"See that's what Torchwood does to you..." I spat. "They all die so young they said, were all in constant pain. Our lives have been ruined because of YOU! IT'S ALL YOUR FUCKING FAULT!"


"Tell me something Jack." I murmered. We were all in the hub, tired and restless. Tosh, bless her, had been at her computer for hours. The Doctor hadn't found anything yet, and we were hopeless. "Is it all really worth it?" I spat.


"Torchwood. We work so hard to protect the human race against the slightest alien threat, and we cant even protect our own bloody daughter against it."

"It might not have anything to do with us?"

"Pfft. Right, course not, with The Doctor and River too we've pissed off practically everyone anyway. This is why I wanted this baby away from all of this."

"I will keep you both safe as I can Gwen, I promised you that when I married you." He half snapped.

"What about Rivaella? We've never been able to protect her, not properly." I said. "And I swear to god, if I have to deal with another one of Rose's fucking pop up jokes, I will murder her myself. NO JOKES." I snapped.

"What and lose Rivaella and Bump?"

"If it protects them and they can have the rest of a happy and safe life, then so be it."

"Gwen, you are not a murderer." Martha sighed.

"Oh yeah? Just you watch me."

"Come here." He said, sitting next to me on the sofa, resting my head onto his chest. "This will be sorted I promise. I will protect them as best as I can." He sighed, looking up at the others. "Any luck yet Tosh?"

"No. Sorry." She sighed.

The TARDIS materialized with a terrible thud, The Doctor and River rushing out, River in floods of tears.

"THEY TOOK MATTY!" She bawled, The Doctor, filled with pain and anger.

"Jack, I suggest we-" Martha began.

"Yes Martha, think it's gone too far not to use that. OK GUYS! TORCHWOOD ULTIMATE EMERGENCY PROTOCOL 1. Grab EVERYTHING."

We all raced round the hub, grabbing every piece of tech, alien and human, weapon, from guns to random metal pieces, and anything else we could use, Ianto emptying practically the whole of the archives and packing it into The TARDIS, each of us (including The Doctor, which was a suprise.) took 2 handguns each, 1 smoke and 1 flash grenade each, the men each a bigger gun too, including our PDA's, one mini computer each and Tosh armed to the teeth with the rest of the tech.

"They want us to find them." The Doctor began, his knuckles going white with anger as we all watched round the scanner. "So we have to be ready."

"So are we assuming this is Rose?" Owen asked.

"Might as well fucking be at this rate..." Ianto muttered.

"Well who else would it be?"

"We've pissed off quite a few people though." Tosh murmered.

"But they haven't given us any hassle over the last 3 or something years have they?" I said. "Because they know what's going on with Rose, she escaped all those times, she must have been bragging to them all what was happening."

"You think she would?"

"You think she wouldn't?" I sighed. "So where are they then? And I swear to god if it's bloody Canary Wharf-"

"No a abandoned warehouse, just can't work out where, there's coordinates but no pesific place."

"Torchwood 4?"

"Course it is." We all muttered.


We all stepped out the doors, giving up on the whole 'serious' attempt, walking out like we couldn't give a damn, bring it on type thing.

"Come on then Rose, what this time?" I sighed, I had eventually lost my whole attitude of being scared or worried might be coming, this had happened way too many times.

"Scanning..." Tosh said, fiddling withher PDA. "There's 2 life forms here, but I can't tell who they are or if they're alive or not, but on of them's energy is of the scale!"

"Matt." River stuttured, looking at The Doctor. "He might be regenerating?"

"We gotta keep moving." the Doctor said, as we ran round the warehouse, shouting their names.

We eventually ran round a corner, Matt and Rivaella laying limplesly on the floor.

"No." I whispered. The Doctor ran forward checking Matt's pulse, about to check Rivaella's when Matt stood up, starting to glow.

"Good luck sweetie." River said, pulling us all back.

He threw his head back and screamed, golden energy flying everywhere. He threw his head back forward, the light dissapearing and looking fine again, exactly the same.

"Oh of course, half time lord parent as well, you regenerate and have the same body!" The Doctor exclaimed, him and River walking past Matt as if nothing had happened, them all rushing to Rivaella, the rest of us following.

"Sweetie, please wake up." I cried, stroking her hair, Jack holding onto her hand.

"Gwen, there's no pulse." Owen murmered.

"NO!" I screamed, getting up and pacing around. "I HAVE LOST HER WAY TO MANY TIMES."

