"You could stay," the Mad Hatter said, looking hopeful.

"What an idea. What a mad, crazy, wonderful idea," Alice replied, smiling at the Hatter. "And I think I will." The Hatter looked like he would bust at the seams with happiness at his Alice's decision. Ever since she had come for tea much too small, he had noticed how much she had changed over the years. Somewhere along the journey to slay the beastie, she had become his Alice and it wouldn't do to have her leave the underworld so soon when he had become attached.

"Well then- you will need a place to stay. It may be small but I have a small place where you could live," he offered, his smile stretching further across his face. "The March Hare likes to pop in and out but otherwise it's quiet."

"Lead the way, my Mad Hatter," Alice suggest, taking the offered arm lent to her. She shook her head to clear her thoughts.

'My Mad Hatter? Since when did he become mine?' she thought. 'Though he is very interesting and I would enjoy being around him.' She shook of the thought as a small cottage came into view that she safely assumed as the Hatter's place.

"Home sweet home, Alice. There is a small room in the back that I haven't used that you can take if you like. I don't have much in the way of things, but we have plenty of tea!" The Hatter offered, chuckling nervously. He wrung his hands, unsure of what to do next with the unexpected quest standing in his rather empty living room. Alice shuffled her feet nervously as well before she had enough courage to lean forward and brush her lips across the pale lips before her. She applied light pressure until the Hatter finally responded to the chaste kiss by wrapping his arms around Alice's waist and pulling her closer to his chest. Their lips moved together for several moments before they finally pulled away, a blush creeping up her face. He smiled broadly at the kiss and pulled Alice down with him as he sat down in the nearby chair. The Hatter pushed his face back up to meet hers in another kiss which she met eagerly and put more passion into the second go than she did the first.

"Alice?" The Mad Hatter asked softly. "If you don't want anything more than just this simple kiss, I suggest you stop now. I am afraid I'm very attached to you already and would rather know now if you don't feel the same way."

"I have to say that I'm already yours. I've been yours since I came back and you showed me kindness above all else. My heart belongs you and I am glad that yours is mine," Alice replied, running her fingers through the bright orange hair before her. "Do you still want tea?" The Mad Hatter shook his head vigorously as he picked up Alice's smaller form and carried her to his bed, dropping her with a small bounce.

"I want you."

Author note: This is my first Alice in Wonderland fic so please be gentle? I wrote this is honor of my own Mad Hatter- though we may never really meet, I am forever your Alice.