His favourite thing about her is her hair and it's new colour.

Every since she dyed it neon pink, he's decided he's in love. Everything about the colour just really turns him on. It's so bright and beautiful, and it fits her way better than that horrid red she used to have.

Before she dyed it, he didn't look twice at her. Now, he always saw her. And only her. It was like the rest of the world melted away, and it was just him and her. He knew, the second he saw her mane of bright pink hair, the second he listened to her get a howler from her mum because of it, she was the one for him.

He thinks of her hair as a lighthouse light - it guided him in the right direction. The direction to true love.

a/n: i was dared to write a really fluffy HarryGinny drabble with the prompt 'Neon' by Dee (this is my fairytale). this is the result.
it sucks. don't be afraid to tell me so.