This is based on a dream I had. That's all I can say. so let's read about a suffering Ichigo! yay!

It all started when Ichigo coughed.

It would be completely normal if he had coughed blood because someone (most likely Grimmjow or Kenpachi) had cut his stomach or beat him up, but truth is- he just coughed because he had something in his throat.

It was before he lay down to sleep when it happened, wich was very frustrating since the coughs were really painful.

Eventually he somehow managed to fall asleep, not knowing that by morning things are going to get worse.

He woke up around 5:30 AM, his throat aching as if someone had cut it from the inside. And he was very tierd. The problem was, he couldn't go back to sleep because of the pain.

He then felt a shiver running through his spine.

He whimpered and tightened the blanket around him, while trying to fall back asleep by closing his eyes.

It took him 30 minutes until he fall back asleep, though he had some really strange and disturbing dreams (like Justine bieber betraying the Soul Society and going to help Aizen)

Once the sun was shining outside and it was the right time to wake up, Isshin Kurosaki rushed to do Ichigo's morning kick, Which today, for a change, was not blocked by Ichigo.

Ichigo only moaned and said quietly, "knock it off…I don't feel well today…"

"what?" Isshin asked.

Anyway, things keep rolling and Ichigo found Rukia standing next to his bed (not in THAT way, I'm a renruki supporter) "hey, what's wrong?" Rukia asked.

Ichigo was lying on his belly, facing the wall beside him, "I don't feel well…" he whimpered.

She sat on a chair beside him, "how do you feel?" she asked, concerned.

"my throat is aching and I think I have a fever…" he mumbled as he rubbed his cheek against the soft pillow.

"oh no…" Rukia said.

"I think I can't work today…" Ichigo said and coughed.

Rukia sighed, "Ichigo…you know that if you're sick, we can't continue either. You should've had a fight against Grimmjow today…"

Ichigo coughed again and moaned, "I'm sorry! I caa…" Ichigo took a deep breath and sneezed loudly. He coughed again," I can't…" he said miserably. "could you please pass me the tissue?"

Rukia sighed and passed it to him, " I guess I'll just have to tell the rest about it. Feel better."

Ichigo nodded and coughed again, "thank you…"

"what?," Ukitake said (asked) when Rukia told him the news, "Ichigo's sick?" Rukia nodded.

"we must go visit him!" Ukitake determine.

"w-what?" Rukia asked, confused.

"c'mon,Kuchiki! Ichigo is the main character, we can't continue without him! Besides, it would be nice if we came to visit him and made sure he's fine. Kuchiki, could you please go around and tell everyone about it? I want us to go as soon as possible"

"uh…" Rukia said, "okay…"

And so the news were spread around.

MEANWHILE, in Ichigo's inner world:

"stupid king," Hichigo Shirosaki said and coughed, "I warned him about being out in the rain without carrying an umbrella!" he sneezed and wiped his nose with the sleeve of his black strawberry pattern P.J.

"you did not, " Zangetsu said. He was wearing a black shower robe, pale pink raggedy slippers and had a thermometer in his mouth, "I did."

Hichigo rolled his eyes, "whatever, " he said, "I told him to stay alive. It also means not to get sick and die from a frickin' flu!" he sneezed again.

"mmm…" Zangetsu mumbled, "I'm going to make some tea. Want me to make you some too?"

Hichigo sneezed, "n-no…I think I'll go to sleep…"

Zangetsu shrugged. He got out from the secret door in Ichigo's room.

"hey…zangetsu?" Ichigo said, "could you please make me some tea?"

"sure. How much sugar?"

Ichigo only moaned and turned to his side.

Zangetsu sighed, "I see…"

A few minutes later, Orihime came.

"Kurosaki- kun! How do you feel?"

Ichigo coughed, "I don't feel well…"

Orihime gasped, "oh no! well, at least I brought here some food I made the other day. I bet that'll make you feel better!"

Ichigo turned from pale to green, "n-no, it's okay Inoue. I'm not that hungry.

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