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The time was about 11 PM. Ichigo was still in bed and he was having a hard time trying to fall asleep with his throbbing throat and a runny nose. The tissues were scratching his nose, and the pain pill had given him an even worse dreams (let's just say that now Zac Efron and Miley Cyrus had teamed up with Justine Bieber and Ichigo had a suspicion that the Backstreet Boys were preparing to defeat them. Not to mention the great help Lady Gaga gave them)

He suddenly heard a roar coming from behind him. He recognized it as a hollow. He coughed, "sorry, man. I don't feel well…" the hollow let out a disappointed groan and left. ( I know I wrote this, but can someone please explain to me what was going on here?)

Eventually he made it and fell asleep, unaware of how he was going to wake up the next morning.

"Good morning, Espada. " Aizen announced in the Espada meetings room, "Now before I will ask you who spiked my tea, I would like to know what happened to the hair gel." He shot everyone a meaningful look.

There was a very awkward silence for a couple of minutes, until Grimmjow decided that he had enough courage to answer Aizen, "we're not sure yet…but…Ichigo didn't bought a new one yet since the last one was finished…"

"Is that so…?" Aizen asked in his usual calm voice. Too bad the calmness was there for only two seconds before he started freaking out and yelling, "OH MY GOD! WE HAVE NO HAIR GEL! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? WHY ICHIGO DIDN'T BOUGHT A NEW ONE?"

Another awkward, creeping silence had fallen (except from Gin's muffled snickers).

"I want…" Aizen began, regaining his composure, "that all of you…I want you to go to the world of the living and see what is wrong with the so called Ichigo Kurosaki that he can't buy a new hair gel."

"A makeover?" Stark innocently (and tiredly) suggested.

Aizen gave him a cold glare, "I don't care…the only thing I know right now is that we need this hair gel. Ichigo must do his duties, regardless of how many 'makeovers' he intends to do. Now, take 5 to get over the shock and then I don't want to see any of you here if you don't have a portion of hair gel."

And with that, they all left.

"So, how's it going?" Renji asked a very tired and exhausted Ichigo.

"Better than yesterday, thanks…" he managed to whisper. "Could you please pass me that cup of water from over there?"

"Sure," Renji said and passed him the water.

Suddenly they heard a knock on the door. "Don't worry, I'll go get it," Renji said, and Ichigo was way too weak to remember that Renji opening the door is what he should be worried about.

"HELLOOOOOO ICHIIIIIIIIIGOOOOOOOOO!" Keigo's voice was heard from below along with his running sounds. The door was slammed open and Keigo was standing in front of Ichigo, gushing, "Ichigo! I was so worried, you didn't come to school and you actually had a good and reasonable excuse this time! Why didn't you tell me sooner that you didn't feel well?"

Just when he finished (or started) his gushing, the secret door in Ichigo's room opened and had Zangetsu standing in it, pressing his finger to his lips saying, "shhh"
Then he turned back into Ichigo's head to hear Hichigo mutter complains to himself.

And now in Ichigo's room, after Keigo remembered to notice Renji and screaming while doing so, someone was getting inside the room through the window.

"Wha-? Who are you?" Renji asked a white rabbit who was wearing an 18th century coat and was looking at a small silver hand watch, "I'm late, I'm late!" he mumbled and rushed out from Ichigo's room through the door.

Ichigo stared numb and dumbfounded at the door after the strange incident.

"What in the world was that?" Renji asked, shocked. A moment later, another person got in through the window, this time a little blonde girl wearing a blue dress and a white apron above it, "wait!" she called and rushed after the rabbit.

"Please," Ichigo whispered, "no more running…I'm getting a nausea…" poor thing Keigo tried to figure what was going on and before he could Ichigo let out a groan and Orihime's cooking on his shoes, much to Keigo's dismay.

The door then opened and reviled Rukia, who was gushing with joy, "oh my god…! Who brought a bunny in here?"

The three men (except Keigo, who was whining about his shoe) looked at her dumbfounded. "I think I'm gonna-" before he finished his sentence he arched to his side once more and let out whatever left in his guts.

"How's he doing?" Rukia asked Renji.

"He says he's okay, but as you can see…" Renji looked at the miserable Ichigo, "well…" Rukia looked at Ichigo with sympathy," I think I get it…"

Renji only nodded in approval. "So," Renji said, trying to change the subject, "who's coming to visit him next?"

"I think that Hanataro was supposed to be here in a few minutes…but… when I left the Soul Society he somehow got into an argument with third seat Madarame…" Rukia was looking a bit uncomfortable after saying that.

"What did he say about his baldness?" Renji strictly said.

Rukia sighed confused, "actually, he said nothing, just mumbled to himself that he need to wash the company's dishes and that he really don't want to wash those huge…bowls they have."

Renji face palmed. "Poor thing…" Ichigo mumbled quietly into his pillow.

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