AUTHOR'S NOTE: I've been LOVING all the Ugly Betty fanfiction – especially the continuation stories! It was so hard to see the show end without seeing whatever became of Detty, so these fics have been satisfying my craving for more. My problem with how the series ended was that the writers didn't really take the time to develop Daniel and Betty's love for each other. It kind of just appeared out of nowhere in the last few episodes. This is my own take on the continuation of Ugly Betty, but I really wanted to take the time to develop their feelings before they get together. This is also my VERY FIRST fanfic, so please, please R&R, but be nice and CONSTRUCTIVE! THANKS!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Ugly Betty, its characters, or any ideas, concepts, or names originating from the ABC show.

He wasn't sure why he was flying all the way across the ocean for his former assistant. He wasn't even sure what he would do when he got there. He had spent the greater part of the past two months deliberating with the alien feelings he had been having since Hilda and Bobby's wedding. Betty was especially beautiful that day. Maybe it was the dress or the hair and makeup. Or maybe it was the glow of pure joy she had for her sister. Or perhaps beauty really was in the eye of the beholder. Weddings had a way of putting everyone in the mood to fall in love. Perhaps Daniel was just looking at Betty through new eyes. Then there was Hilda's speech. It's like she was describing his and Betty's relationship to a tee and calling it "true love." Was it love or just a special friendship? Whatever it was, Daniel hadn't been able to stop thinking about Betty since that day.

He blamed his mother. If it wasn't for the ideas she planted in his head about being in love with Betty, he never would have been so perplexed and he certainly never would have followed this path. This path that started with dropping his career, his home, his life just to see her face again and hoping this path would lead to some moment of clarity.

Betty usually did that for him. Whenever he felt like he was floundering or confused, she would be there with a bagel and a pep talk and the fog would just lift away. But now she was gone and he had spent the last two months lost. MODE no longer seemed important to him, dating was no longer interesting (he hadn't even slept with a single one of his last 20 dates). He missed her and he felt horrible for having hurt her before she left. He was like a fish living his life in water – swimming in it, breathing it, relying on it to survive, but completely unaware of its presence until he was taken out of it. Suddenly he felt like he was suffocating without her there.

Was he really in love with her? He had always felt a deep love and respect for her as his best friend and his backbone, but in love? And if he was, what would become of it? Would Betty even reciprocate those feelings? Was he ready to even make that kind of commitment to someone so soon after Molly? What if she rejected him? Would it just make their friendship forever awkward? Would he go back to New York to everything he had already given up? Would he stay in London anyway? So many questions swirled around in his mind it was beginning to be physically debilitating.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is the Captain speaking. We will be landing at London Heathrow Airport in about 15 minutes. The weather around Heathrow is partly cloudy and we are looking at a slightly bumpy descent, so please be sure to put on your safety belts and put away your tray tables at this time. Thank you for flying with us today."

This was it. He had been rehearsing in his mind for the last 7 hours what he would say or do once he saw Betty again, but now that he was just about there, his mind went blank. As the plane touched down on the tarmac, he went with the decision to play it safe and start with an apology. If nothing else came of this trip, he at least owed her that much. He would at least go home with his best friend back (hopefully) and she could help him bring his future into focus – whether or not that future had her in it.