Author's Notes: A little piece written for a "guess who it is" challenge. I rediscovered it on my hard-drive, and thought I'd share it. Short and sweet.


This is me. You take what I am, or leave it.

Most leave it.

I'm one of the best in my field, well, almost one of the best. I try. That's all anyone can do.

I don't think there's anyone who can really say they know me. It's a struggle sometimes, being me, seeing me. I blend into the crowd, it's my skill. Sometimes I wish I could be something else, or do something better. Sometimes I dream that someone, anyone, will turn around and see me as more than just a line of defence. More than just a thief taker and a criminal catcher.

I think only two people have ever smiled at me like they're really happy to see me. One is a gentlemen, a man to whom chivalry still exists. He looks battered and weary but I know he's a fighter. He's like the other one in that sense. He'll never give up. He's fought the lycanthropy all his life, and he'll keep on fighting it. He holds back the beast within, that's more than most of us can do. When he smiles it's wild, but it's welcoming.

The other one that made me really look belonged to a boy. Well a man-child really, not yet wise, but not innocent either... He smiled with such relief, like I was his saviour or something. Yeah, he was defensive, but then what else do you expect from the Boy Who Lived? He smiles like a hero, though I'm sorry to admit it.

Wotcha. I'm Tonks, just Tonks.

Nice smile.