"There's nothing we can do Gwen!" Jack said.

"YOU DIDN'T HELP!" I shouted at him. "See that's what Torchwood does to you..." I spat. "They all die so young they said, were all in constant pain. Our lives have been ruined because of YOU! IT'S ALL YOUR FUCKING FAULT!" I screamed, throwing myself into his chest, trying to hit him and breaking down in tears.

"Ssh, come on."

"Oh I think maybe this is our finest battle this time."

"YOU KNOW WHAT?" I screamed, spinning round to see Rose, suprise suprise. "It's getting a bit boring now, your entrances- AAH!" I screamed out in pain, falling to the floor.

Jack rushed to my side, laying me on his lap, Owen running over to help, while everyone else threw their guns up at her. I didn't know what had happened, I was in serious pain and that's all I knew. I looked down to my stoumach, my hands drenched in blood, a small hole in my tummy. THE BITCH SHOT ME.

"Jack." My eyes glazed over looking up at him. "The baby." I cried. "No, I'm not losing another, that's not fair."

"Ssh." He soothed, stroking my hair. It killed me to think within a matter of seconds, he could loose everything. Owen took out the bullet with a med kit he had brought, scanning my stoumach. He froze and glared at Jack. "No." He murmered.

"Gwen." Owen said, biting his lip. "I'm sorry sweetheart, there's no hearbeat."

I pushed them out the way, slowly getting up, holding the side of my stoumach where blood was still slowly spilling. I grabbed my gun from my back pocket, pushing through the others, who didn't realise I had got up, pointing my gun at Rose.

"You killed my family." I sobbed. "You have done way too much to my life."

"Gwen don't!" Martha called out.

"I have had to suffer through all this, when you wern't even after me. You were after The Doctor, and I had to suffer all of this. And you know what, I couldn't care less if I'm a good person, because today Rose Tyler..." I spat her name. "I will be killing you."

"Gwen please!"

"Today, I have lost 2 children, because of you." I hissed. "I will never get my babies back."

"Don't you see, that's how I felt!"

"But I didn't cause you to lose your baby. So why me hey? WHY DID I HAVE TO LOSE THEM?"

"I'm sorry."

"AAAAAAAAAH!" I screamed out, clutching my stoumach and dropping the gun.

"THE BABY!" Owen called out. "I'M GETTING A HEARTBEAT!"

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" We span round, Rivaella throwing herself forward, screaming out of breath just like Jack did when he was... oh.

"You bastard." I said, breathlessly. "You gave our kids your bloody immortality gene." I grinned, making my way over to Rivaella, collapsing out of breath against her. She stroked my head, getting over coming back better then the baby was, the hole slowly closing up.

"It's ok Mum." She soothed, getting up, letting Jack hold onto me. "I've already tuned into the Atraxi, they're on their way." She glanced at Rose, sitting on the floor in defeat. "And I think she knows her times up."

I looked up at Jack, smiling at me. "Your gonna get to spend the rest of eternity with our babies, but I won't." I sighed.

"They're not that type of immortal though." The Doctor piped up, everyone else sitting on the floor around us. "They're gonna live a average human life, but will survive non natural deaths, like being shot, posioned, stabbed etc. but they're still prone to diseases and old age death."


The hub was quiet. We had finally come to the end of fighting with Rose. We sat at our desks, unsure of what to do next. The Doctor and River had left with Matt, saying they would return soon. We sat at our desks, Rivaella keeping the twins happy. We had come to the end or a era, and here I was again, pregnant. Me and Jack were back together and ok, Rivaella with us permanently, the boys growing up happily, Tosh and Owen married and Ianto and Martha as strong as ever.

Everything had changed over the last 3 years, all because of Jack. I hate him for it, and love him for it too. Our daughter, gorgeous and so like both of us, 14 years old, only born last year. Another one on the way, who will not go through all the pain Rivaella went through, no matter what. Rivaella doesn't want her little brother or sister having that, and no they shouldn't.

"Rift activity!" Tosh chuckled. Thank god, something normal. Well, what we define as normal.

It's all over! fourth installment done! I may finish it here, I have done 4 stories, it may seem like its dragging on a bit. Times before I've said I'm taking a break, but this time I am, to focus on 'Where Do You Wanna Start?' and when that's finished, or near the end, I may start another sequel, but without Rose maybe? Does get a bit boring with her turning up all the time I think? Maybe not I'm not sure:S

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