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If someone had told me 2 years ago where I'd be today, I would think they were fucked in the head. But here we were, sitting in the hub, 2 days after Owen and Tosh's wedding. The Doctor and River had offered to stay behind and help us, as they were away in Greece the lucky bastards, with Matt and Lexi who kept the twins occupied.

"DAAAAAAAAAAD!" Matt shouted to The Doctor, who was in the autopsy bay.

"What?" He shouted back.

"Sexy's starting to drift into the middle ages!"


"BOYS!" River emerged from the toilets, sitting next to me on the sofa. "You both leave the breaks on, no wonder she starting to drift!" She tutted. "Matt sweetie, go sort her out... PROPERLY!" She grinned.

"Its still weird getting used to you two with Matt, we never saw him grow up!"

"That's time travel for you."

The cog door span open and Matt ran out, nearly knocking over Martha and Ianto walking in with the twins.

"Morning Matt." Martha chuckled, as they put the boys down to toddle around, sitting next to Me and River. "Well, here we are again." She said, River clapping her hands together before wiggling her finger at us to lean forward. "How about a sneaky suprise trip? The boys will be ok looking after the rift."

We both nodded and quickly grabbed our coats and bags, sneaking up to the door, waiting for it to open when Jack and Ianto emerged from the office and The Doctor the autopsy bay.

He cleared his voice before raising a eyebrow at us. "And where do you think your going?"

The cog door whirled open straight away and we ran out giggling. "Erm, checking the tourist centre?"

"YOUR NOT TAKING THE TARDIS RIVER!" He shouted to her. "STAY ON EARTH! For christ sake..."

We made our way upstairs and into The TARDIS.

"So, The Doctor is being all grumpy so I thought we could go suprise my parents, bring them up here for today, maybe we could all have dinner later?"

"Sounds like a plan." Martha grinned as we sat down, River running round flicking switches and eventually landing.

"I'll go get them." I said, bounding out of The TARDIS.

I walked up the garden path and knocked on The Pond's door. The door slowly creeked open to Rory, sticking his head out.

"AMY QUICK!" He hissed pulling her out the door, and grabbing my arm and into The TARDIS.

"Whats going on?" I asked them.

"I'm gonna kill The Doctor!"


We walked back into the hub, the cog door opening to find everyone either at their desks or on the sofa.

"DOCTORRRRRRRR!" Amy shouted.

"Ponds?" The Doctor asked, jumping up and looking round the corner at us, Amy steaming ahead. "How lovely to see you!"

"Doctor! Lexi's bloody care workers have been banging on our door because she has 'dissapeared.' I swear to god, you better sort this out, they think we've kidnapped her! I cant exactly say she's my grandson's girlfriend can I?"

"Hey Doc." Rory mumered from behind him, slumping down on the sofa.

"Alright Gramps?" Matt called, running over and sitting next to Rory.

"Hey mate." He grinned.

"DOCTOR!" Amy said, waving her arms around.

"I'll sort it dont worry!" I said, entering things into my computer. "Done. Hacked into social services and sorted it out, said she had been adopted by some couple, moved abroad so the british government wont have to deal with her."

"See, this is what I like about this place!" Amy said, sitting the other side of Matt, putting her arm round him. "They do things quickly! Now..." She said, grinning at Matt. "How's my favourite grandson?"

"Fine." He laughed. "Oi Yan, stick the radio on!" He said to Ianto, and he walked over to the radio, flicking through the channels.

Im not running anymore

Coz now theres nothing left to hold me down

Some things are worth fighting for

I see it all

Its waiting for me now

My heart could have broken there and then. It shouldnt upset me because she never existed, but it does. I couldnt bear hearing it, it reminded me of her so much. Jack looked at me, I knew what he was feeling too.

"Going for a walk." I murmered, walking out the hub and through the cog door.

After a couple of minutes I found myself sitting on the beach, looking over the sea.

"Are you ok Gwen?" I looked to my side to see Lexi sitting next to me.

"Fine." I mumbled. "Lexi?"


"Did you know much about your parents?"

"Not really. I know nothing about my Dad, when I was born, they were mostly on other sides of the world, and I was with my Mum. I dont even know their names. All I was ever told was they always protected me."

"Do you remember them?"

"No. I was taken into care when I was only about 7, 8 months old maybe. I was found, on the side of a motorway one day. I was taken into care, and then a few months back, the care home I had lived in since a baby, burnt down, luckily we were all out on a day trip to Butlins, and they found the house in Leadworth and set up our new home there. That's when I met Matt. He was visiting Amy and Rory one day with The Doctor and River."

"Do you ever wonder what happened to them?"

"Oh they're fine, I know that, its not finding them, its what to say to them thats the problem." She sighed. "Its all oh hi how's your life been? I'm your daughter, bet you've had great fun without me as a burden!" She said, quickly clenching her fists.

"Hey, it's ok." I said, reaching out and holding her hands, trying to calm her down. "I know what its like, someone leaving you and you think its because your being a burden to them. Believe me, I've been there." I smiled at her. "Come on, lets go back to the hub."


I slipped into the toilets and pulled out from under my sleeve what I had been hiding. People would think it was too soon but believe me, I didnt exactly plan it. It had been a year since the world forgot and, well. I slid out the pregnancy test and used it, drying it off and slipping it back into my sleeve and into the hub, not looking at the result. I walked out the door and Lexi came running past me, accidently pushing me to the floor.

"Shit!" She jumped down, helping me up. "You ok? Oh you dropped something."

The pregnancy test was on the floor, face down unable to see the result still. She froze, looking down at it. I quickly grabbed it and stuffed it back in my sleeve, looking at her.

"No." She whispered. She gulped, turning and running off, through the cog door, not looking back.


Alexabelle, belle belle, your true loves mother is River, belle belle, Alexabelle, your family are all killers.