards the end of the tunnel, waiting for Bagman's big introduction.

"Ladies and Gentleman welcome our last champion Harry Potter!"

As he emerged from the tunnel to his right, his fellow seventh years and sister screamed and applauded, His headmistress had taken her place in the judge's area between Dumbledore and that clown from the ministry Crouch with an amused look on her face. Harry could tell she expected a Grand display of magic. To Harry's left his 14 year old brother and three unknown younger siblings, stood behind them was the mutt and Werewolf alas he couldn't see His parents.

He was rudely interrupted by the horntails bellow of anger as she stood proudly between him and her eggs. Here we go harry time to shine. Where he stood he became engulfed in light before he vanished.

###################Matthew's P.O.V####################

My brother was next to face his dragon, I didn't envy him at all, the Swedish short-snout was a baby compared to the mega monster I could hear being brought into the ring. I was becoming impatient waiting for Madam Promfey to let me go after all it was a tiny scratch to the shoulder not 3rd degree burns that Cedric had received in his attempt to retrieve the golden egg.

Hermione and Neville stood beside my bed along with my younger Siblings passing the egg between them; the Golden egg was hinged in the middle which I guest held the clue to the next task. Finally the healer prodded and probed my shoulder muttering her disgust at this year's dangerous creature. Not that I could blame her as I had my own designated bed in her ward.

"This year dragons…what is next OK potter you may leave to get your results but I don't want to see you again for a while."

I didn't hesitate, Grabbing the egg from the twins I jumped from the bed running flat back to the stadium to the platform where my parents stood waiting. Dad stood holding mum who looked pale and red eyed. I could tell dad was proud just by the way he was standing. Soon the judges each displayed their scores, from Madame Maxine I received a nine which dad and Sirius cheered at. Next Krum's head master shot a four from his wand ensuring boos from home crowd, Hermione, Neville and the family. From Dumbledore a nine as Neville smacked me on the back and finally from crouch a nine. I looked to the leaders board and laughed I was currently first with 31 out of 40 while while cedric was second and Krum stone dead last. With only harry who could and most likely beat me left.

"And finally ladies and Gentleman the Beauxbarton's champion will face none other than the most feared Dragon ever. The Hungarian Horntail!" Ludo Bagman loud voice assaulted my ears. To my direct left mum started screaming as tears poured from her eyes the stress of her two sons in a dangerous tournament finally caused her to have a break down. Dad and Remus hit mum with a well-placed body bind before they removed her from the arena while Pads looked after the youngsters.

Bagman continued as if nothing had happened from my position I could make out Ronald Weasley laughing as his bitch of a sister Ginny wiped her eyes of fake tears as she took the piss out of mum. Oh they would be sorry for the trouble they have done over the years.

"Ladies and Gentleman welcome our last champion Harry Potter!"

Harry emerged from the tunnel looking calm as he did when I was waiting in the tent for my own turn. His wand loosely hung from his hand as if he didn't care one bit. He watched his eldest brother smile at his school mates and fleur, before looking in our direction his eyes taking everyone. An eerie silence had fallen upon the crowd as an almighty roar erupted from the biggest dragons I have ever seen stood upright in-front of a clutch of pale eggs topped with the golden egg.

Harry didn't move when a flash of bright light engulfed his body as he disappeared from view. After mare second the light faded, harry had vanished except for a black feathered phoenix that was in mid-flight.

Beside me Hermione started whispering to Neville about what kind of phoenix it was. "It's a royal phoenix they don't exist anymore its impossible."

Harry/phoenix thrilled at the beast, much to the crowd and judges amazement they female dragon gently laid to the floor head resting near the phoenix grunting at it as if they were having a bloody conversation. A dull thud from behind me indicated Sirius had hit the ground.


Harry thrilled softly at the enraged dragon; keeping his distances just in-case the female decided it was lunch time. But soon relaxed as the dragon lowered her head to the ground, he could hear the sound of humans speaking to each other and gasping from the other humans in the stands.

"What are you?" The dragon grunted towards the bird floating in mid-air.

"I am Harry might dragon, I mean you and your young no harm the humans have placed an egg into your clutch that is not real." Harry thrilled.

"The humans have violated my nest?" She looked around to her eggs unbelieving.

"Yes there is a gold egg atop of your young that has no place in there. May you allow me to approach and remove the offending egg?"

"I can't see any difference then again we horntails only see in black and greys. I'll allow you to take it and not to bring it back. Go Harry before I change my mind." The dragon stood stretching her wings.

Harry flew to the clutch grabbing the egg into his talons before flaming to the judges table that looked extremely proud off him, as his headmistress stroked his head. In the arena the horntail took her anger out on the handlers sending each wizard flying into the stand, once they had been taken care off she grabbed the leather bag that held her young tightly into her claws flapping her amorous wings taking to the skies before anyone could stop her.

"Goodbye Harry it's been a pleasure but for the sake of my young I must fly." She roared over the screams and shouting below.

"Thanks again head west away from the humans." Harry squawked as the beast disappeared behind cloud cover. "Well that was fun now to calm this lot down." Dropping the egg on the table he flew to high into the air and thrilled restoring the peace.

"Ladies and Gentleman the scores for Mr Potter." Bagman boomed loudly to the stunned crowd. "Ten from Professor Dumbledore, a nine Mr couch, ten from Madame Maxine and finally an eight from Igor. 37 out of 40 Beauxbarton champion is in first place in second place Mr Potter, third Mr Diggory of Hogwarts and fourth Mr Krum. Champions the next task is not for a few months so no need to worry"

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